My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 984: Daughters! 4
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Chapter 984: Daughters! 4

Chapter 984: Daughters! 4

"...Victor, now that Sasha mentioned it, what are her powers?" Anna asked.

Victor promptly responded honestly. "As an Outer God, she was born with the concept of Space, intangibility, and nullity. With the possibility of future growth thanks to my essence that gave her the potential to go further, not to mention that these concepts are not tied to this creation, but rather to something completely different from our reality. After all, as her own title states, she is an outer god, an outsider, something created outside of these cosmos and 'chaos.'"

Another silence fell around, a rather uncomfortable silence. Everyone looked at the little girl with various looks of concern, caution, and pure disbelief.

The fact that she wielded concepts outside of this cosmology meant that she had no predefined limit; her limit was where her existence could endure... She was definitely an Eldritch God.

"...Again, this leads to the initial question... How the hell is this girl's mother imprisoned? None of this makes any sense." Ruby felt a headache coming on thinking about this issue.

She couldn't be an Outer God like her husband or even a specialist in this matter, but from all the information she had gathered so far, the simple fact of Azathoth being imprisoned made no sense at all.

No one knew how to answer Ruby's question, not even Azathoth herself, who was listening to the discussion. It was quite interesting to know that even in this lower sector, there were stories about her, which was not uncommon considering that even in the higher levels, there were stories about her, many of them being wrong as they portrayed her as a beast of the END or a beast without reasoning.

Returning to the question of her imprisonment, seeing how incredulous they were about why she was imprisoned and still remained so despite being so strong, gave her the motivation to test this theory.

Now that she was 'mature,' could she leave? This thought crossed her mind.

Using her entire massive body in all its power in an attempt to break free from her prison, she saw a crack appear in the space around her, and soon this crack was swiftly repaired.

She used more of her powers, but the space remained undisturbed, as did her prison. It was obvious that the Primals had further reinforced her prison.

This demonstration led to immediate understanding. "I have not matured as I thought... My existence has not become fully mature..."

At first, she didn't accept this, but soon she understood why she didn't accept it. By gaining 'awareness' of who she was and what she wanted, she essentially underwent a spiritual change; she basically transitioned from a state of a child to that of an adult, but her body and existence were completely different. ๐“๐˜ช๐’ท๐˜ณโ„ฏ๐˜ข๐‘‘.๐’ธ๐˜ฐ๐‘š

Outer Gods in their growth phase needed energy to grow; that's why she consumed everything around her while she was loose.

Thanks to the planet she consumed with all those high-level gods, she transitioned from a state of Eldritch baby to that of Eldritch child. If she had spent more time consuming creation, she could have reached the teenage state, thus achieving the mature phase where all her powers are at their peak. ๐˜ญ๐‘–๐’ท๐“‡๐˜ฆ๐˜ข๐’น.๐‘๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ

But this process was interrupted, and she was imprisoned in this place, forced to eat scraps of this prison. The concept of infinity and the End was not as nourishing as creation itself, which was made of pure energy, especially the stars and the black holes.

Basically, what she gained upon gaining mental maturity was a greater understanding of her powers and a greater 'clarity' in using them. If before she was like a wild horse kicking everything and everyone aimlessly, now she could 'focus' on what she wanted and cause an even stronger effect.

It was like a young martial arts practitioner moving from a novice level where he had no idea what he was doing to the level of mastery.

Of course, this comparison was really bad, after all, we are talking about an Eldritch god who can essentially put her intention into reality as she did when giving birth to her daughter, but this is a perfect example. After all, if she hadn't had this mental maturation, she wouldn't have been able to do what she did in creating her daughter.

While she was having more discoveries about herself, she heard Victor's words.

"Putting aside the enigma that this situation is for now..." He looked back at Yog.

"Azatoth gave our daughter a start, and with my essence, she gave her the potential to go further than her initial existence... Although even with that, she won't be able to surpass me or her mother. We seem to have 'something' that is completely unique even among the outer gods. This something seems to define Azathoth for what she is, just like myself."

