Taking advantage of the beauty being poor, fooling her into being my girlfriend

Chapter 173 - 173 Jiang Xu: Nuonuo, we are both eighteen now, can we...?
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Chapter 173: Chapter 173 Jiang Xu: Nuonuo, we are both eighteen now, can we…?

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When An Nuonuo had arrived before, Jiang Xu had noticed the black bag she was holding.

At this moment, she opened the bag and handed the item inside to Jiang Xu with both hands, “Happy Birthday.”

It was a black, single-strap shoulder bag.

The design and the style were very much in line with Jiang Xu’s tastes.

On the side of the bag, his name was embroidered.

“Did you make this yourself?” Jiang Xu asked, not wanting to let go of the bag.

“Yes,” An Nuonuo nodded shyly, “It’s not anything valuable, but I hope you’ll like it.”

Had his parents not been there, Jiang Xu would have showered her with some cheesy sweet nothings.

To express how he felt at that moment.

He had grown tired of repeating his words of praise.

Chen Yue and Jiang Shan were also extremely happy.

Such a wonderful girl isn’t easy to find, not just in modern times,

but also in their own generation.

The meal was pleasant and satisfying.

They blew out the candle and cut the cake after eating.

An Nuonuo curiously looked at Jiang Xu, “What wish did you make?”

Jiang Xu chuckled, “Are you sure you want to hear it?”

An Nuonuo almost said out loud what she was thinking.

But then she reconsidered.

She had been tricked by Jiang Xu too many times before.

He was likely going to say something that would make her blush again.

So, she decisively shook her head, “I don’t want to know.”

Jiang Xu:”???”

The young girl had gotten smarter and was harder to tease.

This was a little distressing.

Seeing Jiang Xu’s expression, An Nuonuo immediately burst into laughter.

Chen Yue wiped her mouth, “Nuonuo, we are going to leave you two here to watch some TV. We’re heading back home now.

We have an appointment with some friends later to hang out.”

Jiang Shan questioned, “When did we make plans to meet friends?”

Chen Yue shot him a death glare.

Jiang Shan shivered and finally caught on.

He quickly nodded, “Ah, yes, yes, we have plans with friends. We should get going now. You both take your time.”

An Nuonuo also stood up, escorting them out. 𝑙π˜ͺπ’·π˜³π‘’π˜’π‘‘.π’Έπ‘œπ‘š

At the door, Chen Yue subtly winked at Jiang Xu.

As mother and son, Jiang Xu immediately understood what Chen Yue was trying to say.

Son, you are both adults now. Heh, do you get it? Mommy isn’t a conservative person.

Jiang Xu: “…”

He was speechless.

What did she think her son was like?

Was he that kind of person?

Jiang Xu gave her a look, assuring her there wouldn’t be a problem.

Chen Yue, satisfied, dragged Jiang Shan away.

In her mind, she was already picturing the scene a year later, holding her grandchild.

She was not like other mothers.

Most mothers wish their children to succeed.

But all Chen Yue wanted was for her son to live a peaceful and worry-free life, with some money to spare.

And her wishes at present had all come true.

She was not greedy.

An Nuonuo was still oblivious to the severity of the situation, curiously commenting, “Your uncle and auntie seemed rather anxious.”

“Ha ha.” Shaking his head, Jiang Xu replied, “They’re always like this, quite worrisome.”

An Nuonuo countered, “Would you dare to say that in front of them?”

Jiang Xu felt underestimated, “Why wouldn’t I?”

Seeing this, An Nuonuo took out her phone, pretending to dial Chen Yue’s number.

Jiang Xu said sulkily, “Nuonuo, you’ve become a naughty girl. You might lose me if you keep this up.”

The young girl giggled happily.

“Do you want to know what wish I made earlier?” Jiang Xu brought up the topic again.

Without waiting for An Nuonuo’s refusal, Jiang Xu said, “I wish for you to give birth to a pair of twins, a boy and a girl…”

The young girl immediately turned beet red and ran back into the house.

She was silently glad that she didn’t mention wanting to know earlier when Jiang Xu’s parents were still there.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it have resulted in an embarrassingly large mess?

Jiang Xu grinned and followed her.

An Nuonuo sat on the sofa.

Her legs were bent, held in her arms.

Although watching television, her mind was not in it.

Jiang Xu sat next to her.

He turned her head towards him.

They looked into each other’s eyes.

An Nuonuo’s gaze was evasive, afraid to look at Jiang Xu’s eyes.

At this moment, Jiang Xu’s eyes were like two suns, radiating intense, dazzling rays.

An Nuonuo felt as if she were melting away.

Her heart was beating uncontrollably.

“Nuonuo,” Jiang Xu asked fervently, “how are we doing?”

An Nuonuo’s voice was faint, “It’s… just fine.”

Her cheeks burned hotly, wondering what Jiang Xu was up to.

Jiang Xu asked, “Since our relationship is so deep, could you do something for me?”

An Nuonuo felt that Jiang Xu might be up to something and was about to refuse.

Yet, seeing his earnest expression, she didn’t reject him.

Instead, she subtly nodded.

Jiang Xu was delighted and continued, “Look, we’re both already eighteen, adults.

“And my first kiss is still here, would you help me with that…”

“No, I can’t,” the girl shook her head vigorously.

The heat in her cheeks was so intense it felt as if it would burst at any moment.

She hadn’t expected Jiang Xu would suddenly make such a request.

Jiang Xu asked, “Why not?”

An Nuonuo replied, “Because… because we are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet…”

Jiang Xu responded, “Isn’t that inevitable?”

An Nuonuo stuttered, “No… I can’t… I have to go home.”

Saying so, she attempted to get up and leave.

Jiang Laid his hands on her shoulders, preventing her from leaving.

All the conditions were perfect.

The seal of restriction 404 hanging over Jiang Xu was removed.

At this point, he couldn’t let her slip away easily.

Continuing his earnest tone, he persuaded, “Nuonuo, together we braved wind and rain, faced countless obstacles to get where we are today…”

His persuasion was fruitless.

Unfortunately, An Nuonuo wasn’t easily swayed.

Blinking her eyes, she replied weakly, “When did we ‘brave the wind and rain’? I’m fully alert, you can’t trick me.”

Jiang Xu was silent.

He felt an immediate headache.

An Nuonuo wasn’t easily fooled.

He longed for the naive innocent girl he first met in the second year of high school where he could easily talk her into anything.

Jiang Xu wasn’t about to give up, though.

By now, if he can’t pull it off, where will he put his face?

How would his audience feel about him?

Thinking, Jiang Xu stated, “Your parents must love me.”

“Huh?” bewilderment filled An Nuonuo’s eyes, “Why?”

Jiang Xu said, “Otherwise, why would they create you in the image of my ideal type?”

An Nuonuo fanned herself, feeling too hot.

How could Jiang Xu say something like that?

Her head buzzed, not knowing how to respond.

Jiang Xu continued to shower An Nuonuo with romantic lines.

Once he had her confused and disoriented, he once again made his earlier request.

However, An Nuonuo was adamant in her refusal.

Jiang Xu took a deep breath.

So it was going to be like this, huh?

If that’s the case…

He felt a surge of courage…

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