I Fabricated the Techniques, but my disciple really mastered them?

Chapter 91 - 80: Visitor from the Inner Domain, the Excited Crown Prince 2
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Chapter 91: Chapter 80: Visitor from the Inner Domain, the Excited Crown Prince 2

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“So Xue Wuxin really managed to escape and even fled to the border

wastelands. Does he think no one would venture into those desolate lands to

kill him?”

“Others might not dare, but I, Xie Lingfeng, do!”

The middle-aged man said cautiously, “Young Master, don’t forget your vigilance. Xue Wuxin is a grandmaster of the demon cult and his cultivation practice is the legendary ‘Blood Demon Devil’s Sutra’, which absorbs the essence and blood of people, especially that of martial artists.”

“He’s residing in the border wasteland where, although the Heavenly Earth Lingji does not exist to further his cultivation, there are still people living, and considering Xue Wuxin’s ruthless nature, he will surely evoke a city massacre as blood sacrifice.

“His power, I fear, has not only recovered but might also have become stronger.”

Xie Lingfeng arrogantly replied, “Hu Shan, you are also a grandmaster, even if Xue Wuxin has grown stronger, we, by combining our forces, can certainly kill him!

“Furthermore, even if 1 were alone, I, Xie Lingfeng, alone would be enough to kill him. Have I not killed grandmaster martial artists before?”

Hu Shan thought for a moment and believed it made sense. The young master was one of the three youngest martial artists at the grandmaster rank in the inner domain and was also highly renowned in martial arts. His strength significantly surpassed ordinary martial artists.

Moreover, he was also a martial artist at the grandmaster stage.

Even if the young master alone couldn’t kill Xue Wuxin, with his support, Xue Wuxin would surely die.

“Hu Shan, it is because there are still people living on the border wastelands that we need to kill Xue Wuxin; otherwise, the wasteland will turn into a purgatory.”

Xie Lingfeng said seriously.

His tone grew cold and somber. “Xue Wuxin has been in the border wasteland for some time now. He might have already committed a massacre.”

Hu Shan nodded. There were no strong martial artists in the wasteland, but facing Xue Wuxin, even thousands of soldiers would merely be throwing themselves at him.

“Let’s go, we need to hurry to the border wasteland.”

As he spoke, Xie Lingfeng took to the sky, flying beyond the endless mountains.

Hu Shan followed closely.

“Young Master, look there, there are people!”

About half an hour later, Hu Shan suddenly pointed at the area to his left front.

Xie Lingfeng looked and saw a group of over three hundred people. They formed a protective circle, warily guarding their surroundings and a young man nestled in its center. The group appeared somewhat ragged.

The one being protected in the center was clearly a person of importance.

Xie Lingfeng sighed, “Just as I suspected, Xue Wuxin has already committed a massacre. These people were forced to escape into the endless mountains. Given their abilities, even if they did bring bows and crossbows, if they continued deeper in the mountains, they wouldn’t stand a chance against ferocious beasts like Red-Eyed Tigers and Fire-Maned Wolves. Their group would be annihilated.”

Hu Shan nodded.

One glance was all he needed to tell that these people had fled into the mountains for refuge. Combined with the fact that Xue Wuxin had fled to the border wasteland, it wasn’t hard to guess that it was his massacre that had forced these people here.

“Let’s go, let’s go down and ask!”

Xie Lingfeng flew towards Qi King and his followers.

Qi King and his people searched until they were worn out. They began to rest where they stood.

“Where on earth is that high man? Where did Xu Yan met that high man?”

Qi King was close to giving up.

Having always lived a lavish and pampered life, when had he ever endured such hardship?

“Your Highness, look, the high man!”

A eunuch exclaimed excitedly.

The Qi King’s spirit was lifted. Looking up he saw two figures in the sky, descending before him.

A high man!

At that moment, Qi King felt a surge of excitement and his face flushed. His fatigue evaporated.

He leaped up in excitement but thinking it might not be appropriate, he kneeled down as soon as he got up.

The An Wang of Qi country, pays his respects to the high man!”

Seeing Qi King kneeling, the rest of the guards were also visibly excited and quickly followed suit.

“Paying our respects to the high man!”

Xie Lingfeng internally lamented this tragedy Xue Wuxin has inflicted that has forced the dignitary of an entire nation to venture into these endless mountains in search for a high man to reform this national crisis.


Xie Lingfeng spoke in a solemn voice.

“Yes, high man!”

The Qi King stood up, excitedly.

He glanced surreptitiously at Xie Lingfeng. Although Xie Lingfeng seemed younger than himself, he absolutely didn’t believe that Xie Lingfeng was actually younger than him.

He was a high man, blessed with the artistry of eternal youth, forever appearing young.

Xie Lingfeng spoke in a solemn voice, “Your Qi Country, has there been any changes? Is there a great calamity looming?”

Qi King was taken aback, how did this high man know?

That was indeed the case. Ever since Xu Yan’s arrival, Qi Country had undergone major changes and as to whether a great disaster was looming?

That too was possible, who knew when Guo Rongshan might plot a rebellion?

“Yes, yes, high man, you foresee events like a deity!”

Qi King answered excitedly.

