I'll Surpass The MC

Chapter 479 The Trap Prepared for the Boar King
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Chapter 479 The Trap Prepared for the Boar King

"This is the last trap." Inala sighed upon seeing the working village before him. Walking across it, disguised as people were Empyrean Zingers, numbering in the hundreds. There weren't just the Mutated Empyrean Zingers that he had created, but also the Empyrean Zingers created by the Empyrean Zinger Queen.

"Great job!" Inala patted the head of the Empyrean Zinger Queen who snuggled into him, assumed miniature form and landed on his head. It swam through his hair and expressed refusal to leave the place, treating it as its territory.

The Empyrean Zinger Queen created a lot of Empyrean Zingers, who then assumed human form once Gannala entered their Nature Slot and unleashed the effects of her Tertiary Nature of Cultivator.

As a result, they roamed their respective villages as humans, building their civilisations gradually. None of them had been established for longevity though. No, Inala had plans to create his own Kingdom in the future, but that would have to wait until he evolved.

At present, it was an unnecessary undertaking that would consume too much of his attention and resources.

The function of these villages was just one—to trap the Boar King.

There were complex Spirit Weapons stored safely in the centre of the village, ones resembling a speaker. They were created using Gannala's throat and modified a bit while taking reference from the Spirit Weapons Inala had refined at the Sanrey Plains.

The function of this speaker was simple. When the time was right, an Empyrean Zinger in human form would activate it, causing it to release the cry of a newborn Empyrean Tusk. There wouldn't just be one but a dozen of them.

Whether it be in the Sanrey Plains or the Dralh Sea, Inala had used Gannala's baby voice to lure in the Boar King. The Boar King was already aware of it being a trap the second time. But Inala still taunted the Boar King into arriving there.

But it won't work the third time, especially since the Boar King would be making a beeline towards the Brimgan Empire after sensing the presence of the Major Treasure of Attribute. Even if he were to hear a baby Empyrean Tusk's voice, he would instead prioritise heading towards the Brimgan Empire.

Not just because of the Attribute's presence but also because his family lived there. Thereby, the only way to successfully lure in the Boar King despite that was to unleash the cries of countless baby Empyrean Tusks.

Since all the cries were different, it would look like dozens of Empyrean Tusks were being birthed at the same time. Upon hearing this, the Boar King's repressed emotions would take over, causing him to rush towards the village while raging with hatred.

He would be unable to sit still while over a dozen Empyrean Tusks were born. From the start, the Empyrean Zingers in human forms that were living in the village would be able to sense his presence.

They had the Secondary Nature of Internal Inertial Gravity that acted as a radar for the Boar King. While the Boar King rushes to the Brimgan Empire, there are numerous paths he could take. It was impossible to predict his route, even for Inala. 𝘭𝑖𝒷𝓇𝘦𝘢𝒹.𝑐𝘰𝘮

Hence, instead of leaving too much to chance and spending way more time than necessary to determine the most likely path, Inala simply brute-forced through things. He built a village along all the possible paths.

And through the cries unleashed by the speakers, the Boar King would be lured as long as he was in range. The village closest to his position would activate the speaker and lure the Boar King there.

Living in each village were around thirty to forty Mutated Empyrean Zingers in human form, acting as the adults. They were accompanied by Empyrean Zingers created by the Empyrean Zinger Queen—also in human form.

These Empyrean Zingers were the children that populated the village, crossing its number to enter the three digits. The villages were established in somewhat safer zones, but even with their strength, there was zero chance of longevity.

They would be wiped out in a year or two. But their purpose would be achieved by then, which was what Inala was going for.

From the outside, the village seemed normal, occupying a region spanning a kilometre or two in radius. But, it existed atop a pitfall. There was a Prana Bomb layer underneath that acted as the foundation atop which a layer of soil had been poured and a village was constructed.

Mystic Nature Weapon—Tunnel!

The pitfall was created using the effects of the Mystic Grade Nature of Drifting Tunnel. As a result, a powerful force of gravity moved through it, causing anyone who falls into it to continue falling at speeds beyond their grasping capability.

The pitfall was a straight line for three kilometres, following which it transformed into a helix and travelled for a depth of seven more kilometres, at the end of which it formed a hoop. The gravity has been strengthened by Gannala's use of both Internal Inertial Gravity and Drifting Tunnel, resulting in such a functional trap.

Once the Boar King falls through it, he would quickly be brought into the hoop where he would continue to circle around forever. But to his senses, it would seem like he was falling infinitely.

After all, plans had been made to ensure the helical tunnel would close up, cutting off contact with the hoop once the Boar King fell into the hoop. Moreover, the helical tunnel would begin closing up, followed by the cylindrical tunnel, ending up trapping the Boar King at a depth of ten kilometres.

There would no longer be a path leading to the surface. The Boar King would be trapped in the hoop, continuing to fall endlessly.

Moreover, to ensure he doesn't manage to reach the tunnel walls at the start, Asaeya layered it with needles—Spirit Weapons created using her Tertiary Nature of Kinesis Rupture Deity.

They had been refined to the extent they could actually prick the Boar King, which was more than enough to infuse all the sensation of pain stored in them into him. The sheer transfer of pain would cause the Boar King to reflexively retract his body part that came in contact with the tunnel wall, following which the gravity in the tunnel would bring him downward.

This way, there were enough of these needles—filled with the sensation of turbid pain—for him to go around as he continued to fall. The highlight was at the hoop where a stream of water circulated through the hoop.

At first glance, it seemed like water, but in truth was a concentrated essence extracted from a Millinger's use of Bone-

Melting Artillery.

Inala used the combined powers of Gannala and Asaeya to capture a Millinger, following which Gannala took root in its Tertiary Nature slot and began to influence it. And then, the Millinger produced the fluid that revolved in the hoop.

The moment the Boar King plunges into it, this corrosive fluid would begin to eat into his body. It would give him endless trouble, as he not only had to worry about regaining his balance but would also have to protect himself from the corrosive fluid.

The effects of Internal Inertial Gravity and Drifting Tunnel ensured that even if the Boar King splashed the corrosive fluid onto the walls in an effort to corrode them, the splashed fluid wouldn't even travel halfway towards the wall before it would return to the centre of the tunnel, continuing its motion in the hoop.

Obviously, the walls of the hoop were layered by needles too. These needles contained the pain of a needle piercing one's eyeball. Asaeya had tortured herself a lot to accumulate the pain necessary for filling up all these needles, proving that at the end of the day, she was Inala's disciple.

Once caught in the trap, it would take a long time for the Boar King to escape. And obviously, through the layer of earth spanning ten kilometres, there were more traps waiting for him.

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