Azathoth nodded several times in agreement; he was completely correct. As outer gods who were born without external influence, they were completely different from their daughter. He and his husband were born from chaos; they are the leaders of their pantheon and at the same time its creator. They are completely different from their daughter, who was born from the essence of both.

While she was born from the chaos outside of this creation and considered an outsider, her husband was born from the chaos within this creation and remained hidden within it; he essentially could pass as an inhabitant of this place even though he was an outer god.

Consequently, this minimal but significant difference meant that the regulators of this place did not go after her husband. The same would apply to their daughter, who has the essence of her father; she can hide completely within this creation if she desires, something that was unique to Victor and his descendants with her.

She couldn't do that herself; even if she 'tried' to imitate her husband, the regulators of existence in this place would still sense her... Which was quite annoying, to be honest.

"Okay... Cool... Your new wife and your daughter are reality breakers, this is nice... Very nice... Can we go back to the part where you beat me up and put bread in my oven?" Violet asked, at least this time, she used less offensive words for the younger ears present here.

And that question elicited a long collective sigh from everyone present, even Leona beside her.

"Violet, you... You never change, woman," Sasha said.

"What? I have my priorities straight here; you can be amazed by the overwhelming power of tentacled gods all you want, but I want bread in my oven!"

"...Tentacled gods, huh... I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going," Lacus murmured.

And this murmur was heard by everyone here, who raised their eyebrows at Lacus, a gesture that left the woman very embarrassed; in her defense, she didn't mean to verbalize her thoughts!

Violet continued, ignoring Lacus: "Not to mention, it's no use arguing about this now. This little girl might be a completely broken outer god in the future, but right now, she barely has control over her powers, and from what Darling hinted at, her power is quite limited now, isn't it?"

"...Well, yes. She has no control over her powers, and as she literally just came into existence, she needs to feed on a lot of energy to grow strong." Victor nodded.

"What you're seeing happening here is just her passive powers reacting to her surroundings; she doesn't even have the main characteristic of outer gods, which is the sheer madness others feel when observing them yet." Victor added.

"Well, she's a newborn baby who is even weaker than I was when I was a baby," Azathoth thought, in comparative terms, her daughter didn't even have 1% of her size and power when she was a baby.

Her daughter didn't even have her true form yet... But despite all these shortcomings, she was still an outer god whose very existence distorted everything around her, and that alone was too dangerous for weaker beings.

If a weak mortal were to touch Yog now, they would simply lose their life due to the girl's passive powers reacting to her surroundings.

"Still... It's very dangerous to leave her unattended. It would be even better if her powers were sealed and could only be used when you're around, Darling," Scathach, who had been silent, commented.

"The ability to manipulate what is unreal is very dangerous for a child. I can very well see the situation where she watches an anime that my daughter will definitely introduce her to, and the next moment, she starts bringing characters from the anime or even anime items into reality."

Scathach's explanation made Ruby herself feel an invisible arrow piercing her body, as did several girls who liked movies, books, and anime, opening their eyes widely.

They could do that too!

"Hehehehehe~," Pepper began to drool as she imagined herself interacting with a lightsaber or unique items that only existed in anime and movies. Since they were 'unreal' objects, such things couldn't be created in reality, even with her ability of draconic runes.

Abilities that might seem powerful, but only to the most talented members like Anna, Victor, or Scathach. For those who had never touched runes before, it was quite complex to replicate the effects that the three could casually do. Not that they couldn't become more powerful, they definitely could master this art and become as good as the three mentioned, but even that takes time.

So... Even if she wanted to, Pepper couldn't summon a Gundam; she needed to wait for Velnorah to build it or become proficient in draconic runes to try to do the same. And even if she were proficient, it would be a trial-and-error process, after all, she was trying to turn the unreal into reality.

But with Yog โ€“ Aka her new best little sister/daughter โ€“ she could make her dream come true! All she needed to do was show her a Gundam, and the eldritch god would work her magic!

As she lost herself in her thoughts, which could clearly be observed by everyone present due to the animated expressions she was making, Scathach approached like a silent predator behind her daughter and...


"Ughh! My Head!"

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