Golden Fox with System

Chapter 633 633: The End
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First of all, I want to apologize to the fans of Golden Fox with System. This will be the summary of the ending I planned for this novel.

Honestly, I don't feel like writing this novel anymore. I've already done a lot of things that I'd like to change, but not like simply deleting a few chapters after posting, since the site doesn't allow it, and the changes I want would alter the course of the whole story in the novel, so I decided to finish at least with a summary of what I had planned for this novel.

Well, that's it then. Maybe one day I'll rewrite this novel the best way I believe it could be after having written this novel for 3+ years. Anyway, I at least hope you guys like the summary I created for the novel.


Theo went to the main universe โ€“ It was simple, he just had to want to and he would be pulled there by a space-time portal. After he arrived, Theo was cautious as he avoided living beings. In the process, he devoured many things to strengthen himself.

Little by little, he grew stronger. The planet he was on belonged to a Universe Creator. Theo doesn't stay long. He stays there until he reaches Sovereign level 10.

While roaming the universe, Theo stopped on a planet and found it to be an uninhabitable planet. It was more like a small plant compared to most others. Theo transforms into a golden fox and devours the planet, reaching the cap of level 12.

Theo continues to roam the universe as he enters his own prototype universe and interacts with his wives and children.

Isis is revealed to be in the Creator of the Universe Realm and shows him her true form. Isis' feelings are revealed, and she officially becomes his wife.

Theo continues to roam the universe and devour uninhabitable planets. After that, he transcends into the Universe Creator Realm. His golden universe expands, creating many lives throughout the golden universe.

Yuki and the girls reach the Sovereign Realm. The kids were close to reaching that level too. ๐™ก๐™ž๐“ซ๐™ง๐’†๐™–๐“ญ.๐™˜๐™ค๐™ข

Time passes differently in the main universe, and people take much longer to age, 1 year in the main universe is equivalent to 600 years. As the energy is purer, they don't age fast. A child to reach the adult stage would take almost 200 years in the main universe. This would be equivalent to 120 thousand years of the universe he came from.

When the children were an average of 10 years old, they became Sovereigns. Thanks to the game created by Theo, they still interact with people from their home universe.

Aomi, Helena, Elise and Isis become pregnant. Theo spent a good deal of time with them, and a Sovereign's pregnancy can last up to 10 years.

Yuki and the rest of the girls don't think about having children now. They want to raise their children to adulthood first. After all, they were already happy with the amount they had. Maybe if they wanted to have younger children, they would think about having children again.

Theo meets Phoenix and Golden Crow on an SS class planet. Planets are classified in the main universe into these categories: F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS and SSS.

Theo had done something to hide his Cultivation level, so everyone believed he was 'only' a Sovereign, but that in itself was amazing. They praised him for being a genius, even said it was thanks to his lineage. Theo neither agreed nor disagreed. He spent time with them before taking his leave.

After getting different things like participating in an auction, Theo left that planet without attracting attention. Theo continued to roam the universe, devouring uninhabitable planets.NHe rose to level 2.

He wandered some more, after devouring 10 planets, he raised to level 3. It was getting longer and longer to go upโ€ฆ Isis almost wanted to spank him hearing this. In the end, she could only take solace in 'spanking' him in bed.

Theo used Kuro to demolish a planet, that's when Kuro rose alarmingly. Theo let his Noble Spirits devour the next uninhabitable planets, thus making their power reach the level of a Realm Universe Creator.

A few years later, Theo, who had devoured his way to another Rank SS planet, rose to Level 4 of the Universe Creator Realm. At this point, his true form was as big as a Rank B planet. The planets he devoured were F-Rank stars, at most E. Only a few E-Ranks weren't uninhabitable, mostly F-Ranks fell under this category, with no existing life form.

When he arrived on the SS rank planet, Theo exchanged some things he bought in the system which were said to be rare for things with a lot of energy. With that, he managed to reach level 6. Then he went to wander in the universe again, but when he devoured planets, he exchanged the energy for points and used these points to buy rare items, even in this universe, and passed from universe to universe with different appearances and aura, exchanging for items with pure energy. This raised him to level 10.

For the first time, Isis told Theo to go towards a planet. It was a classified planet in SSS. The owner of this planet was a level 11 Realm Universe Creator. When he gets there, Theo discovers that this man is responsible for Isis being isolated in the universe where he came from. Isis discovers that her Clan that lived on this planet was destroyed by Macon's (the owner's) excess of anger.

Isis is sad and cries. She lost her parents and brothers, she didn't have too much hope though in the first place when her parents sealed most of her powers and sent her to other universes together with God, in God's Universe.

Isis, in a fit of rage, attacks the palace of the Lord of Planet SSS, Macon. Theo intervenes and kills Macon and devours him and all the treasure he had gathered over the years and becomes a Level 12 Creator of the Universe.

Even knowing that the culprit of her sadness was killed and even devoured alive, that is, erasing his existence forever and ever, Isis was still sad. However, she soon discovers that the souls of her family members were being tormented in an artifact by Macon. Theo releases them.

Theo becomes the Lord of Planet SSS. Obviously, there were other Lords who tried to mess with him, but only to be defeated or even devoured by him.

Isis' clan was revived with Theo's powers. She was so happy that she was his perfect wife for several days, doing everything... Like, everything everything!

When Theo settled on this planet, he was also reunited with the Phoenix and the Golden Crow. They couldn't believe they had misjudged his power. They even joked with him that he tricked them and they should make up for it. Theo says they should make up for it with their bodies, making them both want to hit him.

Theo's name eventually spread throughout the main universe, however, after so many idiots died trying to arrange conflicts with him, no one else dared to challenge his sovereignty. Theo creates a system to attract people from all over universes to bring all kinds of things with great magical power. In return, he would give away rare items that he would trade with the system. Using this, he helped his wives and children reach Creator-level power of the Universe Realm.

For days now, Theo had been listening to the voices of entities full of laws. Time has passed, almost 150 years later. His children have already become adults, beautiful and very presentable. The prestige of Theo's children was so great that it echoed throughout the universe. They were all Universe Creator Level 10.

It was at this moment that Yuki and the girls became pregnant again, and then, it was also when Theo heard the four voices more clearly than before. In the end, he was brought to a strange place while he was meditating after devouring some energy treasures.

One was a flame light, red like blood, violent yet calm, and was in the form of a strange type of mystical beast.

Another was a heavenly blue light, calm but deep; the life form was similar to that of a cat.

The third was a pure white light. It was a giant being very similar in appearance to a human in certain respects.

The last one was a lawful being with gigantic multicolored formless aura, and for some reason, Theo felt that the next few words were directed at the divine being in white light.

"Hey, D., and to think that our Fifth Little Brother would be someone from your universe..." The law-filled voice added, "Ah, yes. Since he's from there, it's the same as being your son, am I right?"

"That's right, he's my son!" The soft and powerful voice of the pure white light giant echoed.

"Who are you?" Theo finally spoke.

Almost at the same time, they answered: "Who are we? We are the Supreme Beings of Chaos, and you are the youngest being to reach this level!"

The End!

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