Xie Lingfeng sighed internally. As expected, Xue Wuxin had already begun his massacre and started consuming the essence and blood of others to empower himself.

If he hadnโ€™t come, he didnโ€™t dare to imagine how dreadful the situation in the border wasteland would be.

Thinking of this, his face twisted in anger, “What insolence! Tell me, how many people have died?”

How many have died?

Qi King was taken aback. He wasn’t quite sure, but it was common knowledge among the court officials in the capital that Xu Yan had routed ten thousand soldiers of the Shenwei Army.

However, he didn’t know how many of the Shenwei soldiers had died as a result.

“I don’t know the exact number, but I heard that ten thousand of our elite Shenwei Soldiers were routed!”

The Crown Prince honestly answered.

Xie Lingfeng’s murderous intent became more and more intense. Has he already slaughtered ten thousand people?

And they were the elites of Qi Country, what about before this?

He must have already killed countless people, and even carried out the blood sacrifice of a city, causing Qi Country to dispatch its best troops for extermination.

“Tell me, where is he?”

Xie Lingfeng asked in a deep voice.

“Probably in Donghe County?”

The Crown Prince was not quite sure.

However, it seemed that the esteemed one held a grudge against Xu Yan, or Xu Yan’s master? ๐‘™๐’พ๐˜ฃ๐˜ณ๐‘’๐’ถ๐’น.๐‘๐˜ฐ๐“‚

A grudge is good!

Only then would he not join forces with Xu Yan.

“Esteemed one, please protect my Qi Country’s imperial family. Qi Country is willing to recognize the esteemed one as the National Protector Grandmaster!”

The Crown Prince bowed and said.

“There is no need for a National Protector Grandmaster. I will settle the trouble in your Qi Country.”

After thinking for a moment, Xie Lingfeng said, “You should follow me back to Qi Country to look for his traces. I will take care of him!”

“Yes, yes, esteemed one!”

The Crown Prince was slightly disappointed.

However, as long as the esteemed one arrives at the capital of Qi Country, there is still a chance of turning the tables.

“Esteemed one, please follow me back to the capital. We will soon know his whereabouts.”

The Crown Prince ordered his men to prepare immediately for their return to the capital of Qi Country.

Xie Lingfeng looked at this group. They were too slow. By the time they returned to the capital of Qi Country, who knew how many people Xu Yan would have killed.

To avoid unnecessary delays, Xie Lingfeng directly reached out, grabbed the Crown Prince’s shoulder, and said, “You just need to point the way, follow me.”

The Crown Prince was a little confused and forced a smile, saying, “Well… Esteemed one, 1 can’t recognise the directions!”

“But, my companion does recognise the directions!”

The Crown Prince quickly pointed to his accompanying eunuch.

“Then, let’s go together.”

Xie Lingfeng nodded.

Hu Shan grabbed the accompanying eunuch and rose into the air with Xie Lingfeng.

“We’re flying!”

The Crown Prince was extremely excited. He looked down and was so frightened that he shivered.

Xu Yan couldn’t even fly. This esteemed one was stronger than Xu Yan. Let’s see how arrogant Xu Yan can be.

The glory of the Guo Rongshan family ends here.

His father, the Emperor, is old and should retire.

Such a useless old man, only knows how to vent his anger on his own son!

The Crown Prince thought resentfully.

“Point the way.”

Xie Lingfeng looked at the accompanying eunuch.

“Over there! The capital is over there!”

The voice of the accompanying eunuch trembled with excitement as he pointed in the direction of the capital of Qi Country.

At this moment, he really wanted to ask the esteemed one if severed roots could grow back from practicing Martial Arts.

But he didn’t have the courage to ask.


Xie Lingfeng’s inner Martial Arts Qi surged, shielding the Crown Prince as they flew towards the direction of the Qi Country’s capital.

Hu Shan took the accompanying eunuch and followed closely behind.

The Qi Country’s capital was still bustling as usual.

The ministers had no mind to attend court and the common people didn’t care either. As long as the nobles didn’t disturb their lives, it didn’t matter whether they attended court or not.

The Qi King proved to be virtuous and wise. Since he took over the government affairs and assisted Emperor Qi, miscellaneous taxes had been reduced and their lives had become better.

In the palace, Emperor Qi was entertaining Guo Rongshan. He spoke kindly, addressing him as Brother Guo, while his favorite concubine, Princess Concubine Yun, attended the gathering.

Guo Rongshan felt very uncomfortable.

Last time, Emperor Qi tried to give him Princess Concubine Yun and it scared him into quickly refusing.

What does it mean to have Princess Concubine Yun attend this meeting now?

“Brother Guo, I see that you are getting stronger as you grow older. Would you like to accept…”

Emperor Qi said with a hearty laugh.

His heart was filled with discontent. Had he become the first emperor to end up in such a state throughout history?

Where is the esteemed one? Why hasn’t he been found yet!

“Your Majesty, I’m afraid. My wife is like a tiger, 1 dare not have any thoughts!”

Guo Rongshan hurriedly tactfully refused.

Is Emperor Qi developing some strange fetish? He’s not thinking about giving away concubines again, is he?

“Father, the esteemed one is here. I’ve found the esteemed one!”

Suddenly, an excited voice came from above..

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