Gourmet Style Beast Taming

Chapter 94 - 81: Excited Xu Yan, Sword Master Cliff Xie Lingfengi
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Chapter 92: Chapter 81: Excited Xu Yan, Sword Master Cliff Xie Lingfengi

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Emperor Qi and Guo Rongshan looked up at the sound, as four figures descended from the sky.

A young man with a treasured sword hanging on his waist, carrying the elder prince, descended from the sky. Another, a middle-aged man, with a similar precious sword on his waist, was accompanied by the princeโ€™s eunuchs.

Emperor Qi immediately rejoiced and stood up abruptly.

The highly esteemed person he eagerly hoped for had finally arrived.

“Greetings, highly esteemed ones!”

Emperor Qi’s demeanor was very humble, almost moved to tears with excitement.

But Guo Rongshan’s heart sank at seeing that this respected person arrived by flying; his own grandson Xu Yan was still unable to fly using the Qi technique. However, his grandson’s master was an unrivaled top-class figure; he should not fall short, right?

He too hastily stood up, following suit in a respectful salute.

Xie Lingfeng’s gaze was stern, with no unnecessary words, he directly asked: “Where is the one causing the chaos?”

Emperor Qi was taken aback – who was he referring to by troublemaker?

Xu Yan?!

Guo Rongshan’s heart trembled, these esteemed people sounded displeased. Could they have any grudge against Xu Yan or his master?

A feeling of unease welled up within him.

“Guo Rongshan, where is your grandson?”

Emperor Qi even now stood tall; he had stopped using fraternal address, calling him directly by name.

Guo Rongshan pondered for a moment. His grandson was in Donghe County, following his master to practice. If these two martial artists go there, perhaps Xu Yan’s master would be able to handle them.

“In Donghe County!”

He didn’t attempt to deceive them; standing tall, he gave a sidelong glance to Emperor Qi.

Emperor Qi’s heart jumped, the situation was still uncertain; what if these renowned individuals failed to win in the end?

He immediately tried to charm with his smile: “Brother Guo, since the esteemed ones are looking for your grandson, we dare not conceal anything.”

Hearing that Xu Yan was in Donghe County, Xie Lingfeng immediately asked: “Which direction is Donghe County?”

The elder prince with his upright posture spoke: “Esteemed ones, there’s no need for you to go there personally. 1 will send a messenger to call him to the capital to meet you.”

Having spoken, he gestured towards Guo Rongshan, instructing, “Lord Guo, why don’t you quickly send a message to your grandson, requesting him to come to the capital to meet the esteemed ones?”

Guo Rongshan narrowed his eyes and glanced at the elder prince – this young chap deserved to be disciplined.

The elder prince, feeling a bit intimidated under his gaze, gathered courage thinking of the support from the renowned individuals and glared back hard.

Zheng Yuanming wore a confused expression, fixating his puzzled eyes on Guo Rongshan.

“Your grandson?”

Xu Yan was someone’s grandson now?

“Yes, indeed. May 1 know the esteemed one’s purpose for seeking my grandson?”

Guo Rongshan nodded and replied.

Xie Lingfeng blinked, feeling that something didn’t quite add up.

He turned to Hu Shan, speaking in whispers: “How old is Xu Yan? Could he be from a remote region?”

Hu Shan was equally puzzled: “Xu Yan wouldnโ€™t be younger than me. As for coming from a remote region to the inner domain, there’s no chance. Dangers abound in the mountains near the boundary, only those with strength beyond the fourth or fifth rank in cultivation can make it.”

“Then what’s going on here?”

Xie Lingfeng couldn’t believe a martial artist could appear from such a remote place.

Hu Shan pondered a while, speculating: “Probably Xu Yan changed his style; on the surface, he is the grandson of this person, but in reality, he might be controlling him in secret, aiding him to control the Qi court, secretly consuming others’ essence, avoiding causing a big disorder.”

“As a result, dodging our pursuit?”

“If it were someone else, on reaching this remote area and not finding any massacre, they won’t continue pursuing and return to the inner domain.”

Hu Shan elaborated his analysis.

It made sense to Xie Lingfeng – Xu Yan had paid a significant price in the inner domain, barely managing to escape to this remote place. To evade the pursuit of the inner domain martial artists for now, he had to keep a low profile.

While hiding his identity, did he actually condescend to become someone’s grandson?

He indeed underestimated Xu Yan’s level of forbearance.

Thinking this way, Xie Lingfeng narrowed his eyes, addressing Guo Rongshan: “Send a message to your grandson. Invite him to the capital. Tell him there’s no place to hide.”

“Okay!” ๐“ต๐“ฒ๐“ซ๐™ง๐“ฎ๐™–๐™™.๐’„๐“ธ๐™ข

Without any hesitation, Guo Rongshan nodded in agreement.

This matter had exceeded his ability to handle and resolve. To inform his grandson about everything and if it was really impossible to resist, his grandson would have to run!

“Your Majesty, 1 request to take my leave!”

Guo Rongshan bowed to Emperor Qi. ๐“ต๐’Š๐“ซ๐™ง๐™š๐’‚๐™™.๐’„๐“ธ๐’Ž

“Take care!”

Emperor Qi was absolutely delighted.

As Guo Rongshan left, Emperor Qi immediately ordered a banquet to celebrate the arrival of Xie Lingfeng and his companion.

But Xie Lingfeng declined, only seeking to be provided with a quiet place to stay.

Emperor Qi readily agreed.

He personally escorted Xie Lingfeng to a quiet place within the palace. After returning to his imperial study, his aura had changed, the majesty of an emperor had returned.

“Pass my decree; secretly monitor the Qi residence’s activities and prepare to control the military force.”

Emperor Qi ordered.

“Father, let’s simply confiscate the Guo family’s property!”

The elder prince suggested.

“You fool!”

Emperor Qi glared at his elder son, saying: “The outcome is still uncertain, so why hurry? What if it’s a draw? Or what if we lose? Be composed, don’t rush recklessly!”

“Yes, yes, father is right!”

The elder prince gave a remorseful look.

Yet, inwardly he was quite displeased with his father. He began pondering – should he try to get in good with the great figures and seek their support to become the Emperor of Qi Country?

His father was getting old, becoming rather senile; it was time to dethrone him.

In Yunshan County, Li Xuan had been persistently perfecting the technique of cultivation above the Innate Realm.

He could establish a smooth connection with the Innate Realm; the power of this realm was still formidable, surpassing the Grandmasters in the inner domain martial arts.

But one day, a message was relayed from the capital to Donghe County.

Martial Artists had descended on the capital!

Xu Yan was ordered to go to the capital to see them!

It appeared that the arrivals harbored ill intentions!

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