The Crown's Entrapment

The Crown's Entrapment

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    “I want to make sure that I keep an eye on what is mine…”

    [r18+ . explicit mature content . no rape]

    Princess Xenia eluded her arranged marriage only to end up in the arms of someone more devious… King Darius, the ruthless and impetuous ruler of the Kingdom of Cordon. And even if she fought and pleaded for her freedom, the beast refused to let her go, claiming that her life was no longer hers to decide, but his alone!

    Will she be able to cope with this unexpected twist of fate? Or, as everyone predicted, will she succumb to “Fate”?

    Find out how things would turn for our stubborn Princess while she faces the Crown’s Entrapment the shameless and possessive king had in store for her!

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