Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 2572 - 2572 Future Father-In-Law’s Concern
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2572 Future Father-In-Law’s Concern

She was right. Mr. Fu was famous for being serious. The young researchers who were newly assigned to the base were all afraid of being questioned by him.

Every time a young researcher was called out, Mr. Fu would ask them about the intercontinental guidance, the transportation guidance, the intermediate guidance, the short-range guidance, the parameters, the design, the bearing of the warheads… He would ask a series of questions.

By the time the researcher finished answering, their knees would be trembling.

From the data parameters of one part to the orbit parameters of the entire missile, the details, the functions of each part… Mr. Fu would ask questions about all sorts of things.

These questions usually required the young staff in charge of research and development to be meticulous. There couldn’t be any mistakes.

Now, in front of his daughter, Chief Engineer Fu was no longer the chief engineer that the people in the base respected and feared. He was an ordinary father who was worried about his daughter.

Lin Feng came out of the room with some clean blankets. Xia Jinyuan patted K7, who was going to inspect the helicopter with him later, and walked toward his future father-in-law.

“Rest with your colleagues for a while. It’s a little chaotic outside now. We can’t fly away directly for the time being. We can leave when the situation outside is a little more stable.”

Xia Jinyuan, who hadn’t washed up, stood in front of his future father-in-law with a brown and black face. He said politely, “This place is very safe. I’ll ask Azure Bird to accompany you. If you need anything, you can look for Azure Bird directly or any of our comrades.”

Mr. Fu didn’t know that this young captain with a fierce gaze was the alpha wolf who took his precious daughter away.

Seeing that the other party was tall and capable, Mr. Fu admired his daughter’s captain from the bottom of his heart. He smiled and said, “We can take care of ourselves. Go and do your own things. Be careful. Your safety is the most important thing.”

With his future father-in-law’s concern, Lieutenant Colonel Xia felt satisfied and content. 𝙡𝓲𝙗𝒓𝙚𝓪𝙙.𝒄𝒐𝙢

Old Xu said on behalf of the other two scientists, “Don’t worry and do your own things. We’ll stay here and not go anywhere. We won’t cause trouble for you.”

These young soldiers risked their lives to save them. They mustn’t cause any more trouble!

They would stay here without going anywhere.

“Okay, it’s very safe here. Since we can’t leave now, you can take a nap. When we’re able to leave, we’ll remind you.” Xia Jinyuan smiled slightly. He hadn’t removed the paint on his face but revealed his neat and white teeth. There was a cold look in his deep eyes. His white teeth made people think that he had dog teeth.

As for Ye Jian, she looked at his brown and black face that hid his features. She turned her head and pursed her lips as she laughed secretly.

Captain Xia had always wanted to have a good image when meeting her father… It couldn’t be said that his image wasn’t good now. Until now, her father still admired him. It was just that his face was covered in paint. Now that the sky was bright and his face was revealed to all in this state, she wasn’t used to it.

Fortunately, Mr. Fu didn’t judge a book by its cover. In his eyes, the young man in front of him was very responsible and diligent.

“Don’t worry. We came together, so we’ll naturally go back together. Everyone is the same here.” This was Xia Jinyuan’s promise to Mr. Fu. He told him that they would definitely bring back the corpse of the guard who died.

Soon, Lin Feng, Xia Jinyuan, and K7 went to Spat’s house next door. The rest stayed behind to guard the place.

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