Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3550 Pinpointed?
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Davis was flying back to his mansion with Myria on a flying boat.

He held her close while having a worried expression on his face since Myria seemed soulless. He waved his hand, slowing down the flying boat since he could not have Myria looking like this when she returns to their home, only to alarm everyone else.

They were a worried bunch who needed assurance all the time that he wasn't going to do anything self-sacrificial and if they heard from Myria, then they wouldn't stop hounding him.

"Myria, trust me. The World Master let us go… I'm not saying this to set your heart at ease. We really are released."

It was the fifth time Davis repeated these words with some more words, but Myria didn't seem to believe it one bit. She stared at the skies ahead, her expression blank and her eyes dull.

Davis pursed his lips, wondering what else he should say.

It was understandable that Myria stubbornly thought he had struck some kind of sacrificial deal with the World Master, and what he was saying was nothing but lies to soothe her heart since she had fainted and knew nothing of what had happened between them.

It was just— Davis was tired himself with all that went on before, especially the happenings with Saintess Lunaria. The betrayal, although not minor and not major since she really didn't make the final move and even let him go after the mistake and apologized, he still felt frustrated.

Perhaps he didn't expect such a move from a benevolent Saintess. It could be what pissed him the most, but he also had to consider the circumstances she was in as, in her perspective, he was possessed by the Grimoire of Fate, about to extinguish trillions, if not quadrillions of souls.

She would've made the right move if he had indeed been possessed, but unfortunately, she was wrong.

He didn't feel like forgiving her for this slight, but this may have just lasted a day or two for all he knew. After all, for humans, time and understanding tended to heal most mental injuries, but this was a betrayal, so he wasn't sure what to do with her since he didn't have the habit of giving second chances to betrayers.

However, he remembered Shirley and Esvele. They turned out just fine after they looked at each other for who they were and poured out their emotions.

Perhaps some people really did want forgiveness, while some were just guilty that they turned out to be a backstabber and wanted to forgive themselves. He wondered what Saintess Lunaria wanted.

'She'd come back to apologize multiple times if she wanted my forgiveness…'

However, Davis's lips curled as he simply couldn't see that happening as Saintess Lunaria was an individual who was high above him and lived her life with dignity. To lower herself and beg for forgiveness for a genuine mistake wasn't happening as far as he could see.

He turned to look at Myria, moving closer to her ear as he grabbed her earlobe with his lips.

"Fine, if you think I'm turning mindless in a month, I'll make love with you right above the skies for thirty days straight."


Myria finally reacted as she pushed him away and stood, glaring at him with surprise and embarrassment as though she hadn't expected for him to make a move here. She clenched her teeth, glaring at him as tears welled in her eyes.

"I won't stand for you to become a mindless wheel rotating to do someone else's bidding!"

She waved her hand at him, causing Davis to finally smile brightly.

"As I said, the World Master has let us go."

"Why would you believe her!? She can bring us to her place anytime she wants and simply behead us." 𝑙𝘪𝑏𝓇𝑒𝑎𝒹.𝘤𝑜𝘮

"Exactly." Davis agreed with a heavy nod, "Such a person doesn't need to lie, and the World Master has always stayed true to her words as far as I know. We're the ones breaking our words with her."


Myria turned stumped, unable to retort. Her expression trembled, not knowing to what to say as even if she could understand his points, she didn't think it was possible that the World Master would allow them to leave scot-free at this point.

Someone has to sacrifice themself, and she felt the sacrificial lamb had to be no one else but her!

"Myria," Davis reached out his hand, holding her soft yet frail hand that was shuddering ever so lightly, "I understand making you feel the world is going to end two times, giving you trust issues and tears, and I'm sorry I am not powerful enough to protect you but starting now, I would like that to change."

"…" Myria bit her lips, appearing nearly convinced.

"The World Master really did let us go." Davis nodded again, "As much as we think that we're screwed, the World Master thinks our reincarnation cycle would be a vulnerability. When she encounters danger from outside, the last thing she wants is a mindless soul biding that it's time to break out and leave her soul in shambles from the backlash."

"Besides, if she uses our reincarnation cycle, what about the true reincarnation cycle? Do you think she could connect with such a thing again when the heavens are looking to extinguish her as soon as possible? She won't get the grant again if she had been lucky last time."


Myria's brows raised.

She started feeling like his words started to make sense, and perhaps, they really were free to leave this universe.

"You said the Candidacy begins in nine days, and everyone who doesn't belong here will be sent out in a month?"

Myria asked, causing Davis to nod.

"Yes, I think she was talking about Peak Immortal Emperors and the surviving Candidates, but only time will tell who she does not consider belongs in her universe."

He pulled her close and made her sit beside him, "Unless the World Master is lying to me, I am convinced we were spared. Do you believe me?"

"…" Myria stared at his face, inches away from his lips, before she leaned and pecked him.

"Yes…" She held his cheeks, appearing entranced, "Nothing is more important to me than you. As long as you're alive, everything is fine."


Davis turned stunned. He felt like Ellia was going to cry if she heard that, but he felt so happy that he embraced and held her firmly, overflowing with love for this woman. She was even willing to rob Fallen Heaven from him so she could become the reincarnation cycle.

That self-sacrifice had him downright chained to her.

"Don't worry. I won't let you be trapped in such a fate either if it's the last thing I do."


"No buts." Davis held her firmly, "We take care of each other, but I do more. That's how it should be. Let me be your man, Myria."


Myria pursed her lips. She couldn't help but smile like a cat when she heard those words.


But suddenly, the both of them felt their souls resonate with something, making them shudder.

They separated and looked at each other's faces in shock.

"You felt that?"

"You also felt it?"

Their eyes went wide before they turned to look above, looking at a yellowish-black light cover the entire sky above them. But for some reason, the light wasn't blocked, so it still felt sunny, making them wonder what was going on.

They weren't aware they were the only two people in the entire First Haven World who could witness this strange yellowish-black light.

However, they both felt alarmed, as though they were in danger.

"This… I know this feeling…"

Myria shuddered.

"What? You know? What is it?" Davis held her shoulders.

He was unaware of what this feeling was, even though he also felt it. However, his danger alarms were overwhelming him. Whatever that light above him was, it was possible that it was threatening him and Myria.

'Could it be the World Master went against her words? No way… she doesn't need to be this flashy…'

Davis instantly rejected his hypothesis, but Myria gasped.

"It's…" Myria looked horrified, "… it's when I die and enter the reincarnation cycle… I don't remember anything about my time there, but my soul remembers this familiar aura… and I could tell this aura is from the reincarnation cycle I always slip through…"


Davis stood up, looking above.

He was extremely pissed right now. Now, even the reincarnation cycle was on their tail, just like how the heavens were against the World Master?

He felt like he should've known. The real world was always unforgiving, throwing problems or life-threatening crises at them one after another.

"It's possible the light is after me! Quick, leave!"

Myria tried to push him away, but once she saw he wasn't budging, she clenched her teeth and leaped away from him, only to have her wrist caught. She was once again forced to experience how strong his physical strength was as she was unable to get away from him.

Davis didn't look at her.

He looked at the skies, seeing the light receding, but at the same time, three deathly cloaked figures swooshed through the clouds, appearing to converge thousands of kilometers above him.

His eyes narrowed heavily, feeling an extreme sense of danger envelop him but more than that, he was visibly shocked at the dense amount of death energy clad around them.

Just who were these people?

When Davis thought about how Myria said this aura was from the reincarnation cycle, he couldn't help but shudder.

'Heavenly beings from the reincarnation cycle...? Impossible...'

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