Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3877 - 3877: Innate Spiritual Body
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Chapter 3877: Innate Spiritual Body

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Feng Jiu smiled, and said, “The child has been born, the month is over, and my body is recovering well, so I am going to move after some days when I have made arrangements, however, the child is still small, I want to bring it with me, and we have always been getting together less and less, this time, I hope that you can accompany me as well.”

“Good, the child and I will accompany you.” Xuanyuan MO Ze revealed a smile and held her hand, “When the time comes, we’ll land at the nearest place, so you can go and do what you want to do.”

“Well, then I’ll talk to them later so they can prepare for it.” Feng Jiu smiled and stood up, pushing the wheelchair, “Let’s go, let’s go see the child.”

The two of them went outside, and when they came outside, they saw that they all surrounded the two children around, one hugged not a moment later and was taken over by the other to be hugged, and the child actually didn’t cry and didn’t make any noise, but giggled instead. 𝓁𝑖𝘣𝑟𝘦𝘢𝒹.𝑐ℴ𝘮

“This doesn’t need to be seen to know that it’s Yue’er.”

Xuanyuan MO Ze went out of the room and saw that scene with the corner of his lips slightly hooked up. He thought that only the smiling Yue’er would let them grab her and hug her without crying, if it was Chen’er, he would probably have cried by now.

“Master, do you think the little master has a problem with me? How come every time I hold the two of them, they pee all over me?” Gray Wolf spoke with a bitter face as he came to Xuanyuan MO Ze’s side.

Xuanyuan MO Ze glanced at him, his low voice carrying magnetism as well as a touch of laughter as he said, “That’s because they’re taking special care of you.”

“Hahahahahahaha, not bad, it’s the Little Masters who take special care of you.” When they grow up a bit, I will tell them about it.”

When Gray Wolf heard this, he screamed, “Huh? Don’t! Luo Yu, are you still my good brother? I was, at that time, just thoughtless .

“Right, right, right, you just accidentally said what was on your mind, I know, I know.” Luo Yu nodded his head cooperatively, saying that he couldn’t help but grin again.

Looking at Gray Wolf’s anxious face, everyone laughed.

“Come, I’ll hug.” Feng Jiu said and came to be in front of Fan Lin and took the child from his arms.

“Giggle …”

As soon as the child arrived in her arms, as if he smelled the familiar scent of her body, he immediately giggled with joy, his little face rubbed against Feng Jiu’s arms, full of a little cat’s meow in general.

“Master, how come the spirit energy scent on the two little masters is so abundant? They haven’t cultivated yet, but the aura on their bodies seems to be already flowing in their bodies.” Many asked with some confusion.

According to reason, shouldn’t one wait until cultivation to draw Qi into the body? But the spirit energy aura on these two Little Masters’ bodies was as if they were born with it, and it was extremely pure, it really made him puzzled.

Feng Jiu smiled faintly, holding her daughter and said, “They are innate bodies, they have already absorbed the spirit energy breath in my body before they were even born, so they cannot be compared to ordinary children.”

As she said that, her voice gave a beat and laughed, “Moreover, they have been blessed by all the monarchs with the blessing of spirit cleansing, so their cultivation advancement will be even better by leaps and bounds in the future.”

Hearing her words, the crowd’s hearts rejoiced, as if they could already see what kind of demonic existences they would be when they grew up in the future..

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