Fantasy: Force the Arrogant Heroine to Warm the Bed!

Chapter 28 Yue Mingkong Knew The Cold Truth! Daughter Of Luck Sold The Son Of Luck!
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People on the street talked a lot, watching the unicorn chariot fly over them.

Although many people might have good cultivation, but no one dared to stop the unicorn chariot in the sky, just because the other party is Yu Tian, the young master of the Yu family, and in this land of the Yu family, he is the most noble existence.

Even if they left the territories of the Yu family and went to the areas of other big forces, no one would dare to provoke Yu Tian. After all, the name of the most powerful force in the Immortal World is still the Yu Clan.

No one wants to incur the wrath of the Yu Clan, because when the Yu Clan gets angry even the Supreme has to fall.


It was not until late at night that Yu Tian returned to his palace.

When he came back, Xia Jin and Qiu Ling were already waiting outside as soon as he got off the unicorn chariot.

Of course, it wasn't just the two of them, there was one more person waiting here today. That person, of course, is Yue Mingkong.

At this time, Yue Mingkong had already been taught by Xia Jin and Qiu Ling and knew many things. Compared with her dazedness before, Yue Mingkong now knows what she should do and what she should not do.

Here, apart from serving Yu Tian, there is almost no need to do anything. Other things will be taken care of by the people below, and their task is to serve Yu Tian well.

Originally, Yue Mingkong still had a hint of arrogance in her heart and had the wishful thinking that she would be Yu Tian's wife.

In the end, Xia Jin's words woke her up directly.

"Based on your status, do you think you are qualified to be the young master's wife? The Yue family is just a small family, so what status do you have to become young master's wife."

"It's already your blessing that young master wants to accept you as a maid. If you follow young master, maybe you will eventually have a status, but don't even think about the identity of the wife. You're far from being qualified."

These words of Xian Jin were cruel and cold, but it was also very true, and these words also let Yue Mingkong know her situation. However, she was very unacceptable.

She was supposed to be the proud daughter of heaven, and with her talent, her future achievements would definitely not be low, but now she can only stay by Yu Tian's side, as an existence similar to a maid.

Such a big gap made Yue Mingkong feel a little uncomfortable. Although she was born into a small family, she used to be free anyway, and would not be subject to so many constraints, but now it is completely different.

From now on, she has to serve Yu Tian with all her heart and forget her identity as the proud daughter of heaven. Even if she was in a very bad mood, Yue Mingkong had to endure it, and she must not act recklessly.

Otherwise, once Yu Tian gets upset, not only will she suffer, but also her family will face a great disaster.

Yu Tian saw Yue Mingkong standing behind Xia Jin and Qiu Ling with a slightly tangled expression, and he had already guessed that Yue Mingkong must have heard something from his two maids.

A dignified and proud girl of the heavens has now come down to such a point, so, it is natural for the proud Yue Mingkong to be dissatisfied in her heart. However, now she can only endure.

"Ming Kong, come here."

Yu Tian waved lightly.

Yue Mingkong, who heard the voice, saw Yu Tian waving to her, and her heart instantly tightened up. She hesitated for a moment, but still walked over.

"Young master, what are your orders?"

That's right, she no longer dared to call Yu Tian's name directly.

Earlier, Xia Jin had specifically reminded Yue Mingkong not to call Yu Tian by his name directly, otherwise, it would be disrespectful, and might upset him.

Thinking of her current situation and position, Yue Mingkong could only grit her teeth and bear it.

Yu Tian didn't care about Yue Mingkong's slightly troubled expression but asked.

"Do you know Yue Yanlin?"

Before, he got 200 villain points from this person named Yue Yanlin, who was also from the Yue family, so Yue Mingkong should know him. That's why Yu Tian suddenly asked this question.

When Yue Mingkong heard the name 'Yue Yanlin', she was slightly taken aback. She didn't quite understand why Yu Tian knew about Yue Yanlin.

Although Yue Yanlin is a good talent, he has already reached the late stage of the Divine Palace Realm in a short period of practice.

