Omega Summoner

Chapter 1390 Heart Flame Summoning
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"We should head to the southern part of the eastern continent then. We should be relatively safe at that part since the Vermillion Bird is my friend after all. I will also need to go to the intelligence clan that I am affiliated with." Adrian stated as he opened a portal that leads to the southern part of the eastern continent.

All four of them entered the portal as they were teleported near the large bell tower where the Vermillion Bird resides. The moment that they stepped out of the portal, a powerful gaze could be felt looking at them, but it receded when it saw Adrian. The Vermillion Bird no longer gave them the uncomfortable gaze when it saw Adrian coming out of the gate.

A shrine maiden then went towards them as the Vermillion Bird directed her to fetch Adrian. It seems that the Vermillion Bird wants to talk to him after a long time. The Vermillion Bird could also feel the energy of a foreign god that is not the Twin Gods in Adrian and his friend's body.

"Great Benefactor! The Divine Bird would like to talk to you." The Shrine Maiden stated.

"I guess we have not talked in quite a while. Please lead the way but can my friends also come?" Adrian stated.

"Yes. They have been given permission to come with you as well." The Shrine Maiden replied after she paused for a few seconds as if she was waiting a reply via telepathy.

The shrine maiden led them to the top of the tower where one could say to be filled with intense heat. This was the absolute domain of the Vermillion Bird which means only those that it allows or those that could resist its domain can come near it. The whole room is filled with a red hue due to the active domain of the Vermillion Bird.

"It is nice to see you again, Feng Huang." Adrian stated as his other friends bowed as well to give respect to the Vermillion Bird.

"It has been a long time, my friend. Although human years might be a small timeframe to a being such as I, it has been quite long since you visited the eastern continent." The Vermillion Bird stated.

Adrian calls the Vermillion Bird as Feng Huang as it is usually the name it uses when it comes to its close friends and close aides. It decided this moniker ever since its inception as it considers the name Vermillion Bird more like a title. Anybody that uses its name without its permission would go up in flames though as it only gives such benefits to those close to it.

"I would visit you more, but I am quite busy. Being a demon does not have a rest day since problems like to pop out." Adrian stated as he rambled about all the things that he did.

Adrian told the Vermillion Bird about the angels and dragon war, the distorted gods trying to descend and the Shadow of Apophis wreaking havoc in the western continent. The Vermillion Bird listened with such enthusiasm as it likes to hear stories of the world. It might be a divine being, but it is also a bird that wants to freely fly in the sky.

"It seems that the world has become such an interesting place while I am still locked in the eastern continent. I am unable to leave due to my duties as a divine beast that the people serve. Your stories of the world outside are the most intriguing thing that I can only experience." The Vermillion Bird stated.

"It is as you say. If you were able to freely travel the world then we could even go in adventures. I bet we can deal with the Shadow of Apophis with your help." Adrian added which greatly pleased the Vermillion Bird.

"If that is the case then why not summon me?" The Vermillion Bird stated which made Adrian doubt what he heard.

"Did I hear you correctly? Did you just say that I should summon you?" Adrian asked.

"You did not hear wrong, my friend. This request might have been impossible when we first met but you can now summon me as you have a small trace of sun energy in your body. You can now host a part of my flame which can make you summon me in your time of need." The Vermillion Bird stated as it could see that Adrian's body is now compatible in housing one of its heart flames.

"Are you allowed to do that?" Adrian asked as summoning a divine beast is not what he came here for in the eastern continent. ๐˜ญ๐˜ช๐‘๐‘Ÿโ„ฏ๐’ถ๐‘‘.๐˜ค๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

"Do not doubt me as I am saying the truth. You are my dear friend which means that you are eligible to carry a part of my flame with you. Remember that this flame is a part of me and could revive me should this body of mine perish. Giving this flame to you means that I also entrust a part of life with you. Do you wish to accept my offer?" The Vermillion Bird stated as it presented Adrian with an orange flame that burns in the shape of a bird.

Adrian then looked at the flaming bird and could see that it is actually a skill. It is a summoning skill that can call upon the Vermillion Bird to descend on the battlefield for a few minutes. The summoned Vermillion Bird might be restricted by the summoner's level but he is still summoning a divine beast.


Skill Name: Heart Flame Summoning ๐“ต๐“ฒ๐™—๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ช๐™™.๐’„๐“ธ๐’Ž

Tier: Mythical

Type: Summoning Skill


- Summon the Vermillion Bird in the battlefield for 20 minutes.

- The summoned Vermillion Bird will have the same level as the user or his highest leveled soulbound.

- Apply Immolate to the whole area that is affected by the summoning. (Immolate a๏ฟฝ" burn all enemies for 0.1% of their maximum health per ten seconds.)

Cooldown: 1 week

Mana Cost: None

Cast Time: 5 seconds

Restrictions: Summoners that have maximum loyalty from the Vermillion Bird.


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