Path to Dual Cultivation

Chapter 28: Bai Yufeng
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Chapter 28: Bai Yufeng

"Su Yang, come out to greet our Guest." Senior Wu used the communication jade slip he gave Su Yang shortly after Xue Zhen visited the Sect for the first time.

After wearing his mask, Su Yang left his room and went outside to meet this guest.

The moment Su Yang stepped outside his living quarters, he could see Senior Wu standing a few meters away with another individual standing beside him. π™‘π’Šπ’ƒπ“»π’†π’‚π“­.π™˜π“Έπ“Άπ’π™žπ™—π“»π™šπ’‚π“­.𝒄𝙀𝙒

This individual possessed a striking appearance, characterized by his tall and slender frame, lustrous white hair cascading down his back, and piercing green eyes that held an undeniable charm.

Su Yang couldn't help but acknowledge the man's presence, who was undoubtedly the most handsome man he had ever encountered.

"This Junior greets Senior." Su Yang clasped his hands and respectfully bowed to the handsome man.

The man stepped forward and spoke with a gentle smile, "Hello, I am Bai Yufeng, a Swordmaster from Martial Heaven."

'Martial Heaven!' Su Yang was inwardly surprised to learn that this guest came from such a faraway place.

The Four Divine Heavens encompassed four distinct worlds of similar size, each separated by hundreds of millions of miles, requiring vast resources for inter-world travel. Su Yang presently dwelled within Celestial Heaven, the furthest world from Martial Heaven.

"Martial Heaven is renowned as a cultivator's paradise, distinguished by its fiercely competitive cultivation environment. It serves as the cradle for countless martial prodigies, who were either born from its midst or refined their skills within its boundaries. Amongst the Four Divine Heavens, it is ranked first in terms of martial prowess." Senior Wu gave a quick explanation about the world.

He continued, "During my journey seeking someone who can guide you, I accidentally stumbled upon Senior Bai, who happened to be a Sect Elder at the Divine Yang Sword Mountain, one of the top Sects in Martial Heaven."

Bai Yufeng nodded and said, "I just finished giving sword lectures at the Fiery Sword Hall as a Guest Lecturer and was leaving when I coincidentally overheard Elder Wu's conversation with the Fiery Sword Hall's Sect Leader about looking for someone knowledgeable about the Boundless Yang Constitution, so I stuck my curious nose into their business and ended up coming here."

He suddenly extended his hand toward Su Yang and asked, "Can I confirm whether you truly have the Boundless Yang Constitution? I am not calling you or Elder Wu a liar. I simply want to confirm it wasn't misdiagnosed."

Su Yang glanced at Senior Wu, who calmly nodded his head. Seeing this, Su Yang no longer hesitated and allowed Bai Yufeng to check his Heavenly Constitution.

A few moments later, Su Yang, who had been staring at Bai Yufeng's face the entire time, watched as a wide smile appeared on his handsome face.

"This is indeed the Boundless Yang Constitution! Congratulations, Su Yang!" Bai Yufeng confirmed.

Senior Wu released a sigh of relief after hearing this, as he had been slightly worried that Xue Zhen had misdiagnosed Su Yang's body.

He then asked, "Senior Bai, does this mean you can...?"

Bai Yufeng nodded, "I promised you that I would help him become a cultivator if he truly had the Boundless Yang Constitution, so I will."

"Thank you, Senior Bai!" Senior Wu immediately gratefully bowed to Bai Yufeng.

Even though Senior Wu looked older than Bai Yufeng by many years at a glance, he was actually tens of thousands of years younger than Bai Yufeng, who was a formidable cultivator that had enough power to single-handedly crush the Fleeting Sword Sect without breaking a sweat.

It was an extraordinary stroke of fortune for Senior Wu to cross paths with someone as exalted as Bai Yufeng and even receive his assistance. However, the same could be said for Bai Yufeng, since he managed to meet someone with the Boundless Yang Constitution, a Heavenly Constitution that hasn't been seen in the Four Divine Heavens for hundreds of thousands of years.

Bai Yufeng then spoke, "I am willing to help him become a cultivator, but it won't be for free, since the cultivation technique required for him to cultivate is an Ancient-grade cultivation technique. Even though I consider myself a fairly generous person, I cannot give away such a precious cultivation technique for free."

"Ancient-grade cultivation technique!" Senior Wu swallowed nervously after hearing this for the first time.

Even the Sword Tyrant's Void Insights, Fleeting Sword Sect's strongest and most valuable technique, was only a mere Divine-grade martial technique, being one grade below an Ancient-grade technique, and martial techniques are typically less valuable than cultivation techniques.

"U-unfortunately, I don't think we'll be able to afford such an expensive technique even if we sold everything in our Sect's treasury..." Senior Wu shook his head in dejection. Despite finally finding someone to assist Su Yang in his cultivation, he found himself unable to afford it, rendering his efforts futile.

"It's fine, I never intended to ask for money anyway," Bai Yufeng quickly said.

Senior Wu regained his spirit after hearing this.

"In return for my assistance, I want Su Yang to become a disciple at the Divine Yang Sword Mountain," said Bai Yufeng.

"W-what?!" Senior Wu exclaimed in a shocked voice, his face filled with worry.

However, before Senior Wu could utter another word, Bai Yufeng continued to speak, "Don't worry, I won't ask him to join the Divine Yang Sword Mountain immediately. I am not unreasonable enough to steal him from the Fleeting Sword Sect."

"T-then...?" Senior Wu swallowed nervously.

"The Divine Origin Realmβ€”once he leaves the Seven Mortal Realms and enters the Five Divine Realms, he will have to become a disciple at the Divine Yang Sword Mountain for at least two thousand years. Whatever he decides to do afterward will be up to him, so he can either continue being a disciple at the Divine Yang Sword Mountain or return to the Fleeting Sword Sect," said Bai Yufeng.

He continued, "This should be very reasonable since the strongest individual in the Fleeting Sword Sect is only at the Divine Spirit Realm, so he'll have plenty of time here before leaving for two thousand years."

"T-this is..." Senior Wu immediately became silent to contemplate Bai Yufeng's offer.

On one hand, it would take hundreds of years for Su Yang to reach the Divine Origin Realm, but on the other hand, he intended to make Su Yang the next Sect Leader of the Fleeting Sword Sect, which wouldn't be possible if he had to leave for two thousand years and even become a disciple at another Sect.

"I don't need you to decide right now. I will give you seven days to speak to your disciple and whomever this may affect. When you have decided, you can find me at the pond that we passed on the way here." Bai Yufeng did not linger and flew away the very next moment.

Senior Wu turned to look at Su Yang with a perplexed expression on his face.

"What do you think of his offer, Disciple Su?" he asked in a solemn voice.

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