The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

Chapter 410 - Thank you (6)
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Chapter 410 - Thank you (6)

“I have a solution.”

When Lee Gun laughed, his Constructs couldn’t hide their confusion.

[Master! I don’t know what you’re thinking right now, but you shouldn’t do it!]

[That’s right. With all due respect, the five great calamities are your natural enemies!]

[Of course, we have no idea what kind of gods they are since it happened so long ago. But they are legends even to us…]

[They also served the Primordial god. Of course, they know the weaknesses of the Creators.]

[You weren’t able to use your power when they got close! Since Creators are valuable, they probably want to sell you to the outer gods…!]

If the evil gods were able to get a hold of Lee Gun, there was no saying what they would do to him.

[They are shameless enough to sell the corpses to the monarchs!]

They were saying Lee Gun would be better off avoiding the evil gods. However, Lee Gun unexpectedly laughed. “Don’t worry! I’m not going to fight them directly.”


Lee Gun narrowed his eyes as he looked at the pond lying at his feet.


Did it want to be out of there, or was it complaining about not being able to see inside the pond? The evil god was letting out a barrage of swear words.

‘I have no idea why this one didn’t try to kill me.’

It was the one that had lived for more than a dozen years inside Yooha’s arm. What if it came to share values with her? What if it had become assimilated?

‘That would be a good thing for my side.’

Anyway, Lee Gun had one of the five.

‘Since they are comrades, it might be able to block them.’

Lee Gun quickly moved as he thought about throwing Yooha’s evil god to the wolves.

* * *

The holy ground of the Scorpio temple was a whirlpool of confusion.

[The evil gods broke through Scorpio’s barrier! They came in!]

[What? How were they able to pierce through it?]

The evil gods wore what looked to be hooded cloaks as they moved around like ghosts. They were ransacking the holy ground of the Scorpio temple.

The Constructs of the Serpent Bearer temple ground their teeth.

[As expected, they are looking for our master.]

The one to speak was Disinfectant (Iaso). She remained hidden along with the Constructs of the Scorpio temple. They had no other choice because their attacks didn’t work against the evil gods.

However, it didn’t matter.

‘We just have to wait until Hailey and Heiji put up the barrier again.’

That was what they assumed, but Disinfectant (Iaso) had a serious expression on her face as she looked at Yeonwoo.

[Aren’t they the ones from the past, Master from the previous generation?]


Instead of answering her, Yeonwoo narrowed her eyes.

Iaso was unlike Eeny, Meeny, and Miny, who came from the Gemini temple.

Yeonwoo had been under the Serpent Bearer temple. Of course, she knew whom Iaso was talking about.

Yeonwoo recalled a very old memory.

- They are here again, Master.

Yeonwoo and Junwoo had been baby snakes back then, and they shook when they frequently heard ghost-like sounds from outside. It caused them to seek the arms of their master. Of course, they had not been brother and sister at the time. They had been sisters.

- Master, who are those ghost-like beings??

- They are revenants.

- What?

- They are revenants that should have died, yet they are here for me now. I am the last one standing.

It seemed Aslan also loathed being near the evil gods. He told the Constructs of the Serpent Bearer to never approach them.

Aslan had died several days later.

‘In the end, the evil gods dug up Master’s grave. It was a location that only we knew about.’

Their goal had been Aslan’s corpse. Of course, this was after Space-Time had transformed Aslan’s corpse into Time.

‘I’m sure they are trying to profit from selling a Creator to the monarchs’

The specter-like beings spoke as they searched the Scorpio’s holy ground.

[Find him. He must be here.]

[He was here until a moment ago.]

[We must find him before the gods.]𝑙𝘪𝑏𝓇ℯ𝑎𝒹.𝒸𝘰𝓂

The Serpent Bearer Constructs shook.

‘They took our previous master, and now they are coming for our current master.’

These evil gods had been punished for handing over the corpses of the precious Creators to the monarchs. They were sentenced and sent straight to hell. However, they had broken out of hell since they didn’t like their punishment.

‘They can’t have Gun. Not him.’

