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Chapter 187.2

Erbao, that silly child, stretched out his arms for her to carry him. He was smiling so wide that one could see his teeth but not his eyes. The old women even praised him for his good nature and liveliness.

Xiaobao was finally freed from being held and fed mouthfuls of peanuts. Once he was in Jin Wangs arms, he looked back at his silly brother.

Since Erbao enjoyed the attention, he must be in a good mood right now.

Jin Wang wanted to leave but failed as the kind-hearted Aunt Hua urged him to sit down at a nearby table.

Stay here, so that the firecrackers wont startle the children later. The banquet will start later, and since you are a distinguished guest, Ill look after you on behalf of Yuchengs mother.

Just as she was talking, there was a sudden sound of firecrackers outside. The sedan chair carrying the bride had finally arrived.

It feels like the surroundings are suddenly noisy, and they cant hear each other talking. Jin Wang saw that Er Bao was sitting in Aunt Osmanthuss arms, having his two little ears covered, and seeing someone beside him kept gesturing to him, he also clumsily learned how to cover Xiao Baos ears.

The surroundings instantly became noisier, and people were unable to hear each other speak. Jin Wang noticed that Erbao was seated in Aunt Huas lap, with her covering both of his small ears. He also saw the person next to him continuously gesturing to him, so he clumsily imitated Aunt Hua to cover Xiaobaos ears.

Both father and son looked at each other, feeling embarrassed but not repulsed.

There were deafening sounds of drums and firecrackers.

Suddenly, it seemed that a lot of people rushed in from outside, men and women, young and old. They stood to the sides as the main couple held hands and walked in with a red embroidered ball.

Many people stood at the door of the main courtyard. Su Xiucai and Wu-shi were hurriedly pushed inside, and Yaoniang seemed to have finally appeared too. In a flash, the couple entered the main hall and everything became quiet. Someone shouted and announced, First bow to heaven and earth!

Second bow to the parents!

Finally, bow to each other!

The ceremony is now complete. See the newlyweds into their new room.

The sky gradually darkened, but the courtyard was lit up with bright red lanterns, so it did not appear dim.

Everyone took their seats and waited for the food and wine to be served before they could start the banquet.

There were sounds of chatter and laughter everywhere, when the leader of the wedding organizing committee shouted, Lets start the banquet! Several people carrying trays with a variety of appetizers walked up.

The food came quickly and was very plentiful.

Thanks to Yao Chengs suggestion, they had prepared enough tables for the guests. More people came to offer their well-wishes for the wedding than the family had initially anticipated. Not to mention the people from the Wucheng military forces and the academy Su Xiucai worked at, even some minor officials came to join the celebration.

Despite their ranks, they were not arrogant but were polite and courteous. The Su Family repeatedly praised the officials from the capital as being different from those in other places, as they were more approachable.

Little did they know that the officials came for the sake of Jin Wangs face. Only the small fish and shrimp came to avoid attracting too much attention. The real big fish wanted to come, but they didnt want to shoot themselves in the foot.

The food was served halfway through, and everyone began to eat.

Jin Wang had to sit with a few old women because all the other tables were already full. But the nice part about sitting there was the atmosphere as everyone kept offering him food. Jin Wang didnt really want to eat, but since people kept inviting him, he had to pick up his chopsticks and eat. Even Yu Chan was invited to eat.

The warmth of the people was really overwhelming.

Finally, Yaoniang was done with her busy work and remembered Jin Wang. She realized that she had completely forgotten about him and didnt know how he was doing, so she hurried out from the back to take a look.

At first glance, Jin Wang stood out from the crowd of old women, sitting with Xiaobao on his lap, using chopsticks to feed him. In truth, Xiaobao wanted to feed himself, but the old women wouldnt allow it. They said that since Jin Wang didnt know how to feed a child, they could help instead. Xiaobao liked these old ladies, but not enough to eat from their plates and use their chopsticks. He clung onto Jin Wangs clothes, his small hands tightly holding on, and Jin Wang had no choice but to feed him.

Yaoniang felt a little embarrassed and a little amused. She asked, Why are you sitting here? Didnt your brother-in-law invite you to drink? 𝓁𝘪𝘣𝘳ℯ𝒶𝘥.𝘤𝑜𝓂

He came, but I didnt feel like going.

Yao Cheng had come over to invite him, but he was sitting with some low-ranking officials. They werent worthy of sitting with Jin Wang. Jin Wang would rather sit with a few old ladies and enjoy a quiet, peaceful meal than create an uncomfortable atmosphere by sitting with them. If he sat with those officials, would they even be able to eat? Would they be at ease? It would only create an unpleasant atmosphere.

Wife of Tangzi, youre finally done. What a filial and capable young woman. Come and sit and eat. You must be tired.

Under the intimidation of the old women, Yaoniang sat down.

She sat next to Jin Wang, listening to the old women call her wife of Tangzi in a strange mood as she downed her food under everyones encouragement.

When no one was paying attention, Yaoniang asked Jin Wang in a low voice, Why do they all call me wife of Tangzi?

Jin Wang blushed.

He was really embarrassed. He had never felt so embarrassed in his life before.

Earlier, when someone asked him how to address him, he couldnt very well say, You may address me as Your Highness Jin Wang. So, he had to give his real name.

Zhao Youtang!

What a grand name!

Zhao, the surname of the imperial family!

Eventually, it was shortened to Tangzi!

Yaoniang asked again, and Jin Wang said with a weird expression, Ill tell you later!

Even the liveliest scene had to come to an end eventually.

Jin Wang stayed for the entire duration of the event and didnt want to stay any longer. He didnt want to run into those low-ranking officials. Someone had tried to come over and offer him a toast earlier, but they were deterred by the presence of the old women. As the guests began to leave, Jin Wang and Yaoniang left the Su Familys house with Xiaobao, Erbao, and the maids.

The moon was bright, and the night breeze was refreshing. 𝑙𝘪𝑏𝓇𝑒𝑎𝒹.𝘤𝑜𝘮

The Jin Wang Manors carriage and servants were waiting outside the alley, so they quickly left.

The carriage and servants from Jin Wang Manor were waiting outside in an alley, so they had to walk a short distance. As they walked in this type of alley, looking up at the night sky, one couldnt help but feel how vast the sky was.

Its really good that my older brother is finally married now.

Indeed, it was good.

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