I'm A Wasteland Giant

Chapter 24 - 24 Transformation!
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Chapter 24: Chapter 24 Transformation!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“What’s this?”


A dazzling smile leaked from the corners of Chu Zixuan’s mouth, which he tried to hide but couldn’t.

“I have superpowers!”

As he spoke, he waved his hand again, levitating a bottle cap in his hand.

“He could actually awaken superpowers!”

Du Gang was somewhat amazed. He hadn’t really cared much when Chu Zixuan said he had source energy and gave him a try.

Unexpectedly, he actually awakened superpowers and, from the looks of it, it’s telekinesis like the one often depicted in movies!

“How about this superpower of yours? Apart from levitating things, what else can you do?”

Upon hearing Du Gang’s words, Chu Zixuan immediately caught the floating cup and started trying it out.

He slowly closed his eyes, and after less than three seconds, he opened them again, with a smile emanating from the corner of his mouth, “I can see the surrounding situation with my mental power!”

Mental Power!

Having read the novel ‘Unlimited Terror’, Du Gang knew exactly what mental power was and got excited, hurriedly asking, “How far can you detect?”

“A straight line a hundred meters, and a radius of ten meters. It doesn’t seem very powerful!”

“That’s okay, it should grow over time!”

Being able to detect this far immediately after awakening was indeed quite good!

“Du Gang, are you guys okay?!”

Just then, An Ya’s voice came from outside.

The four of them had been waiting outside, all quite scared. The chirping of the insects had been quiet for quite a while, but the two inside had been silent, causing them to worry about their safety.

Soon, under the anticipation of a few people, the two men inside came out with smiles on their faces.

“What happened?”

The four could clearly see that these two had something pleasant on their minds.

“Show them a trick!”

After Du Gang finished speaking, he stepped aside, revealing the beaming Chu Zixuan behind him.

Everyone immediately turned their gaze to Chu Zixuan.

The next moment, a shocking scene took place.

Around Chu Zixuan, a water cup was miraculously floating in mid-air and moving randomly.

“Is this magic?”

Ma Li’s mouth wide open, watching the scene in disbelief.

“Magic?” Du Gang laughed, “This is superpower!”


Everyone gasped in astonishment, looking at him in disbelief.

“Chu Zixuan now has superpowers!”

At this point, he hesitated, his voice lowered a bit, and continued, “I was originally curious to see what it tasted like, but I accidentally swallowed it and then awakened my superpower!”

As soon as he finished saying this, everyone else looked at him with slightly odd gazes.

In the previous situation, he had described the insect eating a human as eating shrimp. This had already made everyone on the spot throw up.

But now… they were speechless. This guy was definitely nuts, daring enough to eat things from inside an insect…

The four shared a glance with one another, reading the same thoughts in each other’s eyes.

“Since Chu Zixuan has awakened a superpower, then you guys… probably can…”

Suddenly, the other four were all excited again.

“Oh my gosh, am I going to awaken a superpower too? Will I get taller?”

Ma Li, with an excited face, looked at Du Gang, thinking in his eyes that the reason Du Gang could turn into a giant was because of his superpower.

“I don’t want to become a giant!”

The moment An Ya imagined this scene, she immediately shook her head. Every time Du Gang transformed, he would be completely naked. She couldn’t imagine what the scene would be like if she had the power to grow big.

Cao Yongyi and Ji Zhiwen, on the other hand, started to daydream about the superpowers they wanted.

“If I can awaken a superpower, I want teleportation…”

“I want to fly, as long as I can fly, the insects can’t bite me. Then, I can go wherever I want…”

Du Gang shook his head, interrupting their fantasy, and said bluntly, “Okay, let’s move. Don’t waste time, keep going. We’ll talk after I get a few more crystals… ”

At this point, he paused and continued, “But, let me make it clear, the next crystal will be absorbed by Ma Li first, followed by An Ya, and then you two!” He spoke these words very firmly, without any room for negotiation.

He had merely formed this small team out of kindness, otherwise he would have just left with Ma Li.

Cao Yongyi quickly said with a compliant smile, “As it should be, as it should be, what you say goes!”

Ji Zhiwen also hurriedly said, “As long as I can awaken a superpower, anytime is fine!”

Seeing that they had no objections, Du Gang proceeded once more, leading the team.

After they left the street, Chu Zixuan took the initiative to stop everyone.

“Wait, let me detect!”

As he spoke, he walked to the side of a row of shops, staring ahead.

Then, he turned his head and told everyone, “Within a hundred meters ahead, there are insects in two shops!”

Du Gang nodded, laughing, “That’s quite impressive, your superpower is really quite good!”

The others also showed envious expressions. However, they quickly got excited again.

“Chu Zixuan, let’s hurry along then!”

Soon, under everyone’s anticipation, Du Gang extracted the crystals from two more insects.

Four of them had been waiting at the roadside for quite some time, watching the red crystal in Du Gang’s hand, practically drooling!

“There are two in total. Ma Li and An Ya, you guys go first!”

After saying that, Du Gang handed the two crystals from his hand to the two of


“How do we use them, Du Gang!”

Although Chu Zixuan had said earlier that he had awakened his superpower by swallowing it, Ma Li was still a bit nervous.

“Swallow it!”

Ma Li glanced at the nail-sized crystal in his hand, and a strange thought popped up in his mind.

What if it doesn’t digest after eating?

He shook his head, discarding the messy thoughts in his mind, then gritted his teeth and swallowed it like a pill.

On the other hand, An Ya was not so impulsive, she wanted to see what happens to Ma Li first before she swallowed hers.

On this side, after swallowing the crystal, Ma Li blinked, looked at Du Gang, and then at Chu Zixuan.

A full fifteen minutes had passed before he couldn’t help but ask, “Um… are there any abnormalities in awakening superpowers? How do I know if I’ve awakened?!!”

Du Gang thought he was pondering and feeling his superpower, not expecting him to not have awakened yet.

At this moment, Chu Zixuan said, “When I swallowed the crystal, I felt a strange energy moving in my mind not long after, followed by an awakening of telekinesis. The moment I awakened, I knew how to use my superpower…”

“But I don’t feel anything?”

Ma Li, somewhat anxious, swallowed the crystal quite a while ago and still hadn’t seen any reaction.

“Why don’t you try to exert it?” Cao YongYi suggested.

Du Gang nodded, “Right, give it a try. Maybe the superpower you’ve awakened is not in your head…” 𝑙𝘪𝑏𝓇𝑒𝑎𝒹.𝘤𝑜𝘮

It could be that Chu Zixuan had a reaction in his head because his awakened power, telekinesis, was related to mental power.

Thinking about this, Ma Li also thought it made sense.. So he cleared his throat, imitating Du Gang, and shouted, “Transform!”

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