The Conquerors Path

Chapter 660-Now That’s How You Suck
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Chapter 660-Now That's How You Suck

"We are from the capital, me and my family are thinking of settling down here, maybe down into the future one day."

I replied to the smiling old woman, the old woman in question running a candy shop, selling red and green inviting lollipops. The old woman looked eerily similar to the very old woman who sold the apple to Sabrina, only this time the product was a bit different, while the old woman itself looked a bit different.

It's hard to take in and try to control someone of Aria's levels, though that's applicable only to people that have Imperials in your level. But for me, I literally have a Dragon Empress up and ready at my call, ready to try and create or give me certain artifacts I want, not to mention a literal Supreme Goddess as my other mommy. So certain things that can affect even Aria can be created if I play my cards right and right now I am.

"What a sweet couple you are! Here, have one on the house!"

The old woman, not giving her name forward, handed a red lollipop with a smile as Aria took it, directly starting to sip on it as Grace spoke.

"Thank you."

"No need, your daughter's smile has just made my day."

The old woman said with a sweet smile as she waved her hand at the money that my mother forwarded. But my mother, adamant, made the old woman take the money, and in response, she also gave an extra lollipop, one shining in the color of green to my mother, who took it up with a smile. These little new childish sides of my mother made me smile as the three of us soon set off again.

"The old woman was very sweet."

My mother spoke.

'Well, that's how you are when you are a professional swindler.'

Keeping those words in my mind, I kept going hand in hand with this family of mine. Aria licking happily on her red lollipop while Grace stuck to her green, her subtle red tongue coming in to give the lollipop a light lick.

I watched as Grace's lips parted, her tongue teasing the green lollipop with a delicate touch. The sugary treat glistened under the soft glow of the lights. With each lick, her tongue traced circles around the sweet confection, leaving a trail of moisture in its wake.

My gaze was fixated on her mouth, mesmerized by the way her lips wrapped around the lollipop, sucking gently before releasing with a soft pop. Aria's giggles faded into the background as Grace's actions commanded my full attention.

As she continued to lick, her movements became more deliberate, more sensual. Her eyes met mine, a playful glint dancing within their depths. It was as if she knew the effect she was having on me, and she reveled in it. The air between us crackled with anticipation, thick with unspoken desire.

"Enjoying the show?" Grace's voice was a husky whisper. Without waiting for a response, she brought the lollipop to her lips once more, this time taking a slow, languid lick from base to tip, she took the whole sweet into her mouth and lightly started to suck on it, a few seconds later she took it out, her eyes meeting mine as Grace asked in a shy tone.

"You want to?"

The lollipop still shone with her saliva as she pointed it at me. Without a word, I nodded, my desire burning hot as I leaned in to accept the lollipop from her outstretched hand.

The lollipop glistened with her saliva. I took hold of the candy, feeling the warmth of her touch lingering on its surface. My eyes locked with hers, a silent exchange of longing passing between us.

As I brought the lollipop to my lips, I could feel Grace's gaze intensifying, her anticipation mirroring my own. With a slow, deliberate motion, I parted my lips, allowing the sweet candy to slide between them.

The taste was intoxicating, a heady mix of sugar and the essence of Grace. I savored the flavor, letting it linger on my tongue as I sucked gently, mimicking her earlier actions. Each lick sent a shiver of tremble within my mother's eyes, me sucking on my own mother's saliva and taste is a very horny thing to do.

Grace's eyes never left mine, her gaze burning with shyness and desire as she watched me devour the lollipop. It was as if the simple act of sharing candy had become something so much more.

And when I finally withdrew the lollipop from my mouth, the taste of Grace lingering on my lips, I with a smile forwarded the lollipop back to Mother, thankfully the moment I saw her suckig on the lollipop I had blocked off the response from the people around, their presence being such that they weren't able to perceive us, so the little play was only seen by the other little girl burning with jealousy.

"Daddy, taste mine!"

Aria shouted, her shout breaking the raunchy atmosphere that had formed between me and my mother, my eyes going down to meet the jealous look of Aira's as she pointed the sweet to my eyes, it glistening with her saliva.


'Oh....stop that!'

Pushing away the system butting in I focused on Aria, her situation not at all giving me any arousing thoughts, not with her current mindset anyway, though, for my plan to work, I need to keep bringing up the new jealousy within Aria's heart, and its for that very reason that I had fed both Aira and my mother with sweets.

After all, it is not at all my mother's normal behavior to simply start an erotic tongue movement with a lollipop in the middle of the road with Aria walking beside her, her movements completely out of proportion, all of this beginning with the influence of the lollipop, in normal instance if I didn't have the knowledge I have right now, regarding the special situation between my mother and Grace I wouldn't have taken this action but now that I know what I know, this is the best way to have this woman willingly in my plans once she fully awakens and I plan to do that in this meeting or maybe later, depends on the flow.

'First I need to write back the past'

"My little princess, Daddy is already full from your mommy's taste"

The wordings of my words was very suggestive, and I could see it bring a blush to Grace's face, while the awakening lust slowly corroding her mind flared up a bit too, the lollipop I gave both Aria and Grace had some specific purposes.

The one in Aria's hands makes it such that it makes her emotions a bit more expressed and double of what she feels like, yeah I know a very dangerous move but it's needed, the other thing it does is link parts of the souls of Aria and Grace in a very subtle yet powerful way, normally it's impossible to do such a thing with a lollipop or any other thing for such matter.

But it works here due to the very fact that both Aria's and Garce's souls have the same frequency and in general are almost practically the same! which points toward the fact that they are most practically the same people too!

The story behind that is a bit complex but the last thing is the connection slowly forming between their two souls is very important for me to use, it also increases the jealous factor in Aria but the main function it does is that when the true Aria fully awakened and takes form, all the current memories and feeling that Aria felt till now will be fully entangled into the true Aria that will awaken. 𝑙𝑖𝑏𝓇𝘦𝑎𝒹.𝑐𝑜𝓂

This means that the true Aria that will awaken won't be able to push away any sense of feeling away from her childlike self, that means her daddy's feelings for me will be there and she will not be able to do anything about it because this feeling will be imprinted directly into her soul, not to mention the special effects I have put in place due to the soul-bonding happening between Aria and Grace.

"Mou~but you tested mommy's lollipop!"

Aria shouted in annoyance The mana round trembling and I could see several people around falling to the ground and clutching their hearts in panic for a moment, the sweets doing their work and slowly enhancing the feelings within Aria, she raising her hands above her head, waving it around in a tantrum.

Seeing so I looked at Grace who just looked at me with widened eyes, the lust, and desires in her still taking over her, but she is still trying to keep a clean mind, because the lollipop that I gave her will make it such that her lust won't decrease at all, no matter how many times she cums or lets her emotions out, not until I give her the antidote to it. 𝓁𝒾𝘣𝑟𝑒𝘢𝘥.𝘤𝘰𝑚

"Aria, don't throw a tantrum, it's just your daddy is not hungry but don't worry, I will make it such that you will feed me in the restaurant we eat in"

As I said so I walked in between all that rising mana as I patted Aria's head, the blowing up Aria calming down as she now just looked at me with a pout, the lollipop going back into her mouth.

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