Villain: Manipulating the Heroines into hating the Protagonist

Chapter 474 Wang Jian Saves Human Cultivators
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Chapter 474 Wang Jian Saves Human Cultivators

The battleground was a chaotic dance of energies as demonic and human forces clashed.

The demons, empowered by their forbidden bloodlines, unleashed devastating abilities that tested the resilience of the human cultivators.

Lin Xingya, despite her valiant efforts, found herself overwhelmed by the demonic onslaught.

As the demons prepared to transport the captured human cultivators into their underground base, an intense solar and holy aura bathed the battlefield.

Wang Jian, having arrived at the eleventh hour, utilized the might of his Sacred Yang Body to blind the demons temporarily and weaken their powers.

"This is Wang Jian! He's come to our aid!" exclaimed one of the human cultivators, his eyes squinting against the radiant light.

Wang Jian, seizing the opportunity, dashed through the weakened array formations, his Solar Flames and Holy Abilities blazing with divine fury.

His radiant assault disrupted the demons' defenses, creating a chaotic opening for the human cultivators. Yet, the Forbidden Demon Clan, resilient and empowered by their demonic prowess, quickly devised a countermeasure.

In a display of shocking divine ability, the demons conjured a dark aura that seemed to suppress the Solar Flames and Holy Abilities of Wang Jian.

The very essence of this divine ability contradicted the inherent weaknesses of demons against holy energies, allowing them to resist Wang Jian's onslaught.

The name of this formidable ability was the "Abyssal Eclipse," a manifestation of the forbidden powers unique to the Forbidden Demon Clan.

Undeterred, Wang Jian assessed the battlefield, recognizing the dire situation of the human cultivators, including Lin Xingya.

With quick thinking, he extended his reach, breaking the constraints binding as many human cultivators as possible.

Lin Xingya, freed from the demonic restraints, renewed her efforts in the battle, her divine abilities resonating with a renewed fervor.

As the humans regrouped and fought against the demons, the tide of the battle shifted once more.

The struggle between the two forces intensified, each side employing techniques and abilities unique to their respective realms.

Lin Xingya, fueled by determination, unleashed a divine ability named "Celestial Cyclone," creating a whirlwind of celestial energy that swept through the demon ranks.

However, despite their efforts, the human cultivators found themselves overwhelmed once again. The demons, now recovering from the initial shock, retaliated with demonic bloodline abilities that manipulated the very fabric of the battlefield. The clash of elemental forces painted a vivid tapestry of chaos, leaving both sides grappling for supremacy.

Wang Jian, realizing the dire straits of the humans, decided to create an escape route. Utilizing his proficiency in spatial manipulation, he generated a portal infused with Solar Flames and Holy Aura.

Positioned strategically closer to Lin Xingya, the portal radiated energies that repelled the demons but protected the human cultivators. π™‘π’Šπ’ƒπ“»π’†π’‚π“­.π™˜π“Έπ“Ά

Lin Xingya, recognizing the lifeline provided by Wang Jian, directed her maids and fellow cultivators toward the portal.

The Solar Flames and Holy Aura created a protective barrier, ensuring the safe passage of the humans through the dimensional gateway.

As more and more cultivators made their escape, Lin Xingya and her maids joined the exodus through the portal.

As he noticed that Lin Xingya had passed through that portal, Wang Jian passed through that portal and closed it. As he closed the portal behind him, the remaining humans on the battlefield, now restrained and defeated, were escorted to the underground base of the Forbidden Demon Clan.

The aftermath of the battle left the Forbidden Demon Clan with a bittersweet victory. They had captured a significant number of human cultivators, but the escape of Lin Xingya and others left a bad taste in their mouths.

As the portal closed behind him, Wang Jian found himself surrounded by a throng of anxious cultivators, each pleading for him to reopen the gateway. Desperation and worry painted their faces, mirroring the concern for the comrades left behind on the battlefield.

Wang Jian, with a solemn expression, shook his head as he explained, "I used rare talismans to breach the demonic formations. Opening the portal again is beyond my current capabilities."

The disheartening realization spread among the cultivators like wildfire, leaving a heavy silence in its wake. It was a bitter pill to swallow, knowing that some of their fellow cultivators were still entangled in the clutches of the Forbidden Demon Clan.

Amidst the somber atmosphere, Lin Xingya stepped forward, a gesture of gratitude evident in her eyes. "Thank you," she said, bowing lightly on behalf of those Wang Jian had rescued.

