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Chapter 1252: Old Friend

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“Ahem, Mr. Xie will definitely not cheat!” Zhu Lin quickly made up for it,

“You’re so good, he’ll only cheat if he’s stupid.”

Shi Xi: “i believe him.”

After all, even in the situation like yesterday, Xie Yunzhou could stop.

It was like a dream. After waking up, she was still embarrassed and didn’t want to move.

After loading the things, Xie Yunzhou took Shi Xi into the car.

Shi Xi was not in Yanjing, so he was going back to Feng Cheng.

Along the way, Shi Xi leaned in his arms, looking miserable.

It was really uncomfortable.

She didn’t want to move.

Xie Yunzhou put his hand on her lower abdomen to help relieve her discomfort. “Didn’t you get the treatment done before? Why does it hurt again?”

“It doesn’t hurt much anymore, but my back will be sore.” Shi Xi said lazily:

“Maybe 1 was too tired some time ago.”

Xie Yunzhou stretched out his other hand and rubbed her waist. “Why don’t you wait until these few days pass before going to film?”

Shi Xi: “It’s okay. I’ll lie down when I get on the plane.”

Xie Yunzhou knew Shi Xi’s character and did not persuade her.

Compared with the pain in Shi Xi’s childhood, it was much better now.

The body needed to be recuperated little by little.

When he worked hard before, he didn’t care about his health.

So he could better understand Shi Xi’s thoughts.

Looking at the scenery passing by outside the window, Xie Yunzhou thought of something and took out a small box from his pocket.

Shi Xi woke up instantly.

Xie Yunzhou wouldn’t propose at this time, would he?

No way?

In the car?

“It’s just a ring, it has no meaning.” Xie Yunzhou looked at the girl’s expression and said with a smile, “1 originally wanted to… Forget it, 1’11 give it to you now.”

Opening the box, there was a pair of silver rings inside.

The men’s ring was set with small diamonds. From a distance, it looked more like a plain ring.

And the lady’s ring was wrapped with diamonds.

There were also words engraved inside.

Before Shi Xi could read the words clearly, her hand was held up and a ring was put on.

“If the occasion doesn’t suit it, just take it off.” Xie Yunzhou knew that Shi Xi had a special job and said, “When you miss me, you can wear the ring and treat it like Iโ€™m with you.”

“I’ll call you if 1 miss you. Ah, this ring is yours.” Shi Xi felt funny, picked up the men’s ring, and looked at the light to see the letters inside.

It was the initials of the two people’s names, with a little heart in the middle.

Sure enough, it was a straight man’s favorite method.

Shi Xi: “Reach out your hand.”

Xie Yunzhou stretched out his hand and let Shi Xi put the ring on him.

Both of them had beautiful hands, and they were even more beautiful after wearing rings.

Shi Xi stretched out her hand, admired her new ring, and asked, “When did you buy it?”

Xie Yunzhou: “The second day we lived together.”

Shi Xi: ?

Was that some special day? ๐‘™๐‘–๐˜ฃ๐“‡๐‘’๐’ถ๐˜ฅ.๐‘โ„ด๐‘š

Shi Xi couldn’t figure it out.

Xie Yunzhou explained: “I wanted to get engaged with you, so I ordered this pair of rings.”

“It’s very beautiful.” Shi Xi’s eyes narrowed, and she said in despair: “But I don’t have anything to give you.”

She left in a hurry this time.

She didn’t even think of giving anything to Xie Yunzhou.

She originally wanted to sleep before leaving.


Sure enough, you shouldn’t be lazy!

“If you are willing to accept this ring, it is the best gift you can give me.” Xie Yunzhou took her hand and kissed her gently on the edge of the ring.

Before Shi Xi left, it was Xie Yunzhou’s selfish intention to give her this ring.

He wanted Shi Xi to think of him all the time.

Even if she was outside, she could still remember him.

Zhu Lin was worried about long-distance relationships.

Xie Yunzhou was also worried that their long-distance relationship would have bad consequences..

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