Yeonwoo almost convulsed as she glared at them. She had lost her precious master before, and once was enough.

“We have assessed the situation.”

Hailey and Heiji, who had gone to regenerate the barrier, arrived near them. The Constructs shot to their feet.

[Did you fix the barrier?]

[If you fixed it, we can chase them out…]

For some reason, both of them had odd expressions on their faces.

“No! There were no signs of the barrier being destroyed.”

“Same thing from my side. They didn’t infiltrate using hypnosis.”

Those words caused the faces of the Serpent Bearer Constructs to turn pale.

“Did they bypass the barrier to enter this place?!”

It made no sense. There was no way they wouldn’t cause any reaction to the barrier.

‘So what happened?’

At that moment…

[Are you here, my Creator?]


The ones in hiding trembled in fear. An enormous giant with a hideous face appeared there, and a chaotic air surged up behind them. They sensed a murderous intent strong enough that it felt like they would die if they turned around.

At the same time, Yeonwoo had a realization.

‘It’s one of the five.’

She was sure of it. Four of the five were here, looking for Lee Gun.

[Where are you hiding, my Creator?]

Their opponent looked oddly angered that the Creator wasn’t here. Its eyes flashed.


Suddenly, accompanied by a flash of lightning, the evil spirits threatening them disappeared.

Yeonwoo and her party looked up toward the sky in surprise.

“They are…!”

Countless gods were gathered in the sky. Moreover, they weren’t normal Construct-rank gods.


From the look of it, they numbered in the hundreds. However, something more dumbfounding was going on.

[Listen to me, Constructs of the Serpent Bearer. The snake god caused chaos in the Divine world, yet we pursued peace. However, he chose to kill Valhalla’s master of light Baldur and the other gods.]


[From this moment on, the snake god will suffer punitive actions.]

Punitive actions? Heiji and Lee Gun’s Constructs raised their eyebrows as if these gods were speaking nonsense.

“They aren’t worth listening to.”

“We don’t need to call Gun here. We’ll take care of—”

The gods jeered when they heard that.

[Mere residents of a lowly colony dare fight against Zodiacs.]

They looked at Yeonwoo in contempt.

[The previous snake Zodiac may be here, but she’s a mere human now. She’s a resident of the colony.]

“What nonsense!” A light emanated from Yeonwoo’s body.

This power shocked the gods, then something surprising happened.

[Serpent Bearer’s Construct (Ji Yeonwoo) has awakened her Divine status.]

[A new Divine status has been born.]

This power was much stronger compared to that generated when Chun Sungjae had swallowed the Divine status of a pillar-rank god.

The gods couldn’t believe their eyes, and they were at a loss for words.


The powerful light swept over them.

* * *

While this was going on, the high-rank gods who had sent the gods to the earth were laughing in the Divine world.

After luring the evil gods there, these high-rank gods had told their fellow gods to monitor the evil gods and see if the evil gods got rid of Lee Gun. Of course, it didn’t matter to them if the gods monitoring Lee Gun died.

“Since the snake god killed the envoy of a Great Spirit, we have a legitimate cause now.”

“Are you sure we should be using the evil gods?”

“Those bastards dared betray the king of the gods. They betrayed the Primordial god.”


They had caused great stress to the Great Spirits, who had supported the Primordial god. After the Primordial god’s death, the Divine world and the gods would have disappeared if the Great Spirits hadn’t stepped up.

“They are insects that placed great evil on the Great Spirits. They should be thankful that we deign to use them.”

* * *

At this moment, Lee Gun had arrived near Scorpio’s holy ground. He contemptuously laughed as he discovered the gods who had appeared above the Scorpio’s holy ground.

“Those bastards are all Zodiacs, right?”

[Yes…! They are!]

Meeny, who had remained within Lee Gun’s shadow, let out a cold sweat. While Constructs didn’t bother him, Zodiacs were leaders each of who possessed a colony.

One or two might be ok, but what would happen if Zodiacs came in great numbers to a colony owned by a different Zodiac?

“They want to fight right now? They are declaring war on me, right?”

The Constructs gulped.

