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Chapter 1550: Empress’ Anger
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Chapter 1550: Empress’ Anger

“Little Qien, why are you here?” Zu An asked in embarrassment. He hadn’t expected the two women to be sleeping in the same bed. Things like tribadism began to appear in his mind. However, he quickly got rid of those thoughts. After all, whether it was Zheng Dan or Sang Qien, neither one of them seemed like someone who would do something like that.

“Because many people died in my room, I was too scared to stay there by myself, so I came to my sister-in-law’s place,” Sang Qien said weakly, looking very embarrassed.

Zheng Dan gave Zu An a pinch. This guy had immediately plugged up her mouth as soon as he appeared, not even letting her say anything.

Zu An felt a headache coming on. Even though the Sang clan already knew about his relationship with Zheng Dan, they had still pretended not to know on the surface. They had unknowingly reached a tacit understanding, as that would at least look better on the surface. And yet now, he had been doing all of that with Sang Qien’s sister-in-law right in front of her face! That was a bit too much.

Sang Qien bit her lip and said, “I’m going back to my room then. I won’t be disturbing you two.”

Ah! This is so embarrassing! Zheng Dan thought, her cheeks turning red. She was way too ashamed to continue. She grabbed Sang Qien and said, “Don’t go! So many people just died there; it’s not a good place to stay in. Just stay here.”

Sang Qien was stunned. Stay here? And watch you two?

Zu An also snapped out of his daze. He said apologetically, “It’s all my fault. I was in so much of a rush during the day that I ended up dirtying your room.”

“It’s fine. That Yi bastard was really disgusting. Not even death would erase his crimes. Many of the servants left today and we don’t have enough manpower. Tomorrow, we’ll sort out the room again, and then I’ll change to another room,” Sang Qien said, feeling a bit strange as she said those words.

This guy had stolen her sister-in-law in her very own house, and yet she was moving aside to help him achieve his goals, implying that she wouldn’t disturb them. Just what was going on here?! She also felt that the mood inside was too strange. She had to get out no matter what.

Zu An also grabbed her all of a sudden, saying, “I actually wanted to see you first, but I was scared that I would scare you in the middle of the night. That’s why I came to Dandan to talk things over. Seeing as you’re here too, that’s even better.”

Afterward, he took out all the infant goods from his Brilliant Glass Bead and said, “I didn’t know what to buy and had no experience. Take a look and see if any of them are useful.”

Sang Qien was a bit embarrassed, saying, “It’s my first time too…”

Still, a woman’s instinct made her pretty good at such tasks. Furthermore, she had still learned some things about being a mother. She pointed to some of the objects, leaving the other two enlightened. Now that the topic had shifted to the child, she forgot about leaving. Her face began to light up as they chatted, and her mood brightened considerably.

Now, it was Zheng Dan’s turn to feel a bit strange. Her lover was talking with another woman about their child in her bed. Why did such a strange thing actually seem so natural?

Zu An suddenly took out two swords and said, “These are the Yin Yang Swords, and they’re a pair. They’re most powerful when used together. The two of you don’t have weapons you can use, so it should be perfect to give you one each.”

The two swords’ attributes were different. No one else was like him, capable of dual-wielding elements, which was why he couldn't give them to the same person. However, he could just give them one each. The swords became stronger when they were together, so he could also bring the two closer together that way.

“Heaven-grade weapons!” Zheng Dan and Sang Qien both cried out in alarm. They were knowledgeable and naturally recognized the weapons’ aura.

They were both quite happy. After all, heaven-grade weapons were things that very few geniuses could use even among their great sects. Whether it was the Zheng or Sang clan, they had never owned weapons at that level before. Each one was completely capable of serving as their respective clans’ inheritance treasure.

Zheng Dan’s worry was quickly scattered by excitement. But then, she immediately composed herself and asked, “What will you do if you give us your heaven-grade weapons?” She knew Zu An used swords, so she felt worried for him.

“Don’t worry. I have even stronger ones,” Zu An said. However, he didn’t tell them about the Tai’e Sword’s divine grade, or else they would really be frightened.

“Ah Zu, you’re so great~” Zheng Dan exclaimed. If Sang Qien weren’t present, she would have already showered his neck with kisses like before.

“Thank you, big brother Zu!” Sang Qien replied, feeling a bit shyer. After all, the two of them weren’t as close to each other as he was with Zheng Dan. Still, after several events, the distance between them was already unwittingly closing.

When he saw the women’s happy appearance, Zu An recalled a proverb from the online forums of his previous world that was ‘guaranteed to cure all diseases’: “When your girlfriend is angry, there’s nothing a bag can’t solve.” Bags had lost all meaning in this world, but heaven-grade weapons had similar effects.

Sigh, unfortunately, I really don’t have many heaven-grade weapons… I already gave out most of them and I don’t really have that many left. Should I go and see if Chi Wen has any more?

