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Chapter 849
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Chapter 849

Previously, the kings and emperors that lost their talents heard the news about the departure of the eight million troops of the Ardo Empire.

Despite their mellow relationship, these kings and emperors gathered together. They talked about wanting to send their own troops and destroy the Beyond the Heavens Empire together.

“Let’s wait and see. Emperor Consteinus will definitely bear the consequences of bringing judgment upon the Beyond the Heavens Empire.”

The kings and emperors that were clamoring for a piece of the pie promptly shut their mouths when they heard that. That was right. They might be boiling with rage but that did not mean that they needed to stain their hands with blood.

“But our people will also be there, won’t they be swept away by this war?”

“That’s right. They might have made a slight error in their choices but they are still people who we love and care about. I plan to send some of my knights to save them.”

The kings and emperors pretended as if they truly cared and loved their subordinates. But if they were to be honest, they would only feel a tinge of pity should the talents who were stolen from them died in the war.

They promptly decided to send a variety of people to win back their talents once again. However, after a few hours, the kings and emperors received shocking news.

“They said that Emperor Consteinus bowed to the Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor.”

“They said that they did not go to war. They marched all for the sake of sending Amacar off.”

The kings and emperors were left reeling in shock after they heard the reports. Then, were they supposed to send their own troops now?

“Right now, Emperor Consteinus is currently stationed in front of their empire.”

Emperor Consteinus’ Ardo Empire was only second to the Luvien Empire. They could not send troops when such a person was still inside the Beyond the Heavens Empire. As a result, they were at a loss. Were they just supposed to let the Beyond the Heavens Empire be?

At that moment, the king of the Andraui Kingdom rubbed his chin and said, “From what I heard, the woman named Haze was the one who contributed greatly in this talent recruitment.”

The other kings and emperors turned to look at him. They all knew of this woman. She was a woman with a smart head and a very glib tongue.

“Is there anyone here who bought something from her?”

There were quite a few things that came to mind when the kings and emperors heard it.

“I have bought some Blessed Water from the God of Life. When I drank it, I felt like my entire body was purified.” 𝒍𝙞𝙗𝒓𝒆𝙖𝓭.𝙘𝒐𝒎

“I bought the Pure Soil bestowed by the God of Earth. I left it in my room and it felt like the air had cleared up.”

“I bought quite a lot of good things.”

The emperors and kings all looked happy as they recalled the things that they bought. However, they soon realized that something was off.

“...I obviously heard that they did not have much stock left.”

“She said that there’s not much water left so I shouldn’t tell it to others. According to her, the value would only go up if the competition intensifies.”

“But it seems like there’s more stock than what we thought.”

The kings and emperors realized something one after another. The king of Andraui Kingdom hurriedly dumped the soil from the fancy glass bottle that he bought it from on the ground.

“After checking it... It’s just dirt.”



“Even the water’s just plain water. Everything that we purchased from that woman is just something ordinary.”

The kings and emperors realized how dim-witted they had been. They did not even realize how eloquent the woman was. However, the most important factor here was that Haze did not push the sale unto them.

“We were the ones who asked to buy it. What can we do?”

All of them were afraid that their stupidity would be revealed to the public if they pursued the matter.

“We might be the ones who wanted to buy it but she used that glib tongue of hers to make fun of us. What should we do?” The king of Andraui Kingdom laughed maniacally. “Shall we use her to attack the Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor Minhyuk?”



Everyone felt like they had been splashed with water when they heard those words. The reason why they were not able to attack the Beyond the Heavens Empire outright was because they did not want to get accused of getting back at him for the talent recruitment fiasco.

However, this was different. The emperor’s subject used lies to deceive the kings and emperors and take away their money, causing them humiliation.

“Then, if we can find out that this was ordered by Emperor Minhyuk, we will have the justification to lead our entire army to the Beyond the Heavens Empire.”

A vicious smile appeared on the faces of all of the kings and emperors present.

“Tell those that we have sent to the Beyond the Heavens Empire to capture that woman.”


Haze had been impatient. She was tasked to gain ten million platinum within two weeks by just using her glib tongue. Thankfully, at the perfect moment, she was given the opportunity to meet with the kings and emperors.

[You have earned 9.49 million platinum using your brilliant communication skills.]

[You need 510,000 platinum more to change your class to the God of Fraud Class.]

She thought that if she could get a bit more, then she would be able to be a bigger help to Minhyuk. Haze wanted to do something for His Majesty, who had saved her from the brink of death. However, she was not as strong as Spear God Ben, nor as charismatic of a commander as Brod. She could not even lead a Demonic Army like Great Demon Elpis to help the Beyond the Heavens Empire.

To be honest, Haze did not want to become a God. No matter how much she looked at it, it was scary to become one. After all, she was just an ordinary human, with a slightly excellent brain and a smooth, eloquent tongue. Besides, what was the God of Fraud?

However, the temptation was that the money that she could gain once she became the God of Fraud could easily double.

‘I want to be of use to His Majesty.’

Therefore, even though she was nothing but an ordinary human being, she decided to become a God. The problem was she had been far too greedy. And this greed had caused her to be in this situation.

The cover that blocked Haze’s vision was finally removed from her face. The kings and emperors all looked down at her with arrogant expressions on their faces.

