The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp!

Chapter 5767 - 5767, which one of us is useless? (monthly pass)
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Chapter 5767: Chapter 5767, which one of us is useless? (monthly pass)

Translator: 549690339

Jiang Shuangli said with a bitter face, “This time, we’re really doomed! The thousand-year-old corpse turtle will give birth to a thousand-year-old corpse turtle king insect. A corpse will give birth to a thousand-year-old corpse turtle king insect.

“I’m afraid that we will become the food of the thousand-year-old corpse turtle king insect before we get reinforcements. ”

Yun chujiu glanced at him and said, “Although the thousand-year-old corpse turtle insect is powerful, doesn’t this bloodthirsty insect valley have a lot of demon insects? Will they let the thousand-year-old corpse turtle insect be arrogant?

“Maybe they will eat the other demon insects without us taking action. ”

Jiang shuangli said with disdain, “What do you know? ! The thousand-year corpse bug is the king of demon insects. When other demon insects see the thousand-year corpse bug, they will only bow down to it. How would they dare to provoke the thousand-year corpse bug? ! They are really ignorant! ”

Yun chujiu shrugged her shoulders. “Of course I am not as knowledgeable as you. After all, you are a good student of the Beast Master School. If you have the ability, you can take the thousand-year corpse bug as your spiritual pet! ” Jiang Shuangli almost died from anger!

Not to mention him, even the dean of the Beast Master faculty didn’t have the ability to take the thousand-year corpse turtle as his spiritual pet!

The reason was very simple. Even the most ordinary demonic insects could only be tamed when they were in their eggs. Adult insects couldn ‘t be tamed at all.

What’s more, this thousand-year corpse turtle didn’t have any eggs at all. Taming my ass!

“Yan Qingcheng! You, I won’t argue with a trash like you. “Jiang Shuangli said angrily.

Yun Chujiu didn’t mind, she took out a chicken leg and started to eat it. After all, she was a trash, she just wanted to eat and wait for death.

Di beiming stood beside Yun chujiu with a protective attitude, which made Xiao Lianqiao so angry that she gritted her teeth.

Di beiming’s expression was as indifferent as ever. If there was really danger, he only needed to protect Xiao Jiu. The lives of others had nothing to do with him.

The others were not so calm. They were all sitting on pins and needles. Even vice-president Xiao was constantly pacing around anxiously.

However, after receiving a message from director Xiaofu, vice-president Xiao’s tightly furrowed brows relaxed.

Vice-president Xiao took out the map and pointed at a spot on it. “Director Gu sent a message saying that there is a waterfall here. Those thousand-year-old corpse beetles are not good at wading water. We can temporarily hide in the cave behind the waterfall and wait for reinforcements. ”

Everyone was overjoyed when they heard this and immediately headed to the waterfall marked on the map.

However, they forgot one thing. They were currently in the core area of the bloodthirsty insect valley. There were many high-level demonic insects scattered around.

They soon encountered a nest of giant ghost-faced centipedes.

These giant ghost-faced centipedes had a ghost face and their bodies were more than ten feet long. They could also spray poison and were very difficult to deal with.

It would have been fine if there were fewer of them, but they had provoked a nest of giant ghost-faced centipedes. There were more than a dozen of them. 𝘭𝑖𝘣𝑟𝘦𝒶𝘥.𝘤𝑜𝘮

Xiao Lianqiao and the others ‘faces immediately turned pale. They had avoided those thousand-year-old corpse turtles, but they had encountered this nest of giant ghost-faced centipedes. How could they be so unlucky? !

Those giant ghost-faced centipedes were very excited when they saw so many prey. They wished they could swallow everyone right away.

While everyone was panicking, yun chujiu shouted, “Not good! The thousand-year-old corpse turtle is here! Run! ”

The giant ghost-faced centipedes shivered and stood up in fear, looking into the distance.

Taking advantage of this gap, hei xinjiu dragged di beiming and dashed through the gap between the giant ghost-faced centipedes.

Only then did director Xiaofu and the others react and follow closely behind.

The giant ghost-faced centipedes reacted and wanted to chase after them, but it was too late.

Hei xinjiu glanced at Jiang Shuangli who was following behind her. “Come, tell me, which one of us is useless?”

(‘I have an urgent matter to attend to. The update on August 13th will be postponed to 6 pm.. “

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