Wang Jian, in response, wore a sly smile, his gaze subtly lingering on Lin Xingya's curves. He approached her, a feigned expression of remorse on his face. "I wish I could have done more," he confessed, his tone carrying a hint of contrition. π™‘π™žπ“«π’“π™šπ’‚π“­.𝓬𝒐𝓢

Unaware of Wang Jian's hidden intentions, Lin Xingya appreciated his supposed regret. "Your help was invaluable," she replied sincerely. Her favorable impression of Wang Jian deepened, and gratitude filled her eyes.

Suddenly, Wang Jian sensed a surge of providence enveloping him, a potent force that heightened his spirits. However, his elation was short-lived as another formidable aura approached the Forbidden Celestial Abyss Star. The distinct energy resonated with familiarity, and Wang Jian immediately identified its source.

Lin Fei had arrived.

As the powerful aura infiltrated the barriers of the Forbidden Celestial Abyss Star, Wang Jian's expression shifted. His sly smile transformed into one of anticipation. The providence he had absorbed earlier was definitely connected to Lin Fei's imminent arrival.

Lin Xingya, unaware of the intricacies playing out within Wang Jian's thoughts, turned her attention to the gathering of cultivators. "We must regroup and plan our next steps," she declared, her leadership qualities taking charge. "The Forbidden Demon Clan won't go unpunished."

The cultivators, still reeling from the recent events, nodded in agreement. Lin Xingya's resolve resonated with them, fostering a newfound determination to rescue their captured comrades and confront the demons.

In the midst of their discussion, Wang Jian observed Lin Xingya, his mind calculating the best course of action to achieve his objectives. Lin Fei's arrival added a layer of complexity to the situation, and Wang Jian needed to navigate these intricate threads carefully.

Lin Xingya, standing at the forefront, addressed the assembly of cultivators with determination in her eyes. "We cannot let our comrades remain in the clutches of the Forbidden Demon Clan. We must gather our strength, plan meticulously, and execute our strategy flawlessly. Every second counts, and we need to act decisively."

Cultivators exchanged determined glances, a mix of resolve and concern etched on their faces. They were well aware of the disparity between their forces and those of the Forbidden Demon Clan. The demons held the advantage in numbers, strength, and resources, making the upcoming battle an uphill struggle.

Lin Xingya, undeterred, began to discuss potential strategies, considering the unique abilities of their adversaries and the challenging terrain of the Forbidden Celestial Abyss Star. The cultivators brainstormed, sharing insights and experiences to create a plan that would give them the best chance of success.

As the discussions unfolded, Lin Xingya's leadership shone through. She encouraged collaboration and emphasized the importance of each cultivator contributing their strengths to the overall strategy. However, despite their efforts, the underlying reality of their precarious situation remained unchanged.

However, the somber reality persisted, casting a shadow over the discussions. It was at this critical moment that Wang Jian, who had been observing quietly, decided to step forward.

Wang Jian's voice cut through the murmurings of the cultivators. "I may have a solution," he declared, drawing the attention of the entire gathering.

The cultivators exchanged glances, a flicker of surprise and curiosity evident in their eyes. Lin Xingya, ever the leader, encouraged Wang Jian to share his idea.

Wang Jian continued, "During the recent battle, I had the chance to observe the barrier array formations and killing array formations of the Forbidden Demon Clan. With some time, I can take control of those formations."

A collective gasp swept through the cultivators. The notion of manipulating demonic array formations was a feat typically reserved for highly skilled Array Masters. Wang Jian's revelation left them astonished.

Lin Xingya, however, welcomed the unexpected news with enthusiasm. Excitement gleamed in her eyes as she stepped forward, voicing her question. "Is this truly possible? And how much time would you need?"

Wang Jian, maintaining a composed demeanor, answered confidently, "I would need around one minute."

The shock among the cultivators intensified. One minute against the might of the Forbidden Demon Clan seemed like an impossibly short timeframe. Skepticism crept into the crowd, dimming the initial spark of hope.

Lin Xingya, undeterred, rallied the cultivators with a determined spirit. "We must seize this opportunity. Every second counts. Prepare yourselves for the battle ahead. If Wang Jian can deliver on his promise, we might have a chance to save our comrades."

The cultivators, despite their reservations, began to prepare for the impending confrontation. They gathered their strength, examined their weapons, and steeled themselves for the challenge ahead. Lin Xingya's leadership and Wang Jian's unexpected revelation had injected a renewed sense of purpose among them.

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