The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 1394 -end - 1394 The Final Chapter of Happiness
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1394 The Final Chapter of Happiness

Jordan wasn’t too surprised when he received the call. He had long known Lucas’s strength. Taking down a mere Williams family was a piece of cake for him.

“Okay, Lucas! I’ll arrange for people to go there immediately!”

Jordan’s execution ability was very strong. Soon, he arranged for people to go to Williams’ manor and businesses and take over everything. As for the remaining people of the Williams, if they were unconvinced, they would be dealt with directly, and the rest would all be taken under Lucas’s command.

In this way, among the eight top families in DC, Pete of the Howards and Roman of the Huttons, who had always followed Lucas, had regained their authority from Samuel and Jace and continued to be loyal to Lucas.

As for Samuel, who had seized power at the critical moment, after obtaining Florence’s approval, he was directly sentenced to death for treason.


Because Jace was Michael’s only son, Lucas spared his life and ordered for him to be expelled from DC and never allowed to step foot into DC again.

If nothing unexpected happened, Jace would never appear in front of Lucas again.

Regarding the Smiths, Tyson and his son, Oscar, had always been on Lucas’s side. So after the downfall of the Williams family, Lucas gave them a portion of the Williams’ assets, making the Smiths even stronger than before.

After Derek, the helmsman of the Piers, had suddenly been shot to death by Rayson, the Piers fell into a state of disunity, and they no longer dared to go against Lucas. They immediately organized their assets, sold all their properties in DC, and left DC with the entire family. 𝓵𝒊𝒃𝙧𝙚𝒂𝓭.𝓬𝙤𝙢

Thus, the Piers had also completely withdrawn from the ranks of the eight top families of DC.

That night, Rayson died, and the news that the Williams’ assets had completely changed hands quickly spread throughout the capital.

After Jeffrey, the helmsman of the Arnaults, found out that Rayson was dead, but not only had Lucas obtained all of the Williams’ assets, he had even used some secret method to control Bradley, causing Bradley to leave DC overnight, he no longer dared to provoke Lucas. He could only gasp in extreme shock.

Jeffrey instantly gave up any thoughts of continuing to fight against Lucas. Instead, he was extremely glad that he had called Lucas his brother in order to protect himself.

At the very least, he had not completely fallen out with Lucas. In the future, as long as he had a good attitude and truly treated Lucas as his brother in front of everyone, he believed that Lucas would definitely not deal with him.

After Eric, the helmsman of the Bransons, learned that Lucas had taken down the Williams, he personally went to Jeffrey to discuss their plans overnight.

It was unknown what Jeffrey said to him, but after Eric returned to the Bransons, he immediately ordered everyone to restrain themselves and that no one was allowed to offend Lucas and the people around him. The Bransons became very low-key and rarely showed themselves.

After Greg, the helmsman of the Steeles, learned about what Lucas had done, he immediately had a drastic change in expression. He had seen how powerful Lucas was personally and knew that the current Lucas was definitely not someone the Steeles could afford to offend.

Furthermore, the Steeles had severely offended Lucas this time. Perhaps one day, they would provoke Lucas, and the Steeles would disappear from DC overnight like the Williams…

While he was feeling terrified and uneasy, Greg suddenly thought of his grandson Alexander, whom he had long forgotten. He thought about how Alexander and Ashley seemed to have a close relationship with Lucas, and they even seemed to be working for Lucas at the Stardust Corporation.

“Quick, quickly call Alexander and ask him to return to the family immediately! I’ve decided that the next helmsman of the Steeles will be Alexander. When he returns, I will immediately hold a family meeting and officially hand over the position of helmsman to him!” Greg instructed the butler beside him.

He had already decided to pass the position of helmsman to Alexander. Presumably, Lucas should let the Steeles off on Alexander’s account and not do anything to them.

At this point, several of the eight top families of DC were either destroyed or scattered. The remaining families were either Lucas’s allies or were polite to him, not daring to offend him.

As for Lucas himself, although he didn’t claim the title of the King of DC, everyone knew very well that he was the uncrowned King of DC.

In DC, no one dared to offend Lucas.

After the various forces in DC fell into a calm state, Lucas didn’t stay idle.

The Dark Dragon Regiment that he had asked Jordan to set up had already recruited enough people. In less than a few months, they had already trained a large number of experts, making Lucas’s forces much stronger.

Now, even without Lucas’s intervention, just the strength of the Dark Dragon Regiment was enough to crush any one of the original eight top families of DC. They even had the ability to fight against the royal family branches.

Thus, Lucas finally obtained the peaceful life he had always wanted. 𝑙𝒾𝒷𝘳𝑒𝑎𝘥.𝒸ℴ𝓂

Today was the weekend. Early in the morning, Lucas brought Cheyenne and Amelia to Blue Ridge Mountains, nearby DC, for an outing.

“Wow, Daddy, the mountain here is so beautiful! There are so many flowers and butterflies! Even the air on the mountain is so fresh. It’s exactly like what my kindergarten teacher said!”

Amelia was wearing a beautiful pink princess dress and had two cute braids on her head. She was like a beautiful little elf as she ran back and forth on a mountain peak, holding a small handful of wild flowers she had just picked. Her fair and exquisite face was red with happiness.

“Amelia, don’t run around! Be careful not to fall down the mountain! If that happens, Daddy and Mommy won’t be able to save you.” Cheyenne was sitting on a picnic blanket that Lucas had laid out. She smiled at her lively and adorable daughter, her eyes full of doting love.

“Mommy, you’re a girl, so you definitely can’t save me. But Daddy is a hero and our knight. If you and I are in danger, Daddy will definitely save us! Right, Daddy?”

Amelia ran to Lucas’s side and giggled as she inserted a few flowers she had picked into Lucas’s hair.

Lucas was caught between laughter and tears. He picked up his daughter, who was playing a prank, and said with a smile, “Amelia, you’re right. Daddy is yours and Mom’s knight. I will protect you all my life. I will never let you get hurt. I will definitely make you the happiest people in the world!”

Lucas kissed his daughter’s little face and then looked at Cheyenne beside him, his face and eyes full of tenderness and love.

“Honey, you… What are you saying in front of our daughter? Really… really…” Cheyenne’s alluring face was slowly immersed in a shy pink glow. But a fair hand had already quietly grabbed Lucas’s hand. Then she slowly tightened her grip, never wanting to let go.

Lucas smiled and pulled his wife and daughter into his arms. He looked at the rising sun in the distance, his heart filled with happiness.

The morning sun shone on the three of them hugging each other.

It was bright, warm, and filled with endless love and hope.

Even if there were more challenges and dangers in their future life, as long as their family was together, they would always be fearless, full of hope, and happy.

In people’s lives, wasn’t what they wanted the most such peace and rare happiness?

The End.

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