I'm A Wasteland Giant

Chapter 35 - 35: Greatly Enhanced!
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Chapter 35: Chapter 35: Greatly Enhanced!

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As Du Gang woke up and opened his eyes, a new world appeared within his sight.

The previously unified world was now, at this moment, as if it had been split into layers. Everything was systematically displayed in that instant.

In mid-air, the flight path of a mosquito, the flutter of its wings, were not only clear but remarkably distinct in Du Gang’s eyes.

Beyond that, he could clearly see the expressions of the five people around him, he could even glimpse into their deepest thoughts.

Chu Zixuan’s expression seemed a bit envious, yet also relieved. It appeared that he did not wish for his death after all.

An Ya’s expression was more complex, Du Gang couldn’t figure it out!

Ma Li was full of concern, nothing else.

As for Cao Yongyi, his expression was quite similar to Chu Zixuan’s—envy cloaked with a sigh of relief.

After all, compared to hunting insects on his own, it was more comfortable for them to stick with Du Gang.

However, Ji Zhiwen’s expression was quite complicated – both restless and disappointed.

Du Gang had a moment of clear enlightenment. This ‘Dynamic Vision’ was not limited to observing moving objects, but dramatically enhanced the power of his eyes, allowing him to see more clearly, absorb more details and process much more information! 𝙡𝓲𝙗𝒓𝙚𝓪𝙙.𝒄𝒐𝙢

In the same way, the world in his eyes had become much brighter and colorful.

The world didn’t change, it was just that his eyes could now perceive more information!

The eyes of a human body could originally perceive only three primary colors:

red, green, and blue. All the things that humans see are images processed by these three color receptors and then fed back to the brain.

But at this moment, the world seen through Du Gang’s eyes was different.

He could clearly see some peculiar lines!

There were some red line rays that darted about in the air and there were also some purple light rays…

Infrared light? Ultraviolet light?

Just then, he had a thought and his eyes naturally shifted, instantly turning his usually dark eyes a bright red.

At that moment, the whole world changed in his view. The world that was once colorful and brilliant now seemed uniformly red, or rather, the five people in front of him turned red.

This was Du Gang’s new ability. In addition to capturing high -speed objects under normal circumstances, his eyes could also switch to infrared mode and ultraviolet mode.

Now they were in the infrared mode, where he could clearly detect creatures hiding behind buildings by their body temperatures…

“Du Gang, what’s wrong with you?”

An Ya was startled. Initially, they were all quite happy when Du Gang woke up, but then his eves suddenlv turned red and he keDt staring at her.

Interrupted by this voice, Du Gang closed his eyes again. When he opened them, the world had turned purple!

This time was different from the red world seen under infrared vision, Du Gang was now seeing even stranger things.

He could see the skeletons inside the five people in front of him!

What was the use of this?

Du Gang blinked in surprise, then quickly switched back to the regular mode.

“I’m okay, just had another upgrade!”

He casually replied and got up.

The rest of them sighed with relief, and resumed their chatter.

As it turned out, Du Gang had been unconscious for more than half an hour.

In the meantime, everyone else had also finished practicing.

Fortunately, Ma Li and Ji Zhiwen had also awakened their superpowers.

Ma Li’s superpower was Metal Control, enabling him to control metals…

As for Ji Zhiwen’s superpower, it was Hand Hammer!

As the name suggests, his hand could transform into a hammer. It didn’t seem very useful, but his strength and agility had also increased.

But, the enhancement in physical attributes was a common occurrence for all superpowered beings.

After understanding their situation, Du Gang sat down again, ready to activate his motor system.

[Ding, the motor system has been activated] [Rank One Ancient God transformation time increased to six hours]

[Motor system enhanced to Rank One] [Full-body skeletal strengthening to Rank One] [Skeletal strength enhancement in progress…]

[Activating the sub-branch skills of the Movement System] [Skill 1: Ultimate Strength (100): Significantly enhances body strength…] [Skill 2: Ultimate Speed (100): Significantly enhances body speed…] [Skill 3: Fatal Strike: Executes an extreme attack at the body’s limit…]

[Note: Only one sub-branch skill can be learned in Rank One Movement System]

To Du Gang’s surprise, after this activation of the Movement System, he was given two selectable passive skills, and even an active skill, Fatal Strike!

After a slight ponder, he decided to activate the Fatal Strike skill once he accumulates another hundred points of Source Energy.

Compared to the other passive skills, he wanted to see what power this single active skill held.

Meanwhile, after activating the Movement System, Du Gang finally understood why the system had him activate the eight major systems.

He was now a Rank One Ancient God. Both his height limit and strength and speed were within Rank One realm.

Now that he could transform, due to the system, he could completely ignore the negative effects brought by the transformation.

And if he activates all the eight systems, he can essentially maintain his Rank One transformation at any time.

That is to say, whenever he wants, he could appear to the world as a ten-meter tall being for the rest of his life…

The biggest change after activating the Movement System was that he grew taller again!

His original height of one point nine meters further increased by five centimeters, reaching one point ninety-five meters. His muscles grew accordingly, becoming even more terrifyingly prominent.


Not long after waking up, Du Gang instantly transformed into a giant to check out his current state.

As soon as he finished speaking, his iron-like muscles started to inflate and his bones started growing. His entire body began to grow proportionally. Within just one second, he completed the transformation.

This time, he stood five meters tall, equivalent to a two-story stilted building. His full-body muscles, basking in the sunlight, appeared incredibly full. They gave the impression of extreme density, as if they could not be penetrated even with a knife.

Chu Zixuan and others standing next to Du Gang could only reach up to his knees. Even his toes were larger than a normal human hand.

“Du Gang has grown taller again!”

Chu Zixuan noticed the problem almost immediately. After Du Gang’s last upgrade, he was about the height of Du Gang’s thigh when Du Gang transformed. Now, he could only reach Du Gang’s knee!

“That’s terrifying!”

The others couldn’t help but exclaim, retreating dozens of steps to a relatively safe position.

Everyone was wondering if Du Gang could crush someone into crumbs with just one foot.

Against such a giant, would superpower be of any use?

This thought, wavering not only in Chu Zixuan’s heart, made everyone question involuntarily.

“Chu Zixuan, strike me with your blade!”

As if Du Gang had read everyone’s doubts, his gigantic voice, seemingly amplified tenfold by loudspeakers, resonated from top to bottom. The sound roared like thunder!

Everyone subconsciously covered their ears!

Seeing this, Chu Zixuan activated his Mental Power and stabbed his blade towards Du Gang’s calf.

“Ding!” A crisp sound of metal collision echoed as the blade struck the flesh.

A glance at Du Gang’s calf muscle revealed that it didn’t even scratch it, let alone leave a mark!

“Damn, your body is now harder than an insect’s shell!”

Chu Zixuan couldn’t help cursing. He thought that possessing a superpower had narrowed the gap between him and Du Gang, and that he was dangerous enough, but it turned out that this guy was simply abnormal…

“Hahaha! ! ! ”

As Du Gang laughed, the entire train station plaza trembled as if thunderous, sending echoes spiraling throughout. At the doors of each hall, intact glasses shattered in an instant. 𝓁𝘪𝘣𝘳ℯ𝒶𝘥.𝘤𝑜𝓂

“Stop talking!”

Chu Zixuan and the others yelled amid the ear pain.

Du Gang’s voice was more horrifying than being in front of a loudspeaker at a concert, it felt like their eardrums were about to rupture.

Seeing everyone’s condition, Du Gang showed an embarrassing smile and quickly returned to his normal size..

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