My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 946: For the homeland. 2
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Chapter 946: For the homeland. 2

Chapter 946: For the homeland. 2

"I understand..." Victor nodded. "You are very shrewd, as expected of the goddess of the underworld."

By delivering the two things the END Dragon desired most, she had gained two favors with the Dragon. Whether one was of the END or not, the essence of a Dragon remained, and they were proud beings who wouldn't grant favors to strangers easily. Hela understood this characteristic well and made plans based on it.

'Although it's also a foolish move, considering how long this Dragon has been isolated, I wouldn't be surprised if he had just killed Hela,' Victor thought. 'Though I believe he didn't do that because he sensed a familiarity from Hela. After all, despite not being birds of a feather, they share the same source of power.'

Hela remained expressionless, not reacting much to Victor's compliment.

"How did you manage to bring a True Dragon from that dimension?"

"... I didn't exactly bring him out of that place... I just opened a rift, and he came out on his own."

"... You used up all your vitality just to create a rift in that dimension?"

"Yes... Due to the dimension's properties, I'm certain that small rift is already completely closed."

"That's... Promising."

"Promising...? Why?"

"A dimension so powerful that it can self-repair and prevent beings without access to END energy from entering is the ideal place to establish a base of operations, isn't it?"

Hela fell silent in the face of these words. She hadn't thought deeply about it, as that dimension was made of pure darkness with only the roots of the World Tree.

The moment she blinked, she realized her surroundings had changed, and she was in front of where she had performed the ritual.


Hela didn't even have time to say or question anything when she heard Victor say, "I found this place when I explored that dimension. Point me in the direction where you opened the rift in the dimension."

Suppressing the urge to sigh at being tossed around like a ragdoll, Hela simply pointed in the direction where she had used her vitality while looking at her body. 'When did I change clothes...?' The simple dress she had been wearing had completely disappeared, replaced by warmer clothing.

Victor looked in the direction where Hela had pointed with his draconic eyes, and his gaze crossed the abyss between dimensions, landing on a small dimension.

Well, small by his standards, the place was the size of ancient Russia. His eyes focused on the END energy covering the entire dimension and the roots of the World Tree, which were thoroughly gnawed by teeth.

"This... To think that such a thing would happen," Victor muttered in mild shock when he saw the roots of the World Tree leaking positive and negative energy.

Energies that were merging with END energy, and creating an abnormality of energy that significantly strengthened the dimension.

As he further analyzed this dimension, he saw that it wasn't just positive, negative, and END energy present there but also draconic energy.

Nidhogg was a True Dragon, and even though he was an END Dragon, he was still a being of nature, and his heart still produced natural energy.

'This is chaos.' Victor realized that due to the Dragon's characteristic of getting along with anything in creation, it created a place where positive, negative, and END energy, which should have been incompatible, began to come together in a fragile balance.

This fragile balance created a very strong dimension but, at the same time, a corrupted one.

Why is it corrupted? Simply because END energy meant the end of everything, it deleted everything. However, instead of doing that, due to the unexpected mixing, a state where both life and non-life began to exist emerged.

Victor suspected this happened because of the vitality sacrificed by Hela, a goddess of death and time.

'Wait, time?' Victor narrowed his eyes, trying to see more of the 'truth,' and he realized that the dimension was shrinking. The entire place was entirely outside of the Akashic Record as if the place no longer existed in creation.

The time energy sacrificed by Hela was being used to both fuel and prevent the destruction of that dimension. This same time energy prevented the negative and positive energies from being deleted by END energy.

He also noticed that the roots of the World Tree in that place weren't connected to Yggdrasil.

Victor had a headache as he saw this mess and could very well imagine what had happened. Initially, Nidhogg lived in that dimension, feeding on negative and positive energy as nutrients. As a Dragon, he naturally expelled energy from his body.

And what he was expelling was a mixture of END energy and natural energy, which is how the area around him became so strong. This balance existed because Nidhogg lived there, but when the Dragon disappeared, everything collapsed. This forced the World Tree to abandon its roots and consequently stop nourishing that dimension while also ceasing to nourish some areas of Asgard's dimension. After all, the World Tree couldn't just cut a piece of it, so when it abandoned a root, it was forced to abandon the entire trunk connected to those dimensions.

At the same time, as this happened, the energies present there combined, causing this sight before him... Now, the question he couldn't understand was why the time energy was acting as if it were alive?

A pulse of white energy emanated from Victor's body, and using his divinity of BEGIN, he opened a path to see more deeply. What he discovered shocked him completelyβ€”a soul... A small fragment of a soul was growing.

'Within that dimension... A primordial god is coming into existence... A god that will feed on this entire dimension, along with the abandoned branch of the World Tree.' Now, Victor understood why END energy hadn't erased everything.

That being was controlling END energy to maintain this fragile balance. Likely, the primordial that was about to be born would also be an apocalyptic being.

