Immortal Taoist Lord: My Cultivation Have No Limits

Immortal Taoist Lord: My Cultivation Have No Limits

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    After traveling to a world of cultivators, Su Yu becomes a member of a common cultivation family’s collateral branch, with his cultivation talent evolving from remarkably average to an unsurpassable prodigy of the Daoism.

    With a proficiency panel embedded within him, he defies all limitations of the Spiritual Root and enlightenment, all he needs is to consistently cultivate from nine-to-five to accumulate proficiency and enhance his strength.

    There are no bottlenecks in his cultivation. After steady growth for many years, the Immortal Realm gains another lord of the eternal Daoism, who even outlives an Immortal Emperor.

    ps: behind the scenes, persistent plot, exciting text, over ten thousand subscriptions.

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