Shocking! She Returned with a Miniature Bigshot

Chapter 407 I Love You and Rejected Him
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407 I Love You and Rejected Him

"Mu Jianxin. I believe that Old Chen has provided us with a set of monitoring and tracking devices. The Blue Army achieved a great victory a few days ago, and they're all praising it. I heard it was developed by you, and your technology is being underutilized by Old Chen," he said without any hesitation, pinching Gu Ziyu's arm as if he wasn't an outsider and observing his physique. "You look like a promising talent. Transferring to a military academy would be a good choice."

Gu Ziyu was silent.

He stayed quiet for a few seconds, then smiled, "I've been weak since childhood. I get out of breath when I run, and my heart hurts when I move. I can't handle hardship, and I can't adapt to the military academy's system at all."

Let me be a lazy person!


Genius teenagers should have a choice!

"I've heard this before; my son said the same thing," Mu Jianxin laughed heartily. "Give it some serious thought. If you want to transfer, come find me anytime. We'll always welcome you."

Gu Ziyu watched him walk away briskly, squinting in confusion. Why did he come to this meeting? Was he here just to recruit him? Gu Ziyu munched on snacks, pondering.

Am I really this popular?

Chen Liangyou immediately accused Chen Liangdong as soon as he spoke, "You're the only one who would take a child of unknown origin and painstakingly nurture him, bringing him here to familiarize him with everyone. If he causes trouble in the future or has identity issues, you'll have to deal with it. Why do you always do thankless things like this? Do you know how many people have grievances about this matter?"

"Big brother, Ziyu knows his limits. Don't think of the worst. I brought him to broaden his horizons and help him adapt faster."

"Have you thoroughly investigated his background?"

"If something happens, I'll take responsibility, and it won't affect you," Chen Liangdong spoke gently. "Big brother, you don't need to worry."

"Throughout your life, how many troubles have you caused, how many problems have you stirred up? There's nothing reassuring about it. So many people are interested in Gu Ziyu. It might be better to have him transfer out sooner. If something happens in the future, it won't be your concern," Chen Liangyou said without mincing words.

"Big brother, why are you so certain that he'll definitely cause trouble in the future?" Chen Liangdong didn't understand. "What terrible things has Ziyu done to make you dislike him so much?" ๐“ต๐™ž๐™—๐™ง๐™š๐’‚๐™™.๐“ฌ๐’๐’Ž

He almost quoted a classic line.

He was still a child.

Chen Liangyou frowned, "This kid is close to Gu Ci, close to the Jiang family. He used to live in the Global Center with Gu Ci, and recently, he was seen playing basketball and street racing with Lu Zhiyuan. With such a background and connections, are you not afraid to use him, Chen Liangdong? Are you not afraid of death?"

If Lu Zhiyuan and Jiang Junlin's identities had not been exposed and there were no issues, Gu Ziyu wouldn't have faced any problems either. Chen Liangdong valued talent and early cultivation, which made sense.

But now, with Gu Ziyu, Lu Zhiyuan, and Jiang Junlin all being so open about their identities, the situation became quite intriguing.

"Aren't you afraid that he might be Jiang Junlin or an undercover agent sent by Lu Zhiyuan?" Chen Liangyou said in a serious tone. "Think about it carefully. Isn't it too coincidental for this child to appear? At that time, Jiang Junlin was also at the police station, and he could have handled it. Why did he wait for you? His background is unknown, and he's young. Can we trust the fabricated background?"

Chen Liangdong had his suspicions as well. Ever since Lu Zhiyuan's identity was exposed, he had trouble sleeping at night. From the moment Gu Ziyu appeared and joined them, he had been leading the way. What if it was all part of a well-orchestrated plan? Why did he initially refuse, only to change his mind later? Chen Liangdong was tormented the most after the consecutive revelations of Lu Zhiyuan and Jiang Junlin's identities.