"What a mess," Victor rubbed his forehead. 'Forget Ragnarok, soon this entire dimension will go to hell, literally.'

"What's happening?" Hela asked.

"Honestly, why does everything I get involved in always turn into something problematic? I shouldn't have even left home," Victor grumbled while ignoring the goddess.

He pondered on what to do. He couldn't just let this dimension explode because the primordials had just reorganized it. Who knows what these primordials would do if another event like this occurred? They might even want to use his personal world to become a new hell and heaven, a responsibility he didn't want right now, as he already had his hands full dealing with his people.

Victor looked at the sky, specifically at the system. He opened his mouth, and the words that came out sent shivers down Hela's spine as she was unable to understand anything he said. 𝒍𝓲𝓫𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅.π™˜π™€π’Ž

"Connect to the administrator."

[... Request accepted. The highest divine authority in this sector, known as <CHAOS>, wishes to speak with the Administrator named <SOUL>.]

Victor raised an eyebrow when he saw that his name in the system had changed; he hadn't even noticed until now.

[The entity <Yggdrasil> has witnessed the request of the divinity <CHAOS> and is greatly supporting it.]

A disturbance in space occurred, and in the next moment, two women appeared near Victor. They were women made entirely of pure white and red energy, bearing a striking resemblance to Amara's and Roxanne's hair.

"Yggdrasil and Qliphoth, I presume?" Victor spoke.

"Not our real bodies, but representations, but you are correct, Victor," Yggdrasil, the woman made of pure white energy, said.

Qliphoth, the woman of red energy, hid behind Yggdrasil while sneaking a wary glance at Victor.

Seeing this, Yggdrasil said, "Forgive my sister; she is very shy."

"I know. She keeps hiding, preventing me from finding her in my hell."

"She will come to you willingly when she is ready," Yggdrasil said. "For now, we have a problem to solve."

"Wrong, you have a problem to solve, not me. Currently, I'm on vacation, and as a good citizen, I'm just reporting a problem to the authorities. I won't be part of it," Victor denied, looking like a man on vacation at a beach who had witnessed a crime and had just reported it to the competent authorities.

"By the way, why didn't you report this to them?" Victor asked.

"You don't understand," Yggdrasil shook her head. "The reason I didn't contact the administrators is simply that I can't. Do you think it's so easy to talk to them? I've already made the request. I just have to wait in a long queue."

"There are several issues that require their attention, and I don't have enough authority like you."

[The Administrator has been notified.]

Victor had the feeling that Yggdrasil seemed to be pouting when she heard the system's voice.

In the next moment, three entities appeared.

"You AGAIN!?" Their voices resonated simultaneously. "For all primordial chaos, can't you live without causing problems!?"

"Hey, this time, I'm innocent. I just stumbled upon something problematic while on vacation," Victor snorted as he pointed toward the collapsing dimension.

The Judges of the Abyss looked to where Victor was pointing and saw that dimension. "... What the hell is this? Why is it outside the system?"

The Abyss judge's reaction might seem exaggerated, but it was understandable from their perspective. After all, what they were seeing was a major bug in the system that could break the entire cycle of souls and reincarnation in this sector, causing the complete collapse of the system in this sector. And if that happened, it could trigger a chain reaction affecting other sectors as well.

In other words, a literal mess they would have to spend several years fixing. The simple fact that this bug was outside the system worried them greatly because if it was outside the system, the system couldn't notify them of the problem, so they could fix it.

"... I think this is the first time I've heard a primordial use foul language," Yggdrasil murmured.

"Victor, explain what's happening."

"Wow, I think this is the first time you've said my name without a stupid title," Victor rolled his eyes.


"Fine, fine, calm your panties."

Yggdrasil and Qliphoth could only look at Victor incredulously. This man really had a lot of nerve to talk to a primordial like that.

"In summary, Ragnarok is happening. Nidhogg, who was in that dimension, came out. As he's a True Dragon with END energy, a Dragon who spent his entire existence in that dimension, the environment itself became chaotic. When Nidhogg left, several other problems occurred, causing the World Tree of this planet to abandon the roots of that dimension."

"The dimension spiraled out of control, and due to the vitality of a goddess of death and time, positive energy, negative energy, death energy, and nature energy created a chaotic environment where traces of a soul began to grow."

"... Thus causing an environment similar to the beginning of time where the explosion of primordial chaos occurred... You see, a primordial Norse god is being born in that place, and he is using this dimension to feed himself."

"Yeah, Yeah, so eliminate this bastard already and fix the problem." Victor pinched his brow as if he was having a migraine just thinking about all the possible consequences of this shit.

The Judges of the Abyss did not judge Victor for his attitude; they also felt migraines when thinking about the problems this could cause, but unlike Victor, their problems would be much greater than normal.

Victor took Hela's hand and spoke to the world trees. "See you in the future."

Then he disappeared, leaving the beings to sort out this mess.

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