Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1277 What do you people take me for, huh?
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Chapter 1277 What do you people take me for, huh?


1277 What do you people take me for, huh?

"Are you ready to answer a few questions I have?

I am quite curious about your Black Order, you see."

Nux questioned with a playful smile on his face.

At the same time, the Divine Stage Cultivator in front of him could feel the pressure on him decreasing. He was finally able to speak. Of course, he knew why this happened, he glared at Nux and, "You think I will tell you anything?"

"Hmm? You won't?"

Nux tilted his head in confusion.

"In your dreams maybe." The man spat.

"Hmm, this is weird."

The man noticed a strange smile on Nux's face. Something that made him feel strange.

"Do you know..." Nux finally started.

"You aren't the first person to say that to me."


The man didn't say anything.

Nux, however, walked passed him, walking towards a Complete Semi Saint, then, as he removed his cloak covering his face, he looked into the man's eyes and his golden eyes shined, [What is your name?]

Nux questioned.

The cultivator's eyes lost their shine and without any resistance whatsoever, "Vaelin Silver."

[Are you the part of the Black Order?]


[Tell me everything you know about it.]

"The Black Order is..."

The man started.

Of course, Nux wasn't interested in whatever he said, he simply turned around and glanced at the Divine Stage Cultivator in front of him and a big smile appeared on his face.

"See? Everyone tells me everything when I ask them nicely."

"Y-You... how are you using C-Charm...?"

Obviously, as a Divine Stage Cultivator, he wasn't unfamiliar with the ability Nux used, but the question was... How could a human use a Vampire's ability?

Soon, however, the man got an answer.

The monster in front of him first appeared as an Incubus. People thought they were two different people yet he was only a human who could somehow use an Incubus's ability and as absurd as it sounds, if he can use the abilities of an Incubus, what's stopping him from using a Vampire's ability?

'I need to report it.'

The Divine Stage Cultivator was horrified. It was an information no one in the Order knew of. Nux might be even more dangerous than they first expected him to be.

Thinking about it, the man turned towards another cultivator, there was no change in his expression, however, the person he was looking at already understood what he was trying to say and nodded as secretly as possible.

Of course, with Nux using [Sense] to observe his surroundings, an action like this couldn't possibly escape his eyes.

He disappeared as he then appeared the person who nodded, removing her cloak, he glanced at the woman standing in front of him and, "Hmm, you are beautiful."

He complimented.

Of course, the woman didn't say anything in reply. She wasn't weak to compliments. She was trained to keep her silence in case she was ever captured, however... that was not going to work today.

[Why did you nod at him?]

Nux questioned.

"Heh, you think it would work on m-" The woman wanted to snort. She was a Complete Saint, Charm was an absurdly strong ability, however, there are limits to how far it can go.

A Semi Saint couldn't possibly Charm Saint no matter how much of a monster he was.

Or... at least that's what common sense said.


"I nodded at him to inform him that I activated the Artifact."

Nux was different.

He was able to charm Morwen before and although the consequences of that was severe pain in his head due to expending the Mental Energy he didn't even have, now, things were different.

His Vampire Blood and Incubus Blood had now blended perfectly, the power of Illusions and Charm had now combined perfectly as well. The Mental Energy, that was fundamentally used for different abilities had now combined as well.

Therefore, Nux now had the Mental Energy that he didn't have before, not just that, he had even more because of the Blood of the Progenitor running in his veins.

After all, as the Origin of everything, the Progenitors were bound to have exceedingly high Mental Power, just a drop of their blood carried an absurdly high amount of Mental Power, Power that Nux had absorbed.

For the current him, charming a complete Saint was not a big task.

[Artifact? What Artifact?] Nux questioned with a curious look on his face.

"Don't say anything!" the Divine Stage Cultivator shouted loudly.

And that was enough to tell Nux that this was something he should know. After all, the man who had been silent this whole time suddenly shouted so loudly.

He glanced at the woman and,

"It is a Call Artifact, I have already requested reinforcements, they should be here any moment now."

The woman answered and the Divine Stage Cultivator clenched his fists in frustration.

He only needed to hold for a minute at maximum, after that, reinforcements would have arrived and they would have successfully captured Nux.

The fact that he would not run away and might even kill them before going frustrated him... Dying wasn't a problem, however, the fact that he still wouldn't get to know how Nux knew about their meeting points or the fact that he couldn't inform the higher-ups about Nux being able to use Charm and possibly other Vampire Abilities... Soon, however, the man also sighed in relief. Even if he couldn't help the Black Order in any way, at the very least, he or anyone here wouldn't be harming the Order by giving out more information about it.

Even though most people here didn't know much, there were still a few who knew quite a lot, if this monster had time in his hands, it wasn't difficult to extract information.

Not to mention that he also had the support of the Bloodhearts. If that monstrous woman joined him in interrogation, let alone others, even he wouldn't have any option but to fall for her Charm.

"Ah, just that? I was worried it was something big."

Suddenly, the man heard Nux's voice.


He frowned.

The reinforcements were coming, wasn't he scared?

Or was he arrogant enough to believe that he could take on the Black Order's reinforcements?

Thinking about it, the man couldn't help but smile inwardly. He desperately wished that it was Nux's arrogance taking over. Or he has someone hiding to protect him.

Even if it is Vyriana, the man believed that against the Black Order's reinforcements, even that Dragon would have a hard time. After all, the Black Order wasn't simple.

If its Reinforcement loses, in an instant, the next, stronger batch of reinforcement would be sent and the cycle would continue until the enemy is defeated.

Even someone like Vyriana couldn't possibly last against the Black Order going all out.

That was the man's blind confidence in his organization.

Of course, all of this was good and all... but...

Suddenly, Nux took out a Disc.

"What do you people take me for, huh? You think I would come here that unprepared?"

Nux questioned with a playful smile on his face.

The man frowned in confusion, his eyes set on the Disc in Nux's hands. Sensing the energy coming from the disc, it wasn't difficult to know that it was an Artifact. A 12-Star Artifact.

As for what it did...

Suddenly, the man's expression changed.

A forbidding feeling overcame his mind.

"With this thing on, no Call Artifacts will be working.

No one's coming guys, don't get your hopes up.

We have all the time in the world we need."

Nux spoke with a gentle smile on his face and in an instant, the man's face dropped.

Just as he thought...

This bastard... he was too well prepared.

He didn't just stumble on this place by luck. It was all preplanned and it all pointed to a single direction.

There was a Spy inside the Black Order.


The man cursed in his head.

Step Step

Soon, however, he heard footsteps and saw Nux walking towards him.

A solemn look appeared on his face. he didn't know what this monster was planning.

Nux, on the other hand, was as calm as ever, after all, everything was going just as he expected it to. It was hard not to be glad in such scenarios.

"Alright now buddy, are you finally willing to answer my questions?"


The man didn't say anything.

He didn't want to challenge Nux in any way, provocating him was the most foolish thing one could do and he had now realized it.

However, it was already too late.

Nux took out another Artifact.

An Artifact everyone here knew perfectly well.

The Bracelet created by that mysterious woman.

Without wasting more time, Nux quickly placed the Artifact on the man's hand and, "Are you willing to be my Slave?"

He questioned. The man narrowed his eyes but,

[Say yes.]

Forced Charm was used again and,


[Slaves: Dominic Blackwood.]

A new Slave was added to Nux's already long list and with a slightly pale look on his face, Nux glanced at his slave and smiled, "Now then, Dominic, you seem to know the most here,

So tell me everything you know about the Black Order, what Clans are associated with it, and how deeply have they settled their roots inside Yrniel."

It was time to finally go after the Mysterious Black Order.

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