He had asked Chen Fei to keep an eye on Gu Ziyu's every move and had even sent people to investigate Gu Ziyu's background, but they couldn't find anything. After the identities of Lu Zhiyuan and Jiang Junlin were exposed, Gu Ziyu had come to Chen Liangdong to talk.

"Do you know that after the identities of Lu Zhiyuan and Jiang Junlin were exposed, Gu Ziyu came to me immediately? He could have resigned and been investigated," Chen Liangdong said. "It was my choice to trust him!"

"Are you out of your mind?" Chen Liangyou said. "He's playing the long game. You've been in this position for so many years, and you're being easily manipulated by a child."

"Big brother, this is our internal matter, and it's not your concern. You don't need to worry. I believe in Gu Ziyu. If something goes wrong, I'll bear it alone. I have no wife, no children, and even if I shed this skin, it won't affect anyone," Chen Liangdong said firmly. "Don't use suspicions on the trustworthy. I don't want to hear such words again."

Chen Liangyou was so angry that his hands were trembling. "You are stubborn. There will be a day when you'll suffer for it. I'm your big brother, same bloodline, and we rise and fall together. Can I harm you?"

"I know you mean well, so please support my decision."

"Stubborn to the end!" Chen Liangyou was too furious to speak and walked away.

Gu Ziyu hid in a corner, his eyes slightly red. He couldn't believe how much the old man trusted him. In reality, after Lu Zhiyuan and Jiang Junlin's identities were exposed, Gu Ziyu knew that Old Chen was investigating him. He had even voluntarily offered to resign.

He felt wronged too. When his father's identity was exposed, he had a conversation with Chen Liangdong. It was indeed an awkward situation, but he didn't reveal that he was Lu Zhiyuan's son. Gu Ziyu knew his boundaries and had a conscience; he wouldn't do things he shouldn't.

Chen Liangdong also believed in him. But with his uncle's identity turning out to be another shock, he was exhausted. He had another conversation with Chen Liangdong. After these repeated incidents, he understood that if Chen Liangdong had suspicions about him, it wouldn't be unfounded. This situation was just too unusual.

No matter how you looked at it, Gu Ziyu seemed like he could be Jiang Junlin or an undercover agent sent by Lu Zhiyuan, infiltrating Chen Liangdong's inner circle. He felt burdened by his family's elders, and although he had grown fond of Ministry of State Security and wanted to serve his country, he had to be prepared to be kicked out at any moment.

He felt even more wronged because he couldn't explain himself. If he were in Chen Liangdong's shoes, he might have found himself suspicious as well.

Once you jumped into the Yellow River, there was no way to wash yourself clean.

But Chen Liangdong trusted him, and whether in public or private, he had never said a negative word about Gu Ziyu. He had always shielded him from many rumors. Gu Ziyu swore that he would never do anything to betray Chen Liangdong in his entire life.

Gu Ziyu bounced into the room with snacks, as if he hadn't heard Chen Liangdong and Chen Liangyou's conversation. "Old man, who made you so angry, you're wearing such a long face."

"Nothing, where were you?" Chen Liangdong asked.

"I was on the balcony, enjoying the breeze. Mu Jianxin just tried to poach me, and he invited you too," Gu Ziyu patted his chest and said to a surprised Chen Liangdong, "I love you, and I turned him down flat."

Chen Liangdong was speechless.

In the private room, by the time it reached 4 o'clock in the afternoon, they had discussed ten points of detail, but there was still much left unfinished. Both Jiang Junlin and Lu Zhiyuan were becoming increasingly impatient. Gu Ci suggested, "How about a half-hour break?" ๐“ต๐’Š๐“ซ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ช๐’….๐“ฌ๐“ธ๐™ข

Lu Zhiyuan and Jiang Junlin exchanged a glance and remained silent, so Gu Ci took their silence as agreement.

As soon as the meeting adjourned, Lu Zhiyuan left the private room first. Finally, he could escape the excruciating discussions for a few hours. Jiang Junlin also stepped out to catch a breath. The courtyard was quite spacious, and in different corners, they wouldn't interfere with each other.

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