Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 4516 - 4516: Live and die together (6)
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Chapter 4516: Live and die together (6)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

After this scream, an extremely powerful fire of Profound Energy had already shot towards Rui Jiang’s back.

This burst of Profound Energy had gathered almost all of Huang Yueli’s energy, and its momentum was extremely huge.

Searing air currents swirled around, setting the surrounding trees and grass ablaze. The desolate forest was instantly transformed into a sea of fire.

Rui Jiang’s entire attention was on Li Moying, totally unprepared for a sneak attack from behind.

Although he had heard Huang Yueli’s voice, it was already too late to change his move at the last minute.

“Damn it! That wretched girl is actually still alive!”

Rui Jiang’s expression changed.

Huang Yueli’s full-strength attack was no small matter. Even though he possessed the strength of a Devil Overlord, if he were to receive this move without any precautions, he would most definitely be seriously injured.

He… He couldn’t afford to take that risk!

Huang Yueli’s attack was very fast, and the air wave condensed from the raging flames was about to hit Rui Jiang’s back. Not daring to be careless, Rui Jiang could only grit his teeth as he gave up on the idea of killing Li Moying with one blow, as he diverted most of his Devil Qi to his back to defend against Huang Yueli’s attack.

The raging flames were blocked by Rui Jiang and exploded in mid-air, forming a fiery light that soared into the sky.


Huang Yueli’s chest was hit by the rebound energy, and the huge impact caused her body to fly out in an instant.

She had just broken through Li Moying’s restriction, and her energy channels were originally in a relatively weak state. Later, she was in a hurry to save her husband’s life and didn’t care about her defenses at all as she used all her power for her attacks. 𝙡𝙞𝓫𝙧𝒆𝙖𝓭.𝙘𝙤𝙢

Were it not for the fact that she was still wearing the high quality armour she had received from Zhao Lin, she would have been crippled even if she had not died.

However, her current situation was not any better.

Rui Jiang’s power was simply too much. Her defenses could only last for a few breaths before being broken by a Devil Overlord.

Huang Yueli fell heavily to the ground as she spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

” Li ‘er!!” Li Moying saw her spit out blood and let out a cry of shock.

Although Huang Yueli had interrupted him, causing Rui Jiang’s attack to weaken quite a bit, his injuries were still more severe than Huang Yueli’s. His internal organs seemed to have been shattered as the intense pain penetrated every inch of his bones.

He used all his strength to support himself on the ground, wanting to stand up to see Huang Yueli’s condition, but since his meridians were severely damaged, he couldn’t even use that little bit of strength. As long as he propped himself up, he would instantly lose all his strength and fall back to the ground.

When Rui Jiang saw that Li Moying wasn’t dead, he felt a little happy in his heart.

Earlier, in his anger, he almost killed Li Moying, and that was a great loss. He was the top genius of the Ancient God Clan, and refining the Blood Pill would help him the most.

Besides, he had already found a better way to torture Li Moying…

Rui Jiang glanced at Huang Yueli, who wasn’t far away, and turned his gaze to Li Moying as he let out a cold sneer.

“Tsk tsk, stinky brat, your little lover is really affectionate. She even risked her life to rush over and save you. That is very touching…Besides, when you think about it, this little girl is not bad at all. She’s probably one of the most beautiful of the Ancient God Clan. Her skin is so soft and tender.tsk tsk…”

Rui Jiang said as he slowly walked towards Huang Yueli..

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