‘I wonder if the gods of punishment also came down.’

This wasn’t a war. This was a one-sided effort to eradicate the snake god.

“Uncle! I found you!” Chun Sungjae came to Lee Gun after locating him. He was about to report to Lee Gun, but he screamed when he saw Chun Yooha. “Why is Noona’s energy so different from usual?”

“It is because the evil god was extracted from her.”

“What? It came out?! How?!” Sungjae had been worried about his sister’s arm in his own way. He looked elated.

“Uncle took it out when he possessed me using Zodiac Descent.”

“I see. Zodiac Descent— What did you just say?!!” Chun Sungjae’s happiness vanished. He wailed as he clung to Lee Gun. “I’ll give you my body, Uncle! Do it to me too! Zodiac Descent! Hahk! Descent— Kuh-huhk!”

“You have a wish coupon.”

After beating down Chun Sungjae, Lee Gun glared at the gods above them. His party was instantly surrounded.

[You are a mere rookie god who entered the Pantheon. The Divine world came to the conclusion that we will no longer put up with your tyranny.]

[We will get rid of you here, and we will conduct an inheritance of your—]

Lee Gun didn’t bother listening to them as he released the evil god that he had imprisoned in the pond to act as a tank.


The evil god came out, emitting a menacing energy. He let out a savage laugh when he saw the gods.

[I know all of you.]

Lee Gun was then about to use the power of Cycle, but…

[Found the Creator.]

[Found him.]

“…!” Lee Gun’s hand froze. His connection to his power was severed as well.


The faces of the Chun siblings turned pale when they turned their gaze.

“Behind you, Uncle!”

Lee Gun narrowed his eyes. He didn’t need anyone to point it out. He had a good idea as to who was behind him.

‘Evil gods.’

The ones at Scorpio’s holy ground were the other four of the five great calamities.

‘It is that bastard.’

The one behind him was the biggest of the four. A familiar voice rang near his ears.

[You were here, my Creator?]


It was the one that made him unable to use his power. Lee Gun couldn’t move an inch this time, either.

Seeing this, the Zodiacs laughed as if they had been waiting for it.

[I knew they would be helpful.]

The gods tried to use their punitive abilities while Lee Gun was immobilized.

When the Chun siblings saw this, they planned on risking their lives to move Lee Gun.

On the other hand, Lee Gun glared at the evil god that he had released.

‘If you want to be completely freed, you should protect my Zodiac Saints.’

The evil god should earn his keep. However, the freed evil god said something unexpected.

[I don’t really have to do anything]

What did it just say? Lee Gun wondered if he would just have to get rid of all of them as he had expected when…


The gods of punishments, who had been coming for Lee Gun, screamed as they were sent flying. It was the doing of the four evil gods, who had surrounded Lee Gun.

This puzzled Lee Gun and the Chun siblings.

‘The evil gods protected Uncle?’

The gods looked taken aback too.

[Those bastards…!]

[Do they not want us to touch their prey?]

After they had sent the Zodiacs flying with their enormous power, the evil gods’ eyes flashed as if to say the Zodiacs shouldn’t lay a hand on Lee Gun.

[Those who follow the fallen Great Spirits.]

[Do not touch our descendent.]


When everyone was shocked by their words, the evil god from Yooha’s arm spoke up.

[The four of us are Creators who protected the Primordial god.]

What the hell did he just say? Suddenly, the mention of “four” bothered Lee Gun. He looked toward the biggest evil god.

‘Who is that then?’

Their words left one left among the five. This evil god had the power to immobilize Lee Gun, and it had endlessly searched for him.

Looking at this evil god was like looking at Oblivion, yet it also felt like looking at a corpse that was close to death, like Hailey’s mother.

However, Lee Gun was soon able to discern its identity.

It attacked the gods of punishment, who had rushed toward Lee Gun.

[I found you. I will not let you be sacrificed to the Great Spirits.]

The enormous power made the gods scream as it melted them.

The gods of punishment shook in fear when they witnessed the attack.

[Primordial god…?!]

[Why are you here…!]

Lee Gun became interested in its unexpected identity.

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