And, even if his practice time is as long as her own, his cultivation base may not be weaker than hers, but this much wasn't enough to attract the attention of Yu Tian, the young master of the Yu family.

Unable to understand this, for the time being, Yue Mingkong honestly told Yu Tian everything he knew about Yue Yanlin.

"Young master, Yue Yanlin is a child of our Yue family. When he was young, his talent was mediocre, and his cultivation was not outstanding, but in the past few years, his fate seems to have rebounded."

"His cultivation speed has improved by leaps and bounds, which has been appreciated by everyone in the family, and now he is already at the late stage of the Divine Palace Realm. Currently, he is also one of the leaders among the younger generation of the family."

After listening to this simple introduction, Yu Tian also knew that Yue Yanlin must have obtained some good fortune. Otherwise, why would he, an ordinary boy, become the proud son of a generation?

As expected of the son of luck, there will always be good fortune to shelter him. Even if it's late, it will surely arrive, just like Yu Mingkong's good fortune.

Yue Mingkong's good fortune cheat is the memory of her previous life that she will awaken at the age of twenty-two, as well as the powerful cultivation method of the Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Semi Technique. π’π’Šπ™—π’“π’†π’‚π’….𝓬𝒐𝓢

However, Yue Yanlin wasn't as lucky as Yue Mingkong in the early stage, because the good fortune of Yue Mingkong was related to her past life, and she was bound to have a good physique in this life.

As for Yue Yanlin, his good fortune should be the cheats of some ancient treasures, techniques, or support from some strong powerhouse, which he encountered a few years ago.

While Yu Tian was thinking about the good fortunes of the heavenly sons, Yue Mingkong suddenly remembered what Yue Yanlin said when he came to rescue her that night.

So, she told Yu Tian the truth about the incident.

"Also, young master, Yue Yanlin wanted to take me away before I was sent here, but I didn't agree at that time. When he left, he told me that he would definitely defeat you, and then take me away."

As soon as Yue Mingkong said this, Yu Tian was stunned, then his mind was filled with hysterical laughter.

Hahahaha!!! The daughter of luck sold the son of luck to the villain. Hahahaha!!!

Yue Yanlin would have never imagined that Yue Mingkong, whom he was thinking of, would tell Yu Tian all about him without hesitation.

If he found out about this situation, he would probably die of anger.

YueYanlin, who was retreating and stepping up to break through the realm of transcendent, suddenly felt a twitch in his heart, as if there was a bad feeling.

He frowned slightly, but at this moment he didn't have time to think so much about other things and focus all his attention on the breakthrough.


On the other side, after laughing hysterically in his mind, Yu Tian only showed a vague smile on his face. He also found one thing, that is the children of luck might not feel too good about each other, even though they all are favored by the heavens.

However, he also got information about another thing. If he hadn't intervened in the matter of the Yue family, then there might be some burning fire and chemistry between Yue Yanlin and Yue Mingkong in the future.

But it's a pity that Yue Yanlin won't have that chance anymore, because Yue Mingkong is already his maid, and he won't let her leave his side.

Yu Tian checked Yue Mingkong's personal information again and found that at the bottom of the information column, there was the same loyalty as Xia Jin and the others.

It's just that unlike Xia Jin and the others who have a loyalty of 100, Yue Mingkong only has a loyalty of 20. However, compared with not having this attribute at the beginning, having 20 points is already very good.

These 20 points of loyalty were obtained because Yu Tian forcefully kissed Yue Mingkong when he was in the great hall, which caused great psychological pressure on the other party. After all, most of the women in the fantasy are designed to have physical relations with only one man for a lifetime.

Although there are many women with multiple relationships in the fantasy world, the heroine / the daughter of luck won't have such thoughts. So, those 20 points were her subconscious mind working on behalf of her conscious mind.

Looking at Yue Mingkong in front of him, Yu Tian reached out and gently pinched her chin. His dark eyes penetrated her beautiful eyes, and Yu Tian asked with a smile.

"This Yue Yanlin... seems to have an inexplicable impression of you, Mingkong."


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