The emperor of Aplath Empire angrily twisted open the water bottle in his hands and threw its contents at Haze, who was tied tightly with a rope. 𝒍𝓲𝒃𝙧𝓮𝙖𝒅.𝓬𝙤𝓶


She looked like a drenched rat with the water dripping down her face.

“This is the Blessed Water from the God of Life? After we checked it, it was nothing more than ordinary water!”

“I have made it clear to you, Aplath Empire’s emperor. No one knows about this. Only time will tell...”

“Shut up!”

The kings and emperors were left boiling in rage after seeing Haze still trying to hoodwink them despite being in danger. However, they had a goal in mind.

“The sin of humiliating all of the kings and emperors present here... you will have to pay it with your life.”

The kings and emperors wanted one answer from Haze, which was, ‘Emperor Minhyuk made me do it.’ In fact, it did not even have to be that exact answer. As long as the incident was connected to her emperor, whether it was true or false, it did not matter.


The Aplath Empire’s emperor unsheathed his sword and pointed it at her neck. Blood immediately dripped down the sharp blade of the sword. Meanwhile, the kings and emperors sat back and looked at her as if they were watching something fun and interesting.

“Don’t you want to live?”

The answer to that question was obvious. Every human being had the will to live. As for Haze, she was not a soldier. She was just an ordinary person. For someone like her, death was something that she was terrified of. In fact, she feared death more than others.

Haze’s body trembled fiercely.

“Did your emperor make you do it? Just answer that question and I will spare your life.”


Only at this point did Haze realize why they were doing this. They wanted to use her as an excuse to wage war against the Beyond the Heavens Empire. However, the problem was everything that she did was based solely on her discretion.

“His Majesty has never ordered me to do such a thing.”

The Aplath Empire’s emperor grabbed her small face tightly. “Say it!!!”

“His Majesty never ordered me to do such a thing.”

Hearing her answer, Aplath Empire’s emperor whispered mockingly, “That’s not the answer I want. You can get out of this place safely as long as you say ‘yes’.”


The killing intent that flashed in the eyes of the Aplath Empire’s emperor made Haze tremble more fiercely. At the same time, the other kings and emperors began to shout.

“Quick, say it!!!”


“Say it!!!”

“Tell us what your emperor is like!”

“Do you want to die, huh?!”

“We can even throw you and turn you into prey for monsters!!!”

Haze grew more and more afraid, the pressure they were emitting too much for an ordinary woman like her. In the end, she fainted.


“All she needs to do is become a whistleblower.”

“Just put some more pressure on her and she will spill everything.”

One of the kings present then motioned for his soldiers, gesturing for them to throw water on her and wake her up.


Special Players Management Team.

Lee Minhwa was very happy because she finally had a junior employee right below her! He was even one of the thousands who overcame Team Leader Park’s picky and tedious interviews. From what she heard, the new junior employee had high mental strength.

Lee Minhwa was looking at the monitor seriously with the new employee, Lee Tae-Sung, beside her.

“The hill is just right around the corner...”

Lee Tae-Sung opened his mouth when he heard her murmurs. He said, “Uhmm, senior.”


“There’s something I’m curious about, can I ask about it?”

“Of course.”

“The God of Fraud is literally a scammer. So, why do you look so worried?”

A scammer. A fraud. Perhaps to Lee Tae-Sung, a newcomer to the Special Players Management Team, Haze was nothing but a bad seed. It was only natural. There was no one in the world who would think well of a scammer and a fraud, no? However, Lee Minhwa was different.

“She’s one of the NPCs who I admire the most.”


Lee Minhwa smiled when she saw how bewildered Lee Tae-Sung was. Then, she said, “What do soldiers do when empires go to war?”

“They fight and try to kill each other, right?”

“That’s right. They fight and kill. But why do they need to fight and kill?”

“So that they could defend their empire with their own power?”

“That’s true. So, is it bad to lie in order to protect your own empire?”


Lee Tae-Sung looked like he understood it to some extent but that was not really the case. However, Lee Minhwa was patient and explained it to him one by one.

“She had never spent a single dime of the profits that she had earned on herself. Everything was spent for the people of the Beyond the Heavens Empire.”

That meant that all of the lies she told were for the sake of her empire.

“Then, what do you think about when you hear the words God of Fraud?”

“What god? One look and you know that they’re up to no good.”

“That’s true too. But do you know the conditions that one has to meet before they could be qualified to become the God of Fraud?”

Lee Tae-Sung, as a newbie, might not know but Lee Minhwa was fully aware of it.

“They have to lie not for themselves but for the sake of others. They have to lie in order to protect the people.”

There were many scammers in Athenae too. There were a considerable number of people who were better than Haze when it came to telling lies. So, why was she chosen?

“Ah. There’s a secret hidden behind the class.”

“A secret?”

Lee Minhwa turned to look at Haze, who was displayed on the monitor. She thought that it was a pity that the girl would not be able to unravel the secret of the God of Fraud class. There was a chance that she would die today.

“Senior, what’s the secret? I’m so curious.”

“The God of Fraud is a secret class.”

A secret class meant that it was a class that was hidden, not made known to most players.

“It’s a God class, but it’s also a secret class?”

“That’s right. The god’s real name is not the God of Fraud. From what I know, the Athenae’s Story Team had put great care and love when creating this class.”

New employee Lee Tae-Sung’s curiosity was now piqued. He asked, “What’s the name of the god?”

“The god’s true name is...”

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