Game Descends: All The Skills I Have Are Boss Skills

Game Descends: All The Skills I Have Are Boss Skills

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    An alternate realm invaded and the game descended. The entire Blue Planet was digitized.

    Faced against countless waves of monsters, some people downloaded the Holy Knight module and became angels of light that helped the world reach enlightenment.

    Some people downloaded the Warrior Monk module. They focused on their training and reached enlightenment overnight. With their fists and legs, they fought and made a name for themselves.

    Chen Kun, who transmigrated to this world, downloaded the Boss module.

    Each time he leveled up, his growth attribute improved multiple fold, and his attribute points multiplied. More importantly, all his skills were automatically unlocked as boss skills!

    When the hole between the two realms opened and the gods of the alternate world came pouring in to invade this world, what awaited them was Chen Kun, who sat high up on a throne.

    When the gods of the alternate world saw his terrifyingly long health bar as well as his boss skills that granted instant death and control immunity, reduced damage, true vision and many more skills, they despaired.

    Chen Kun smiled and said, “So, are you the ones who will challenge my throne?”

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