Pick Me Up!

Chapter 151: Past Present and Future (3) (1)
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Chapter 151: Past Present and Future (3) (1)


The girl who had just defeated seven opponents with ease wiped her nose.

Sorry for being late. Got lost on the way.

She scratched her head and laughed.

Yurnet said it was to the right, but it turned out to be to the left. Ended up going round and round the same place for an hour


The airships cannon fired.

The girls fist blurred, then with a flash of lightning, the cannonball vanished on the spot.

I squinted my eyes.

You are

Just wait a sec. Let me handle this annoyance first.

The girl extended her right hand.

Come forth, Bryunak!


Golden lightning began to gather in her right hand.

The lightning formed the shape of a winged bow. It was Bryunak, one of the five legendary weapons exclusive to the first party. As Nihaku mimed drawing the bow, a golden arrow materialized.



A golden flash enveloped everything in sight.

The lightning bolt shot from Bryunak pierced through the airships protective barrier as easily as tofu and penetrated the deck. And then


The massive airship exploded instantaneously.

It breached dozens of magical barriers and steel plates in a single strike, a demise so trivial it was almost pathetic for its size.

Lets see, about twenty-five. Three of them were magicians. A fair division of labor.

Master, you look a bit odd. Is it my way of speaking that bothers you? Sorry, it didnt work out the way I wanted.

The girl scratched her head, looking somewhat embarrassed.

Yurnets voice tickled my ears.

The heroes who first encountered her had all reacted in unusual ways.

Well, I was already aware of her unique personality.

Its fine. I was expecting this.

The girl before me was the most lively and active among the five heroes of the first party, and the youngest. She was Nihaku Guestfel, ranked fifth in Niflheims hierarchy.

That is you are

Lydel stuttered, staring at Nihaku.

From the 13th floor


Its an honor to meet a hero of your renown!

Theres no need for such honorifics.

Lydel vigorously shook Nihakus hand.

Just as the rumors said, youre strong! To think you could destroy an airship with a single strike!

Youre overreacting. Its nothing special.

Nihaku brushed off Lydels hand and looked at me.

Then, she bowed politely.

I am Nihaku Guestfel. Its an honor to meet you, Master. I heard you visited before, but you were already gone I was quite saddened. I thought maybe you didnt like me.

Theres nothing to like or dislike. Its good to see you here.

Master, youre as cool and dashing as I imagined!

Lets skip the compliments.

I looked to the side.

Crackle, crackle.

Electric currents swirled around the remnants of the destroyed airship.

It was an astonishing display of power. This airship was far more advanced than any I had faced in Harla. It was protected by a high-intensity magical barrier, but Nihaku destroyed it with a single strike.

Seeing it from a heros perspective really brings it home.

As a Master, I had only ever looked down upon these events.

Of course, Nihaku hadnt shown her full strength.

That had been merely a playful gesture.


The problem was solved.

I returned inside the ship.

We were close to our destination.

I had planned to get some sleep.

Why are you following me?

Cant I?

Nihaku clung to my side.

I shook my head and entered my room. Nihaku tried to follow me into the hammock like a pet snuggling up to its owner. I pushed her away.

Nihaku Guestfel.

When she was first summoned, she did nothing.

Just lay in her room as if dead, barely breathing. A total dud.

I nearly replaced her several times but refrained. If I hadnt accidentally discovered her talent for combat, she would have been fused away. After that, it was a test of endurance. She was so stubborn.

Looking back, it became clear.

These beings were indeed alive within the game.

I had harbored deep-seated prejudices.

What good does it do now?

Later, Lydels guidance woke me up.

We had arrived at our destination. After dressing, I looked down to see Nihaku sleeping soundly below. I left her there and went out.

Upon reaching the deck, I was met with an unexpected scene.

Landgrid07 was sliding over the airfield towards the hangar, but there were no guides in sight. This wasnt a portal to Niflheimr. Seconds later, I realized where we were.


Yes! Our destination is not Niflheimr.

Lydel saluted me.

Brunhild01. The flagship of Niflheimrs fleet.

We were inside the hangar of Brunhild01.

Ill leave you here, Master. It was an honor to serve you!

Clank. Creak. ๐’๐“ฒ๐’ƒ๐™ง๐’†๐’‚๐’….๐“ฌ๐™ค๐’Ž

The airships stairs began to unfold.

After thanking Lydel for her service, I descended the stairs.

Welcome back, Master. Have you been well?

Yurnet greeted me with a smile below, dressed not in her usual voluminous white robe but in a black uniform decorated with white embroidery.

Im so sleepy.

Please, come this way. Weve prepared a place for you.

An elevator descended from above.

I boarded it, and it began to ascend.

Did you receive the report?

Ive got a rough estimate. The Bartz Alliance, was it? Itd be helpful to have footage of the attack.

Of course, its prepared.

The elevator continued its steep ascent.

The scenery changed. The interior of Brunhild unfolded before us.

Where are we? This doesnt seem anywhere near Niflheimr.

Were not far from the assembly point of the Union Guild.

A forward base, then.

Yurnet had adapted to the situation appropriately.

This location was actually more convenient for rapid action.

But Master. I have a request if youd permit.

What is it?

Its to preserve the masters dignity.

Yurnet smiled softly, sending a chill down my spine.

You wont refuse, will you?

Depends on the need.

Its absolutely necessary.

The elevator stopped.

The top floor corridor of Brunhild appeared.

This way.

Yurnet opened a door on the side of the corridor and led me in.

I followed, though with a puzzled expression.

A circular room lined with mirrors.

A mannequin, modeled after my physique, wore a stunning uniform.

You cant mean

Ive designed this with great care, the uniform of Niflheimrs commander.

You expect me to wear this?

The uniforms chest was adorned with elaborate golden embroidery.

The epaulets, the shiny metallic belt, the black leather boots, and the cap

It was beyond comprehension.

This is!

There are other crew members in the command bridge. A fitting presence for the Master

No way, I refuse!

What Why? I made this outfit specifically for you.

Yurnets shoulders drooped.

Its absurd! Leather armor is enough for me!

If the commander appears in shabby attire, it might affect the morale.

This was madness.

I shook my head.

I thought you said youd agree to anything

I never said that.

Its disappointing. To think you dont appreciate my efforts for you.

Yurnet wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

Really Cant you reconsider?

Yurnet looked at me with a pleading expression.

This manipulative

30 minutes later.



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