I'm A Wasteland Giant

Chapter 33 - 33 This is the Counterattack of my Earth ‘s Life Forms!
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Chapter 33: Chapter 33 This is the Counterattack of my Earth ‘s Life Forms!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Thirteen officers, including Su Qi, each swallowed a crystal. After thirteen minutes had passed by, ten of them had already opened their eyes, helplessly waiting. They already knew through Chu Zixuan that they were not gifted, and had not awakened any superpowers.

On the other hand, the three people who kept their eyes shut were Su Qi, who was in the process of enhancing her powers, He Yongjun, and a simple officer named Zhang Peng.

Everyone was viewing them with envy, knowing that these few individuals who were gifted would become superpowered after waking up!

Chu Zixuan had already noticed something unusual by then.

He realized that in the minds of those people, a mysterious zone had appeared that he could not investigate.

All the awakened ones, including himself, had such zones in their minds. However, with everyone else, he could easily ‘see’ their brains as long as he scanned them…

But, there was an exception!

Chu Zixuan stealthily glanced at Du Gang, and noticed that his brain, surprisingly, was like that of an ordinary person; his mental powers could penetrate it at will.

But the problem was that Du Gang was indeed an awakened one!

Could it be that he had already upgraded, and that’s why I can’t see through him?

At that moment, Chu Zixuan could only come up with such an explanation.

However, he took note of this event, planning to observe Du Gang’s situation again after having upgraded himself.

Before long, He Yongjun and Zhang Peng woke up.

“What’s it like? What superpowers have you awakened?”

The moment they opened their eyes, the other officers hurried forward.

Over there, excitement radiated from the faces of He Yongjun and Zhang Peng.

He Yongjun raised his hand and three Wolverine-like claws shot out of it.

“I’ve literally turned into Wolverine!”

Despite what he said, his face was filled with excitement.

Over on the other side, Zhang Peng clasped his hands together, and they instantly transformed into a massive metal shield.

“I can turn my hands into shields like this, one shield per hand!”

As he spoke, the two shields quickly split into two smaller shields.

“Zhang Peng, you’re going to be our meat shield from now on!”


Everyone congratulated and joked with them.

After seeing their superpowers, Du Gang and the others also began their farewells.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay and join us?”

He Yongjun still wanted to persuade them further. After having truly awakened his superpower, he realized just how impressive Chu Zixuan’s superpower was.

Not only could he use mental power for detection, but he could also control objects using telekinesis. This was extremely practical and powerful.

After receiving the unanimous negative responses from Du Gang and the others, he finally stopped trying to convince them. Instead, he wished them, “Alright, then. We wish you all the best. If Luo An City becomes unbearable, you can return to Nanyuan. We will establish a survivor’s base here!”

“Okay, we will. Also, we are students from the Experimental Middle School. In the male dormitory, there are still more than ten classmates. One of them, a girl, has also awakened her superpower!”

At Du Gang’s instruction, Chu Zixuan also mentioned the situation of his classmates.

After all, they didn’t have any big grudges, and there was no need to let them die. Besides, they wouldn’t see each other again in the future.

“Don’t worry, we’ll make time to check on them today!”

With that, the two groups finally went their separate ways at the entrance of the police station.

By then, there were finally some people moving on the streets.

Of course, there weren’t many of them. These people were either separated from their families, rushing to check on their relatives, or they had not prepared any food, and after going hungry all night, were now searching for something to eat.

Upon seeing He Yongjun and the others in uniform, these people rushed over excitedly.

Upon seeing this, Du Gang and the others silently sidestepped the crowd and left the place.

Once they reached a deserted spot, they began to discuss their next moves.

Chu Zixuan, continuing in his role as the brain trust, analyzed: “There’s a distance of over five hundred kilometers from Nanyuan to Luo An City. There are three ways to go: by plane, by train, or by freeway!”

“We can rule out the plane, considering what happened yesterday. All the planes have gone, there’s no hope of us flying there.” 𝓵𝙞𝓫𝒓𝙚𝓪𝓭.𝒄𝓸𝓶

“About the freeway, the news mentioned that it’s incredibly jammed to the point of immobility, and after last night, it’s probably completely paralyzed!”

“So, we can go to the train station to see, if it’s possible to take a train to Luo An City!”

Everyone nodded in agreement, all eyes turned towards Du Gang as it was his call to make a decision.

After contemplating for a while, Du Gang spoke: ‘You’ve a point. Let’s first stop at the North Railway Station to assess the situation, and then decide what to do based on the specifics.”

Nanyuan Military District.

The control center.

“Our scavenger teams have come across some really strange situations out there…

“Some of the plants and animals on Earth seem to have started changing. There are reports of seeing a dog that was over a meter tall and two meters long, people have also found normal trees have started to grow wildly, becoming very tall…”

“Besides, the latest intelligence from the research department suggests that the flesh of these bugs is edible and can enhance the body’s strength..

“According to the researchers, ordinary people might also awake if they eat a lot of bug meat, although the effect isn’t as potent as the Red Crystals…”

Wang Dezhen nodded, his brows were locked tight. He then voiced: “Has the squad for Nanyuan City returned? What’s the situation there?”

“Not yet…”

“No waiting then, make a move right away. Our target is Nanyuan City!”

“Isn’t that being too rash?”

The advisors of the brains trust opposed, hoping that the troops could act steadily. They wished to at least gather a special operations corps of superpowered soldiers before heading to the city.

“It’s alright, by then we can station the bulk of our forces outside Nanyuan City, and if worse comes to worst, we can send the superpowered into the city to rescue civilians…”

He knew that these brains trust didn’t want to go so early because they were worried they wouldn’t dare to use weapons of mass destruction in the city, which would mean tying their own hands.

But hearing that, it didn’t seem to be a problem. The Nanyuan Military District was originally in the deep mountains, not too far from Nanyuan a journey of a little over a hundred kilometers. 𝙡𝙞𝓫𝙧𝙚𝓪𝒅.𝒄𝒐𝓶

Hua Nation’s Command Center in the Arctic Circle.

Lu Zhou walked in with a grave expression, a lab report in his hand.

“What happened?” Yao Zhenguo saw his troubled look and felt a sinking feeling.

“From the research, we find that these dark particles are driving biological evolution…

“The bodies of these bugs are composed of substances similar or close to dark matter. If consumed, it can enhance physical strength, even cause awakenings…”

“Isn’t that a good thing?!” Yao Zhenguo questioned, somewhat baffled.

Lu Zhou shook his head, sighed and said: “For humans who consume these substances, most of the energy is absorbed by our brains, or ‘souls’.

Meanwhile, animals, operating on instinct, use it all to bolster their bodies!”

As he spoke, he revealed a set of images featuring tigers, lions, dogs, and cats.

“The bodies of these animals have all been strengthened to varying degrees. We’ve already found a North Chinese tiger that’s ten meters tall and nearly thirty meters long…”

“That’s great, Earth’s animals are fighting back, those bugs’ end is nigh…” Yao Zhenguo clenched his fist in excitement.

But the next sentence from Lu Zhou hit him hard.

“Uh, in the eyes of carnivorous animals, humans are the same as bugs – both are food!”

Yao Zhenguo’s smile froze.

“In the daytime, the bugs in the wild can’t hide and are basically free meat. Earth’s carnivores aren’t lacking in food so their growth and evolution could be pretty rapid!”

Yao Zhenguo’s smile vanished completely.

“This is indeed bad news…

“You know this is deceiving oneself…”

“Yes, I do!”

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