I'm A Wasteland Giant

Chapter 13 - 13: Classmate Kidnapped by Morality
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13 Chapter 13: Classmate Kidnapped by Morality

Translator: Atlas Studios

Editor: Atlas Studios

‘It’s over, the iron gate on the first floor has been busted open by those bugs!’

‘No, my door is bolted, they can’t get in!’

‘Is someone shouting? Du Gang? Is it that silly sports monitor?’

‘He’s a giant? He’s here to save me? Should I go out then?’

‘I can’t go, how could he possibly save me!’

‘One minute… am I really not going out? What if he really comes to rescue me…’

‘Not possible, if I go out, he might even feed me to the bugs!!’

‘They’re gone, the bugs are coming!’

Mu Chuxue was hiding under her blanket, trembling uncontrollably. Her beautiful face was pale as a ghost.

Her mind kept reassuring herself.

‘These bugs, they definitely shouldn’t know there’s someone in this building, right?!!’

‘They shouldn’t know I’m in this room, right?!!’


The sound of bugs crawling outside the door, hearing that they didn’t stop at her door, Mu Chuxue instantly took a sigh of relief. π’π’Šπ™—π’“π’†π’‚π’….𝓬𝒐𝓢

Just then, the sound of a bug crawling outside the door came again, “ssssss!”

‘Quickly pass by, don’t stop, please leave, there’s no one here!’

Mu Chuxue was praying inside her heart non-stop, but Murphy’s law happened – she was so afraid of the bug stopping, and sure enough the bug outside really stopped.

Her heart hung in suspense again, simultaneously holding her breath, her body trembling uncontrollably.

‘It will leave, right?!!’


A severe door-banging sound scared Mu Chuxue, her hands gripping the sheet even tighter, she was so nervous that her breath became shallow.

“I locked it, it can’t get in!”

“I locked it, it can’t get in!”

She didn’t even believe her own words.

These bugs, they can even break open a steel door from the first floor, let alone a wooden dormitory door…

‘If I had gone out when Du Gang came, would I have survived?’

‘If …’

The distance between the male and female dormitories is not far, only about five or six meters. With Du Gang’s strength after transforming, he could easily jump over.

Upon reaching the rooftop, he took two at a time and in three rounds, successfully transferred all five girls who had believed his words and made it to the rooftop to the boys’ dormitory.

Upon his return with only Wang Yixuan on the third trip, everyone questioned, “Why did you only bring one person this time?”

“That’s all there were!”

“That’s all?” Everyone was stunned.

Ma Li was suspicious, “Du Gang, I remember when we were moving our things, there were quite a few girls, right? There must have been about twenty of them, right?!! How come only five were brought?”

Du Gang shrugged, saying nonchalantly, “It’s out of my hands, I asked them to come out and escape with me, they didn’t, so I was helpless!”


Everyone was stunned silent by Du Gang’s reply.

They did not expect that Du Gang could be so cold-blooded and he voiced his thoughts so confidently. π’π™žπ™—π’“π’†π™–π“­.π™˜π’π’Ž

“Du Gang, you can’t be like this, we are all classmates, this is not right…”

“Yeah, Du Gang, those are lives after all; you have the capability to save them…”

Du Gang shook his head, refusing to say, “I gave them a chance, they did not come out, I had no choice…”

The other five girls were too frightened by Du Gang’s cold-blooded indifference to speak up.

He continued, “If they had all come out, even if I transformed into a giant and delayed some time for them, that would be fine. Unfortunately, they didn’t trust me, wouldn’t go out the door, so why would I bother?!!”

It was now a little past two and not yet three o’clock. He only had nine minutes left to transform, and he had more than twenty hours before resetting. He didn’t know what was going to happen after, but he didn’t want to put himself in danger.

After a brief silence, everyone started to persuade him again.

“Du Gang, please go rescue them, they are our classmates, they didn’t come out, maybe they are just scared…”

“Yeah, they are girls after all, you are a boy, show some understanding!”

Du Gang shook his head, “The transformation exhausts me a lot, if I can’t transform later and we encounter the bugs, I might not be able to protect you guys, are you sure you want me to do that?”

“Also, so what if they’re girls? You think those bugs care? I gave them a chance, they didn’t come out, I am helpless!!”

Wang Yixuan looked at Du Gang in shock, “Du Gang, why are you like this now, you…”

If there was anyone who knew Du Gang the best among the group, other than Ma Li, it would be her!

That was also the reason why she was the first to run out when she heard Du Gang’s voice.

“What’s wrong with me?”

After hearing what Wang Yixuan said, Du Gang’s expression changed, counter-questioning: “Did I kill anyone? Or harm them? Come on, tell me what’s wrong with me!”


Wang Yixuan was lost for words.

At this point, Ma Haibin stepped forward, saying: “Du Gang, I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person. They are our classmates, you didn’t harm them directly… but, you have the capability to save them, why didn’t you?”

He saw many people agreeing and supporting his words, he felt encouraged and continued, “Du Gang, you once said, with great power, comes great responsibility. You are the strongest among us, you…”

Just then, some students had brought An Ya up from the first floor.

As soon as she came up, she immediately said, “Du Gang, don’t be angry, go save them!”

Seeing An Ya had come up, Ma Haibin was overjoyed, quickly added: “Yes, Du Gang, you can still save them if you go now…”

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