I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe

Chapter 928 - 928: The Beginning Of An All-Out Attack (1)
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Chapter 928 - 928: The Beginning Of An All-Out Attack (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Mayor Gu, Dojo Master Lin, the situation in the square is not looking good!”

The officer in charge of rescuing those who had yet to evacuate returned to report the situation to the two of them with a solemn expression.

“There are already siege beasts charging into the crowd in the plaza, causing huge casualties.”

“The situation over there has become even more chaotic.”


Hearing the officer’s report, Gu Zheng and Lin Ye looked at each other and saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

After all, the entire Iron Rock City had already become an amusement park for mutated beasts.

It was easier said than done to save all of them.

“Just do your best”

Gu Zheng sighed and continued.

“Don’t stop the trucks, but if you encounter a powerful mutated beast, you have to prioritize protecting yourself.”

“That’s all we can do.”

Although Lin Ye didn’t want to admit it, there was nothing he could do.

Even if he brought Blackie and the others over now, it would be useless.

With tens of thousands of people there, those mutated beasts could start the buffet if they rushed over.

If Blackie and the others really went over, they wouldn’t even be able to use any large-scale skills. Otherwise, they would probably kill as many people as mutated beasts.

This was even more awkward.

Just as Lin Ye and the others were feeling a little sorry for this matter, a figure suddenly came out of the spatial door of the dojo and attracted their attention.

It was a staff member wearing the uniform of the city government of Central Province.


“Something happened!”

When Gu Zheng heard this, his eyebrows could not help but twitch.

“What happened?”

“We just received a lot of requests for help from the cities.”

“Almost all of them were sent from the cities at the border of the Eastern Continent. They were all attacked by mutated beasts. Although the intensity is not high, everyone was very worried.”

“The current situation in Iron Rock City has already alarmed the leaders of other cities.”

“Therefore, when they first discovered the clues, they began to ask us for help.” Hearing the staff’s words, Gu Zheng rubbed the space between his eyebrows and glanced at Lin Ye.

“Why don’t we go back first?”

“We can just hope for the best here.”

Lin Ye thought about Gu Zheng’s suggestion and finally nodded.

After all, even if he stayed here, he would be useless.

In the face of such a situation, what he could do alone was quite limited.

Moreover, it was not easy to pick up people using Qiong Qi now.

When those mutated beasts rushed into the square, the originally stable order at Qiong Qi’s reception area disappeared.

The completely chaotic square made those who could only barely maintain stability start to rush over crazily.

After all, everyone wanted to seize the chance to live.

The few mutants who had been maintaining order were also drowned in the crowd.

Although there were still some people who wanted to send the child out wailing and calling out.

However, Lin Ye could only choose to withdraw Qiong Qi.

However, this time, there were many more people in the cages on Qiong Qi’s back and claws.

It made its flying speed much slower.

As for those convoys, they had only managed to save some more.

At the same time, they told the people who did not get on the bus the location of the Beast Taming Dojo and asked them to think of a way to escape there.

No matter how many people successfully escaped in the end, this was the best they could do.

When Lin Ye and Gu Zheng returned to the Central Province from Iron Rock City and came out of the dojo, they realized that something was wrong.

There were more people around the dojo.

Or rather, things had changed.

They were all people who wanted to get their beasts as soon as possible.

This surprised Gu Zheng, who had been very worried that the people in Central Province would not accept the novelty of beasts.

Were these people’s thoughts changing so quickly?

What Gu Zheng did not expect was that because of the incident in Iron Rock City, many survivors there had spread the news of what had happened there to the Central Province.

After all, after those survivors saw the wonders of the Beast Taming Dojo and the Beast Taming World, no matter how much they did not believe it before, they had no choice but to believe it now.

After all, they had really survived.

Moreover, they easily arrived at the Central Province City.

In the past, this was completely impossible.

Therefore, after this incident, the residents of Iron Rock City who had escaped death spontaneously began to publicize.

With the witnesses and evidence present, the residents of the Central Province began to panic.

This matter had already spread like wildfire.

Although there was no beast tide in Central Province yet, the city government had already issued an early warning. The people who had fled from other cities these few days were all confirming the crisis of the current situation.

Due to various reasons, it was understandable that these people began to come to the Beast Taming Dojo to buy beasts.

After Gu Zheng understood the situation a little, he heaved a sigh of relief.

At the very least, there was no need to persuade Central Province now.

If Iron Rock City had paid more attention to it earlier, perhaps not many people would have died this time…

Now, the loss of nearly 100,000 people could be considered a reminder to the people in other cities, but this reminder was a little too heavy.

“What’s the situation in Central Province now?”

“Hundreds of thousands of people have poured in in the past two days.”

“At the moment, there are already living tensions in the city.” 𝒍𝓲𝒃𝙧𝓮𝙖𝒅.𝓬𝙤𝓶

The secretary reported.

“There are already many people setting up tents in many streets or public parks.”

Gu Zheng thought for a moment and instructed,

“Continue to receive the people from other cities.”

“The situation is urgent now. Let’s not worry about whether we can stay or not.

In any case, it will be considered a success if we bring them into the city.”

“By the way, forget about the nearby cities.”

“They’re also responsible for receiving personnel from other cities.”

“Also, prioritize the people of the city that is attacked by mutated beasts. Send this out as an announcement.”


After arranging everything, Gu Zheng bade farewell to Lin Ye.

He needed to go back and take charge of the situation.

Meanwhile, Lin Ye continued to take Alicia to other cities to activate the dojos.

This time, because the news spread very quickly, no matter where they went, they were received with high standards.

Many city lords couldn’t wait for Lin Ye to live there.

They even wished for him to build a few more dojos.

This was a stark contrast to their conflict back then..

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