Release That Succubus

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Chapter 433 Chapter 433

Not just any letter in fact but the letter which she had written to the governor.

"What did the meaning of this." she asked him as she tried to keep her tone calm.

"I intercepted the letter because I can't let you do this.' He said to her.

She felt her anger boil at the fact that he was the one who had stopped her and hadn't allowed her to go through with her plans.

"And why are you doing that." She said to him calmly.

She watched as he let out a sigh from his lips before tucking the letter away in his coat pocket,.

"That is because prince Olaf implied in his earlier letters that I have to calm you done and that I have to stop you from overreacting and doing something irrational." He said to her.

She was silent at his words as she bit down on her lip and she knew that she couldn't go against the princess.

"Then if you aren't going to let me go to the governors then how about you tell me what I am supposed to win. Tell me how I am going to come out on top on this if you insist on intercepting me. how am I supposed to suede the employees to return to my side." She said to him in a raised tone.

She watched as he raised his hands up in surrender before he slowly nodded his head at her. "I know that everything may seem hard and somewhat frustrating but you need to be patient. It seems hard now bur things are going to get easier." He said to her.

However she didn't feel that way. "I know that you don't see it now but you have to look at the bigger picture. What is your main goal at the end of the day and I know that you are determined to reach it. So don't allow the minor tendencies in your path to stop you. At the end what you want is much bigger than the Smiths and you can't waste all if your efforts and resources on them." He said to her.

Candice was quiet as she bowed her hewed slightly.

She knew that he was right and she shouldn't have focused on the Smiths. But what she didn't like was losing.

She knew however that she wasn't going to be able to go up against prince Olaf and that it was best for her to stop what she was doing.

"So what does that mean. That you want me to put stop this and end my battle with Zach and the Smiths." she said to him.

She watched as Lillard nodded his hewed at her in response.

She was quiet for a while before letting out a sigh. she knew that following his instructions was the right thing to do.

That the best thing for her to do right now was for her to call. Off the business battle that she had going on with Zach and try to find a way for them both to be able to live in some sort of peaceful agreement with one another.

After all he had more funding now and he had more employees. Soon enough she wouldn't be able to keep up with the market and it was much better for her to simply forfeit now with her dignity still intact.

However she didn't like the thought of Zach wining this. She had vowed to crush him and although she knew that I r wasn't over for the long haul.

"You have to let this business battle go. You have already lost against Zach and it is best for you to admit defeat graciously. Stop acting arbitrarily and think about the bigger picture. Focus on the things that matter the most to you now."


Candice decided not to say anything about his words but she couldn't help but feel conflicted buy what he had said. It left her frustrated that he had decided to inadvertently cut her fun and she couldn't help but feel slightly annoyed by the fact.

She tried to distract herself by going on to do other things but the truth was that no matter how hard she tried to push off the thought of the Smiths and Zach she found herself unable to do so.

She didn't like the thought of losing and she hated it even more the fact that she was being forced to allow them to win.

She knew that it would make them feel as though she was weak and she was unable to stand up for herself but she didn't want that.

She wanted to show them that they were undoubtedly wrong about her and even more so she wanted to make assure that they were able to eat their words.

She decided to take a walk around town a few days later. It had been a few days and yet she wasn't having any more influx or employees.

It was something which indeed left her frustrated and she didn't know why she was having such a hard time keeping a wrap on it all.

She knew that the Smiths on the other hand were having more and more employees.

That was the problem that she was now left to face. She was receiving more and more orders than she could handler and yet she wasn't having enough employees for her to be able to deal with all of them.

Zach on the other hand was having more and more employees at his disposal but they didn't have any of the business opportunities coming his way.

She thought back to what Lillard had said to her and although there was a part of her that wanted to admit that his words were right.

She didn't want to admit defeat especially not so quickly.

As she continued to walk she found herself standing outside the Smiths compound.

At first she questioned herself as to what she was doing there and there was a part of her that wanted to turn around and leave.

However she was frozen in her spot when she saw Sarah pull up to the Smiths house.

She decided to stay in the shadows in order for her to see what Sarah was up to and what she was doing there.

She knew that she had made negotiations with Sarah earlier and she had been the one who had bought out all of her previous sugar.

But what she didn't understand was what exactly Sarah was doing there now. She tried to think of what her possible reason was and she found the dots slowly clicking in place as she watched the door pull open ad Zach letting Sarah in.

He had a smile on his face and gave her a hand shake.

Candice couldn't help but widen her eyes at the sight as she the realization finally dawned upon her about what was going on,

Sarah hadn't intended to by her out because she had fate in her business. The only reason that she had done so was because she was working with him.

She couldn't help but feel her heart sink at the realization as she felt a wave of anger brew deep inside of her at the veery thought.

She couldn't believe that she had been foolish enough to fall for it and she didn't understand why it was that she hadn't noticed it earlier.

so this had been Zach's plan all along that he would work together with Sarah.

And in the end they had managed to have Candice fooled.

She didn't know what it was that irritated her even more. The fact that he had gotten her to be on his sider the fact that she had been gullible enough to fall for his trickery.

She knew that her and Zach had been in a battle with one another and in a way she had already lost but she didn't understand why he would humiliate her and bring such an embarrassing end for her.

She tried to brush the thoughts away as she knew that it was beast if she were to just forfeit it and give in. π˜­π’Ύπ’·π“‡π˜¦π‘Žπ‘‘.𝒸ℴ𝓂

However she couldn't get past the fact that he had used such despicable means in order for him to be able to get the best of her.

She wasn't one to be ashamed or to be treated like a fool and she wasn't simply going to sit around and let them treat her that way.

She huffed as she found herself crossing her hands over her chest with disdain.

She may have admitted defeat and have accepted the fac that she was playing at a losing game but for her this was far from over. She wasn't about to let it all to go down the drain.

Especially not if she had anything to do with it.

She made a vow at that moment as she stood in front of the house and stared at them laughing obliviously and enjoying their time.

She made a vow that they were going to regret everything and they were going to wish that they had never tried to go up against her.

He may have thought that it was mostly over for her and that she had won already but he was wrong.

It was far from over and she was going to be there at the end of the day when their whole family was falling apart.

She was certain that their little victory wasn't going to last long. Because despite the fact that Zach was getting more workers and had managed to buy out all of her sugar that wasn't going to be enough.

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