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Chapter 1265 I am just a cute little fox
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Chapter 1265 I am just a cute little fox

A huge wave of commotion erupted on the gambling floor. Many beings were utterly vexed and frustrated with Liam.

The hard-core gamblers of Nymphomania especially wore ugly faces as they watched him win one rare material after another, grabbing every single good thing on the floor. While they were drowning in debts and bad luck, this bitch was having a lucky streak and anything he touched was gold. But now his lucky streak was going to end. They were going to end it. This was a perfect opportunity to take it all out on him.

In a second almost a stampede occurred as many beings rushed towards the fighting pits to register their tamed beasts for battle. They were finally going to get back for everything that they had lost!

"I will be first!"

"My firehound will pummel that little thing! I am going up first."

"Bastard, don't stand in my way. I won't be able to sleep tonight if I don't thrash that annoying asshole into a pile of dough and bake him into a hot bun."

Soon, the first match was arranged. The fighting pits of the system shop typically ran on a unique set of rules. Only one-on-one battles were allowed, with no interference from the outside. The beasts had to fight within their own power, without any external aid from their owners. This rule ensured a fair and square fight, testing the true mettle of the creatures involved.

The fights were arranged in the order that the participants registered.

And lastly, the opponent was chosen at random!

It looked like the owner of a massive, burly creature with scales like armor and eyes filled with malice was the lucky winner. The humongous thing that somewhat resembled a golem walked onto the battle area with heavy thudded steps. Every step it took echoed like thunder sending shivers down the onlookers' spines. The creature clearly excelled at strength and endurance and this type of a beast was a strong opponent.

The behemoth of raw power and durability, positioned itself in the arena, its eyes glaring fiercely towards the other entry gate. Its owner, a burly being with a confident smirk, watched with smug satisfaction, certain of his beast's impending victory.

The crowd's gaze also shifted to the other entry gate, awaiting the opponent. Whispers and bets circulated rapidly, with many doubting the small creature's ability to stand against such a formidable opponent. Some even speculated that Liam might somehow cheat at the last second. π˜­π’Ύπ‘π“‡π˜¦π’Άπ˜₯.π˜€π˜°π‘š

Then, the gate opened, and the fox emerged, its fur shimmering under the bright lights of the arena. It was small, especially in comparison to its hulking adversary. She trotted over happily to stand in front of the huge thing, not a speck of fear in her eyes.

The two beasts glared at each other silently. The battle itself took place in a special restricted area where both the beasts would be shortly teleported to. The system also ensured an even battle style where the levels of the tamed beasts were restricted and their stats were forcibly adjusted to a particular degree. This made sure that both of the beasts had a fighting chance irrespective of how old they were and how long they had been trained.

Soon the system initialized the teleportation, and a hush fell over the crowd. The teleportation was completed, and the beasts found themselves in a vast arena, simulated to mimic a natural battlefield with nothing on the ground. Everyone clapped in glee at the lucky bastard's misery as now his fox did not even have a chance to hide behind anything and launch a surprise attack. Everything was laid bare out in the open.

The golem, with its formidable size and strength, took the initiative, charging toward the fox with thunderous steps. Its owner watched eagerly, confident in its beast's brute force. He wanted an immediate and undisputable victory.

However, to everyone's shock, the fox did not even bother moving. She only let out a yawn, stretching her body lazily. The attitude on the little thing was akin to a young master from a heaven-blessed family as she arrogantly eyed the big brute.

Something was definitely wrong. And the instant the huge fist of the golem landed on the fox, everyone understood that this was not going to progress in the way that they wanted.

As the heavy fist landed with an impressive speed, almost creating a crater on the spot it had hit, the little fox's figure vanished and appeared in another place. "You are stupid!" Luna growled.

The beast snorted, rage and anger building up inside it. Its malice-filled eyes locked onto the fox, wanting to tear the thing apart but Luna continued to casually toy with the thing.

"Come and catch me."

"Come and catch me."

"I am here."

"I am there."

The big brute was no match for the little fox as she made him run laps around the battlefield. Outside, the beast tamer was livid with anger. He turned to Liam and started shouting. "If you are looking for a battle of attrition, then you are going to be very disappointed! My beast will show you the difference between heaven and earth!"

Liam sighed as he rubbed his temples. The thoughts running in his mind were completely different. The little fox was becoming more and more naughty. Was this her rebellious childhood phase? Why was she unnecessarily dragging the fight?

Though he was nervous about the multitude of beasts that spanned the entirety of the myriad realms, he was not in the least worried about the current one. The beast did not even know how to hide its aura while Luna perfectly hid hers.

Judging from the speed and strength of the first hit, the outcome of the fight was already clear to Liam. The only thing that he did not know was why his little girl was acting out!

Liam's face twitched as the little fox ran rampant on the battleground, shaking and wiggling her butt at the massive grotesque golem.

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