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Chapter 368 The Battle Begins
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Chapter 368 The Battle Begins

The moment that Barbara saw Chiron and Mani approaching, she could already tell that Mani had changed his mind.

"Good!" She nodded, "In that case, lets begin the plan to end the Vandorian army once and for all."

They all went into the War room and made preparations.

The next few days were very uneventful. It was like the stormy sea had suddenly grown frozen with no activity whatsoever, but everyone could feel the intense vibration of the undercurrents.

After all, it was not just the Highlanders that were making plans.

Even Victor was making plans to end the Highlanders once and for all.

Of course, Victor's confidence of this came from the assurance that he had one person on the enemy's team who was actually on his side.

Naturally, this was none other than Abel.

Abel, the ever sneaky fellow he was, whispered the right words into Victor's ear.

This included the fact that a battle was approaching in the days to come.

This battle would no doubt be the deciding factor for the Vandorian army and the Highlanders.

If the Vandorians win, the Highlanders would be restricted one more time to period of slavery. and if the Vandorians were to lose, the Highlanders will not only vanquish them from their lands, but also use the opportunity to invade the Vandora kingdom, and possibly the Capital city of Kandor.

For both parties, the stakes were very high. As days passed, armies assembled, blacksmiths made new weapons, working tirelessly, day and night.

Armors were made for both men and core beasts alike.

This was a battle that would definitely shake the core of the power structure of the Almace continent.

Aside the plans on the surface, every other person in a position of power had their own individual plans.

Chiron, Barbara, the Priestess, and Abel. This war was definitely going to be far more chaotic than any one could ever imagine. 𝓁π˜ͺπ˜£π˜³β„―π’Άπ˜₯.π˜€π‘œπ“‚

Finally, the destined day had arrived.

The soldiers on both sides were advised to eat well and have a lot of sleep. However, who in their right mind could do either effectively?

Even those that loved food and sleep were left with the absence of hunger for either.

However, they were not to be blamed for this. The next day was going to be a day that many would never see each other again.

Brothers would be lost, fathers, would die, sons missed by their parents and lovers, and wives lost forever.

The next day was going to be a day of tragedy, and the truth was that the mourning had started from Today.

Those that called themselves sworn brothers shared wine and those that called themselves lovers entangled in unholy dance one more time, enjoying the embrace of one another.

After all, the next day might leave them void of this embrace forever.

One last night of fornication to bless and eternity apart.

Of course while some were sad for the next day, theye were many that the anticipation for the morning light was like the anticipation of water by a traveler in the desert.

Of course, a lot of such people were those that really had a hand in play for the true battle that would happen.

Regardless of want or need, it was unavoidable and like one would expect, the morning came with the cry of the morning cock.

As it did, came the loud beating of war drums, setting hearts ablaze with desire and fervent urge for blood and battle.

The soldiers went into formation as the match progressed.

Of course, this was a match by the Highlanders on the invaders that had come to take their most precious metal, vasma steel.

Today, all the tribes matched united under one rainbow flag to represent the union of the Aura tribes.

As the army matched forward, the earth itself rumbled under the sheer magnitude of their power. An army, a force to be reckon with. π˜­π’Ύπ‘π“‡π˜¦π’Άπ˜₯.π˜€π˜°π‘š

Barbara was similarly dressed appropriately for the occasion. Her wild red hair was tied into Two long pony tails that fell over her shoulders. her hair had ornaments, cowries and other beautiful things.

Her face was marked with charcoal under her eyes and on her cheeks, giving her a very wild aura to her pretty girl look.

She wore only enough clothes to cover her upper body leaving her belly exposed, but her chest well protected with armor made from the skin of a wild red Core beast of Reptilian nature.

Its shell was said to be so hard, that it took the blacksmiths, three years of constant beating, for them to shape it to what it was today.

It had also been painted in the signature red of her tribe.

Her lower body was similarly covered in armor, but it covered her lower body like a skirt.

She was both dashing and beautiful, and as she walked out before the men, she appeared as a beacon. The moment that they saw her, they screamed and shouted praises to her.

After all, this was their commander that would lead them to victory.

On either of her sides, were Chiron and Mani.

Mani was dressed with a mixture of both Purple and red clothes, signifying that he had accepted both of his origin, and Chiron was dressed in full regalia yellow.

They too, wore clothes that had been made from the armor of core beasts. Although, there's were made from Blue core beasts.

In Mani's hand was the Mirror egg, the artefact that would lead them to the end that they so desired, the end of the vandorian people.

In front of the soldiers were their different commanders that would lead this battle.

A few of them were Bronze ranked cultivators and a few of them were copper ranked cultivators.

Each one of them bursting with power to bring bloodshed to the enemy.

As the men screamed and cheered her name, Barbara raised a hand and they were silent.

She began her address. "My brothers and sisters of the Highlands. Sons and daughters of the Aura bloodline. For a long time, we have suffered..."

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