Hitman With A Badass System

Chapter 1242 Fallout of Gaya and Nithroel
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Chapter 1242 Fallout of Gaya and Nithroel


In the depths of a darkened hall, where the only light came from the flickering flames ensconced along the ancient walls, a circular stone table stood as the centerpiece. Around this table, several figures clad in dark robes and armor were seated upon thrones that seemed as ancient as time itself. These were the loyal subordinates of the Dark Lord Michael: Adelia Ashton, mother to Gaya; Ricky; Eve Voldiguard; Azazel; Aria; and Tista and Lenoa, the elder vampires whose ages spanned centuries.

Then, Eve Voldiguard rose from her seat, her presence commanding the attention of all those gathered. "I've received word from my contact within the Mazeroth," she began, her voice echoing slightly in the vast hall. "Headmaster Wulfric has sensed something concerning about the realm tear. He seems to believe a hydra is soon to come through the realm tear in the Akilan Realm,"

Murmurs of shock and disbelief rippled through the assembly, the mention of a hydra causing a visible stir among the Dark Lord's loyal followers.

"A hydra?" Tista echoed, her tone laced with incredulity. "How the hell are we supposed to deal with that without the Dark Lord here?"

But Eve was unfazed by Trista's outburst as she continued.

"Ever since the Dark Lord ventured into the Realm of gods, we've had no word from him. But knowing him as we do, he's likely kicking ass and taking names," she said, a slight smirk playing on her lips, inspiring nods and murmurs of agreement from around the table.

Her words immediately brought a smile to the demon butler's face. Ever since Michael left, Azazel had been yearning to serve his lord once again, but as a good butler should, he had been helping the dark army in the Dark Lord's absence, which everyone on the dark army greatly appreciated.

"The Dark Lord's strength and cunning are unmatched. He's faced worse and emerged victorious. We must trust in his abilities, even in his absence," said Azazel.

Nods of agreement followed Azazel's words, a shared sentiment of admiration for Michael's prowess evident among those present. Just like everyone else, Eve smiled when she heard Azazel's words about her best friend, Ghost. But she would be lying if she said she didn't miss him. Suppressing her true emotions deep within, Eve shifted the focus back to the immediate threat. "But now, we also don't have the Dark Queen, Gaya, with us. We're on our own in dealing with this situation."

Ricky, the youngest among the Dark Lord's subordinates and often the quickest to voice his concerns, felt a surge of panic at the mention of a hydra. "Look, having one damn hydra sleeping in Stormville Mountain has been draining the Southern Continent of energy for centuries. Can you even imagine what a pissed-off hydra, fresh from a realm tear, could do to us?" he blurted out, his voice tinged with anxiety.

It was well-known among them that Maxine had been carefully monitoring Stormville Mountain, overseeing the arch energy crystal mining while maintaining an uneasy peace with Mugashuko. They were all acutely aware that even the Dark Lord himself exercised caution regarding the slumbering hydra, with strict orders not to disturb its rest during their mining operations. The prospect of confronting another hydra, especially in the absence of both the Dark Lord and the Dark Queen, sent a wave of apprehension through the room.

Leaning forward and cutting through the growing tension, Lenora offered her perspective. "It doesn't bloody matter if another hydra comes through the realm tear. What matters is whether it comes with a purpose."

"A hydra with a mission, huh? What's it gonna do, apply for a job?" Ricky quipped.

On the other hand, Eve chose to ignore Ricky due to the severity of the matter at hand. "I don't believe the appearance of this realm tear and the imminent arrival of a hydra are coincidences," said Eve. Since Azazel was old enough to know there was no coincidence when it came to trouble and the Dark Lord, he knew there was something or someone behind this. "Indeed, if Harry is somehow involved and a hydra is on its way, it could very well mean that the Skyhall or Salesi is orchestrating this." Azazel nodded in agreement.

At the mention of Salesi, Adelia's expression darkened, her voice low and menacing. "If that bitch is involved, it definitely spells trouble for us." After hearing Adelia, Lenora also showed her hatred for Salesi, her voice laced with frustration. "That damn bitch is like a shadow. Just when you think you've got her, she's nowhere to be found. If only I could get my hands on her," she muttered, the growl in her voice echoing off the stone walls.

With a similar sentiment, Adelia's frustration was palpable, her fists clenched as if ready to strike. "Tracking her down is like chasing the wind. She's elusive, always a step ahead of us," Adelia remarked.

In the midst of this brewing storm of frustration, Eve took a moment to collect her thoughts before addressing the group. "Azazel," she said, her voice cutting through the tension, "make sure our contacts in Mazeroth are on high alert and keep a constant watch on Harry. We can't let our guard down for a second."

