Immortal Kingdoms

Immortal Kingdoms

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    Modern Earth was suddenly thrust into an era of hyper-artificial intelligence and realistic, human-like machines called Androids by a woman who went by the name Maria Evernight.

    Within a short decade, this unfathomable woman spread the influence of her behemoth enterprise; Evernight Group International, across the known globe, forever propelling the human civilization into an era of technology that could only be described as otherworldly.

    This woman patiently groomed her son into the most fearsome CEO of the most influential existence on the face of this little blue planet, planning to slowly transition total control of the globe to her son.

    She planned to keep him entertained by the mundane life among mortals while keeping him in the dark about his past and heavy, predestined responsibilities. Alas, who would have expected that the rural blue planet in the middle of nowhere among the sea of stars would be discovered by immortal cultivators?

    Before people could adapt to the new world of futuristic technology, the world of cultivation took them by storm. Many young and old of the people yearned for power and immortality, and Maria’s son, Leonardo Evernight, was no exception.

    Perhaps it was as the heavens preordained, but Leonardo picks up the path to power.

    However, after stepping onto this path, he found out that his mother didn’t have many years left of her age, throwing his mental state into disorder as the path to power was a path of no retreat, only advancement.

    With a heavy heart of responsibility, Leonardo left the comfort of his little blue planet for a future unknown…

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