It had already been too long since Zheng Dan last saw Zu An. They had just too much to say. Meanwhile, Zu An and Sang Qien had felt a bit estranged at first, but now that they had the child and Sang Hong’s safety as a shared topic, their conversation grew closer and closer.

Zheng Dan noticed that Zu An kept sitting on the edge of the bed to avoid suspicion. She pulled aside the covers and said, “You should get in. It’s already the middle of winter. It’ll be cold if you stay like that.”

Sang Qien’s face turned red. After all, she was sharing a bed with Zheng Dan right now! Still, she pursed her lips and didn’t say anything in the end.

“I’m actually not cold,” Zu An said. With his cultivation, he wasn’t scared of the cold anymore. Of course, despite what he said, his body was quite honest, jumping straight in.

“Move over to the other side,” Zheng Dan said, pushing Zu An into the center. Even though the two of them were really brave in private, Sang Qien was present, so she was still embarrassed. She naturally wanted Sang Qien to take on a share of the embarrassment too.𝓁𝑖𝒷𝑟𝘦𝒶𝑑.𝒸𝘰𝘮

“Huh?” Sang Qien exclaimed, jumping in fright. She quickly moved over to the side.

When he saw her on guard against him as if he were some thief, Zu An almost laughed. He remarked, “You’ll fall out if you move any farther away. You can’t let yourself catch a cold.”

Sang Qien’s face heated up. Only after hearing him say that did she stop moving away in embarrassment. Zu An knew it was her naturally reserved instinct as a young lady, so he didn’t try to tease her too much. Instead, he continued their earlier topic. Sure enough, as the conversation went on, Sang Qien calmed down.

Zheng Dan chatted with them, but sleepiness soon overtook her. She unknowingly fell asleep. The two women really had been scared badly. Now that Zu An had come back, with him to protect them, they immediately relaxed. Together with the fact that she knew that Sang Qien was there so they couldn't do anything, fatigue overtook her, and she naturally fell asleep.

Zheng Dan was very familiar with Zu An, so she was able to naturally fall asleep. However, Sang Qien wasn’t so lucky. How could she possibly sleep in such a situation? Her heart pounded as she sensed the masculine aura of the man beside her. She didn’t even know where to put her hands and feet.

“Let me listen to the child a bit,” Zu An said.

When she heard him talk about the child, Sang Qien’s gaze became much gentler as she responded, “Mm.”

Zu An moved deeper into the covers and pressed his ear against her belly. Sang Qien’s body trembled slightly when she felt his touch. However, she still stuck out her stomach so it was easier for him to hear it.

“I can hear the sound of his heartbeat!” Zu An whispered excitedly. He had tried during the day, but there had been too much clothing in the way. He hadn’t been able to hear it too closely.

Sang Qien’s face warmed up as she said, “I think the child knows that his dad is here.”

Zu An was very excited. He pressed his head against different parts of her stomach to hear more sounds. Sang Qien was both uncomfortable and embarrassed, thinking, This man normally seems pretty bold and impressive; why is he as immature as a child right now?

Sang Qien’s hand, which had nowhere to go, ended up caressing his hair. This is my man, my child’s father…

With such physical contact, the two of them had become completely familiar with each other. Sang Qien unwittingly ended up in his arms. Because she was pregnant, she had her back to him; she cuddled up like a little cat in his embrace. However, her face quickly heated up. This guy isn’t acting as decent as he was in the beginning. He said he was just listening to the child, but why is his hand moving higher and higher?

That especially became the case when his nose pressed up against her neck. The hot air practically felt as if it would make Sang Qien melt. She pursed her lips. In the end, however, she tacitly allowed him to do what he wanted.

And yet, Zu An clearly wasn’t satisfied. When she sensed something pressing against her, Sang Qien began to panic, whispering, “No~”

This was Zheng Dan’s room. She was still present!

Meanwhile, in a hot spring villa on the city outskirts, Empress Liu Ning had just completed her bath. She lay down on her bed, relaxing.

Eunuch Lu secretly sized up the woman on the bed. Her skin was radiant, and her close-fitting dress further accentuated the mature fullness of her body. It really was an alarming sight. Because the empress had just taken a bath, there was still a bit of steam coming from her body. Together with her skin being a bit pink from the heat, she really was beautiful and alluring.

Eunuch Lu naturally knew why she had dressed up so meticulously and why she had taken a bath. When he thought about ‘that man’, he really felt both love and hate. He hated that he didn’t have anything down there, while Zu An could enjoy the goddess he yearned for day and night. However, whenever he thought about how Zu An had subdued the empress, his empty heart was filled with a strange feeling of satisfaction and stimulation.

“You dog of a servant, have you seen enough yet?” the empress remarked. Her eyes, which were decorated with phoenix-colored makeup, swept over him and gave him a look as if she knew his intentions. Her gaze was filled with contempt and loathing as she asked, “Did you send the message or not? Why isn’t he here yet?”

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