"I've had our eyes on him, but I'll make sure we double down on our efforts. He won't notice a thing," Azazel assured, his commitment to their cause unwavering, ready to bolster their defenses without alarming Harry.

The notion of Harry potentially turning against them was a concern they all shared. And Lenora who knew the complicated history between Harry and the Dark Lord had her own thoughts.

"The last thing we need is Harry turning against his father out of some misguided vengeance. That could unravel everything we've worked towards." Lenora voiced this concern, Quick to reinforce the gravity of their situation, Trista added her thoughts. "If Harry ever turns against the Dark Lord, imagine Gaya's wrath. We've seen her fury. She's as ruthless as she is merciless when it comes to protecting those she loves."

But noticing Aria had been silent the whole time, Eve turned her gaze toward her. "Aria, you've been awfully quiet. Anything to add?" she inquired, her gaze piercing through the dim light to the Queen of Shadows.

Aria, known for her leadership of the Dark Forces' assassin force, had been quietly absorbing the conversation. Finally, she spoke, her voice cutting through the tension.

"What's Noah's next move if, or when, this hydra emerges from the realm tear?"

Her question redirected the focus of the discussion. "If we're aware of this threat, it's safe to assume Noah is too. And if Harry, the hydra, and Salesi are entwined in this, perhaps it's time we considered finding a way to inform the Dark Lord," Aria suggested, her strategic mind analyzing the situation. ๐“ต๐’Š๐“ซ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ช๐’….๐“ฌ๐“ธ๐™ข

Ricky quickly chimed in, supporting Aria's proposal. "She's right. This is shaping up to be a mess we can't clean up on our own."

Hearing Ricky, Eve let out a sigh, the weight of leadership heavy on her shoulders. "Elidyr is already on it, trying to find a way to reach the Dark Lord. It seems it's time he's brought up to speed," she acknowledged, the necessity of their situation clear.

Trista nodded in agreement, her usual demeanor lightening for a moment. "Good. And, honestly, I kind of miss having Nithroel on our side," she half-joked, a hint of nostalgia in her voice for times when alliances were less complicated.

Following her friend, Lenora couldn't help but add her own quip, lightening the mood further. "After the spat Gaya had with Nithroel, it's a bloody miracle the Goddess of the Hunt hasn't decided to hunt us down instead," she remarked.

Obviously, the rift between Gaya and Nithroel could be traced back to a singular, pivotal event. Gaya's defiance of Nithroel's strict commands had led to the release of Zariel from his imprisonment in the Nether Realm. This action, while controversial, was driven by a desperate need to save Cindy, who had been possessed by Zariel. Faced with an impossible choice, Gaya opted to free Zariel, believing it was the only way to spare Cindy's life. Her decision, though made with the best of intentions, had grave repercussions, unleashing a cascade of events that led to the loss of countless innocent lives, including hundreds of elves within Nithroel's domain.

This tragedy deepened the chasm between Gaya and Nithroel, transforming a once-strong alliance into a fragile truce marred by betrayal and loss. The release of Zariel not only endangered the lives of many but also destabilized the precarious balance of power, casting a long shadow over their former camaraderie.

Yet, the reason Nithroel refrained from direct retaliation against them was the presence of the Dark Lord. His influence and power were the deterrents that stayed Nithroel's hand, preventing an outright conflict that could have led to even more bloodshed. In the midst of strategizing, Eve let out a weary sigh, signaling a shift in the conversation's direction. "In the meantime, I'll go speak with Mugashuko," she announced, a determined glint in her eye. "He might at least shed some light on something that could give us an edge if we can't reach the Dark Lord."

The room fell into a stunned silence, every pair of eyes turning to Eve with varying degrees of disbelief and concern. The idea of confronting Mugashuko, the hydra residing within Stormville Mountain, was audacious, to say the least.

"You're planning to what now?" Ricky spluttered, his usual composure slipping. "Walk into the hydra's den and ask for a bloody favor?"

Lenora's voice, usually calm and measured, carried a note of incredulity. "Are you out of your damn mind, Eve? That's a hydra we're talking about, not some tavern keeper you can chat up for information."

On the other hand, Azazel simply raised an eyebrow in silent question, his expression speaking volumes about his skepticism towards Eve's plan.

"He hasn't killed us yet, has he? So, I believe he might be willing to listen. It's a risk, yes, but one I'm prepared to take if it means gaining any advantage over whatever's coming our way." Eve said, unwilling to back off from her risky backup plan.

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