Village Head's Debauchery

Chapter 687 Sanctuary Of Affection**
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Chapter 687 Sanctuary Of Affection**

Ingrid tightly grasped his twitching, veiny penis, giving it a slight pump before tightening her grip as she raised her head and planted a light kiss on his cheek.

"Seeing you as vigorous as ever will always make me happy," Ingrid said with a smile, her voice filled with warmth and affection.

Orion shifted his attention towards Ingrid's enormous, motherly breasts, noticing the little tooth bites around her darkened erect nipples and puffed areola; he could tell the newborns made them.

"Ahhh~" Orion moaned as he felt Ingrid tighten her grip against his scorching shaft again.

He watched as Ingrid pressed his throbbing penis downwards to lay on his thighs before she climbed onto the king-sized bed with both of her legs over his thighs.

She then sat down on his thighs, pressing her vulva and the slick opening of her already wet vagina above his veiny, scorching penis.

"Urgghh~~" Ingrid moaned, feeling the heat of her husband's incredible penis gently warm her insides.

Feeling her thighs becoming wet as she unknowingly released her breast milk while pressing her large breasts against Orion's chest, Ingrid pulled back slightly and raised both of her motherly milky breasts towards Orion's face. "Here, you can't drink them until you are satisfied; we don't want to waste any of them, do we?" she said.

Without hesitation, Orion silently leaned in and took one of Ingrid's nipples into his mouth. As he gently sucked, he felt the wave of fresh, tasty breast milk flowing onto his tongue, satisfying his taste buds before it streamed down his throat.

Despite this, Ingrid held her other breast and placed her other nipple into Orion's mouth before she began to massage her two bountiful breasts, causing even more breast milk to overflow from them and fill up Orion's mouth.

Gradually, she began to grind her wet vagina on her husband's veiny, scorching penis, covering and painting it with her juices.

Meanwhile, several trails of breast milk dribbled down Orion's lips before he instantly pulled his head backwards and coughed lightly.

Ingrid continued to massage her enormous breasts and looked at Orion, whose lips and upper body were painted with her breast milk, while his lower body was also covered with her vaginal juices. She couldn't help but feel a slight tingling within her pink, fleshy narrow folds, causing her to moan, "AUHHhh~~~," and immediately climax on her husband's veiny scorching penis.

Seeing Ingrid's exhausted appearance and feeling the warm wetness on his lap, Orion sighed in relief as he had almost felt like cumming before Ingrid.

At least this time, he could win against Ingrid despite her dominant traits.

"We are not done yet," Orion said, his eyes fixated on Ingrid.

He stretched both his hands forward, sinking them under her enticing attire, and gripped her fleshy, aged buttocks tightly.

Ingrid leaned in, pressing her motherly milky breasts against Orion's chest, before stretching both her hands and hanging them over his shoulders.

"I'm ready," Ingrid whispered into his ear, her warm breath brushing against his ear as she tightened her grip around him even more, causing her breast milk to steadily leak out and paint their lower bodies.

Orion nodded in response.

He pulled Ingrid's waist upwards with her support, aligning her moist, narrow vagina with his throbbing spear before she slowly descended, his scorching penis gently filling up her insides.

"Uhhh~~" Orion moaned, feeling his scorching spear finally being sheathed.

"Uarghh~~" Ingrid followed suit, feeling her husband's veiny penis finally occupying and penetrating deep into her insides, her aged protruding buttocks slapping against his thighs as she descended.

"Pahh~~ Paahhh~~"

"Pahh~~ Paahhh~~"

And then, as time went by, their movements began to get faster and faster until finally --

"I'm cumming!" Orion warned.

"Go ahead, release your child-bearing semen deep inside me~~" Ingrid responded, her voice filled with pleasure.

Ever since Seraphina and Greta had developed a strange mixture to suppress Orion's fertility, they no longer needed to worry about getting pregnant after several rounds of Kushi. This freedom was something that she and her sisters were all grateful for, allowing them to indulge without any concerns.

Feeling the hot, scalding semen flow deep into her wet, folded insides, Ingrid couldn't help but moan loudly, "AAHHHHH~~~" As the sensation faded, she slumped down on Orion's chest, exhaling deeply in satisfaction.

"Haa… That was beautiful," Ingrid said breathlessly.

Orion nodded, his hands securing Ingrid's waist as they eased back onto the bed. He released his grip, allowing her to settle on the other side. 𝑙π˜ͺπ‘π“‡β„―π‘Žπ’Ή.π’Έπ˜°π“‚

Just as Orion was about to relax, feeling significantly better than before, a resounding knock suddenly echoed through the room.

"It seems they're finally ready," Ingrid remarked, leaning in to seal her lips with Orion's in a deep kiss before sitting back up.

After several intense Kushi sessions, she found it easier to recover and regain her strength quickly despite the exhaustion.

With some effort, she slowly rose to her feet and went to the door to see who it was.

Ingrid nodded in response as she glanced at Elysia, wearing one of Orion's favourite attiresβ€”a maid dress he had specially commissioned from one of his close friends for their role-

playing sessions.

A maid dress! That's what he called it, at least.

Ingrid nodded and gestured forElysia to enter the room, her beautiful custom-made maid dress stopping above her ankles as she walked.

Elysia smiled as she noticed Orion's intense gaze fixed upon her.

Suppressing a chuckle, she bent down and began to use the wet towel she had brought to wipe the traces of the intense kushi session from Orion's body.

After completing her task, Elysia turned to Orion. "Husband, I've prepared the bath for you. Please follow me to the bathing area," she said with a slight bow, straightening up afterwards.

She exchanged nods with Ingrid before leading Orion out of the master bedroom.

Ingrid swiftly made her way to another bathroom to freshen up, to return in time to catch a glimpse of the family role-play. She was curious to see what the others had planned, having missed out on the preparations.

Above all, she hoped this experience would help Orion relax and be more open with them.

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