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Chapter 250: Traitor?

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Elder and the others are on the hill ahead. We’ll just need to climb over this mountain.”

Li Yidao heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the other party’s words.

Finally… They were finally here.

Was this the Elder that the other party had mentioned waiting not far ahead?

It took them nearly half a day to reach this place not far ahead!

If it weren’t for the fact that they hadn’t experienced any battles on the train.

If it weren’t for the fact that their physiques were far superior to ordinary people, even half a day of journey would be enough for them to collapse.

There was no other way. This path was too difficult!

For example, right now…

How did they walk?

Haven’t you heard what the other party said? Climb over this mountain?

Mind you, that was a mountain!

It wasn’t an ordinary hill, but a real mountain.

Based on their current speed, they would need at least two hours to climb this mountain.

However, at least they were no longer blocked by the trees and their vision ahead was clear.

They could finally see everything clearly.

If they hadn’t used some special method to determine their direction, they might have gotten lost long ago.

This was the reason why they couldn’t casually walk in this relatively primitive forest.

Other than the poisonous snakes and ferocious beasts in the forest, everything else was beyond your imagination.

“Let’s take a break here first. Everyone has been walking for quite a long time.”

However… Just as the man finished speaking and was about to continue leading the way.


The old man spoke up.

To be honest, not only was the other party stunned by his words, but even Li Yidao was stunned.

he thought, “Didn’t everyone just rest? It hadn’t even been ten minutes. Why was he resting again?”

As if to emphasize the reason for their break, the old man spoke again, “There’s basically no place to rest on the road ahead. It’ll take us at least two to three hours to climb over this mountain.”

“It’s better to rest here first. 𝘭𝘪𝘣𝑟𝘦𝘢𝒹.𝘤𝑜𝓂

Hearing the old man’s words, Li Yidao felt that it was very reasonable, but he also felt that something was off about it.

However… He chose not to say anything.

According to the current journey and situation, it wasn’t that there was no way to rest, right?

Even if it meant taking a break while climbing, wasn’t that an option?

As for what kind of danger they would encounter?

Hadn’t there been dangers along the way?

Just a moment ago, a palm-sized spider crawled onto Sister Zhou’s back.

If Yang Qingyue hadn’t acted swiftly, Sister Zhou would be unaware of the situation now.

But since the old man said so, then…

Li Yidao believed that he definitely had his own motives.

Simple rest? It didn’t exist.

Therefore, he put down his backpack without hesitation and found a place to sit down.

However, his position was closer to the old man compared to the others.

If the old man had something to say or needed him to do something, he could easily sit beside him.

As expected!

As Li Yidao made his move, the old man sat down right beside him.

He saw that the old man was indeed approaching him.

He knew… Something must have happened.

But he didn’t say anything.

The old man must have sensed something.

Not only that, but he also being discreet about it.

It seemed… He must be guarding against those people in strange clothes.

But why should he guard against them?

But what was the situation now?

For a moment, Li Yidao was confused.

It was really a little strange!

This was too much of a waste of brain cells. Why did it feel like he was playing a script?

If this continued, all his hair would fall out.

However… This was how things were now.

After the old man sat down, Li Yidao deliberately observed the man who had spoken earlier from the corner of his eye.

He noticed that the other party’s gaze was inadvertently evading.

Well… This evasive gaze seemed to be afraid of something?

Or rather… A little anxious?

Seeing this, Li Yidao was momentarily stunned.

Then, he finally understood.

Everything he had speculated earlier was correct!

The old man must have discovered something.

That was why he was so vigilant!

It seemed like things had become interesting again!

His expression remained unchanged, but the talisman had already been activated by him and could be used at any time!

If anything went awry, he had no qualms about dealing with the other party directly!

However… Just as Li Yidao was thinking about countless situations and filling his mind with all kinds of battle possibilities…

At this moment, the old man spoke.

Furthermore, what he said was nothing short of astonishing!

“What benefits did they give you that allowed you to betray the tribe?”

The old man lowered his head and asked.

However… Who was the person being asked?

It was already obvious!

Naturally, it was the man who had just spoken.

It was the man in strange clothes who had brought them along.

The other party was also stunned!

His body subconsciously trembled!

The remaining few men of his kin also wore a stunned expression!

They all prepared themselves for an attack and looked at the other party!

The expressions in their eyes were even more complicated!

Seeing this, the old man secretly relaxed his gaze a bit.

If the other few people were completely expressionless and indifferent.

Then things might have gotten even worse..

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