Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3420 Inside The Hidden Valley
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Chapter 3420 Inside The Hidden Valley

The jade beauty before Davis wore a dark green robe.

Her blue hair was like the ocean, beautifully curled up in a bun while the remaining strands flowed down like a waterfall, making her seem quite elegant and noble, even more than the last time he saw her. Her black eyes locked gazes with him, and everything else seemed to become out of focus for him.

However, he quickly got out of it, refusing to be swayed.

"Valley Master Jade… it's been quite some time."

Davis nodded at her, causing her to stare at him without blinking.

Jade Aurora did indeed stare at Davis. She stared heavily, and she couldn't find anything more evil about him than the bandits and poison experts she encountered, making her wonder how this person could be an Anarchic Divergent.

Nonetheless, she quickly cupped her hands.

"Divine Emperor of Death, meeting you again is a pleasure that is showered upon me in this lifetime. I have heard a lot about you from the time Natalya accompanied me."

"Is that so?"

Davis smiled at her eloquent welcome before he reached out his hand toward Natalya and ruffled her black hair, "I hope you had fun, my lovely Natalya."

"Of course~"

Natalya giggled. She appeared to be delighted to see him here.

Davis saw that she was more responsive here, but that was understandable, considering that she was using her soul's focus here by engaging in Tia's karmic technique. It was bound to be exhausting, but even on her outing, the fact that she was doing this for him only made him relish her more.

"You didn't put any strange thoughts in her, did you?" 𝓁𝘪𝒷𝘳ℯ𝘢𝑑.𝒸𝘰𝑚

"Who knows?"

He asked through soul transmission through physical contact but received a mesmerizing eyebrow raise and a smirk behind her veil.

Davis could only shake his head at this vixen before he turned to look at Jade Aurora.

"Your fellow disciples seem like they would want to tie me up and do crazy things, so do something to quell their hearts, especially before your position takes a hit."

"Ah, yes~"

Jade Aurora finally came out of reverie. Looking at the small black-purple entity and the spatial vortex a few kilometers away above from the surface, she didn't know what to think, but with him here and acting quite confident, she imagined that everything was fine.

"Everyone, this is the Divergent you all know about who ascended from the Grand Beginnings Continent. I can vouch for him-"

Jade Aurora began explaining matters. After all, almost everyone knew of the Emperor of Death's face from his poster, which had spread as soon as he entered the First Haven World, so hiding his identity would be useless and would only jeopardize her position.


"What? This is ridiculous…"

"How could you be allies with a Divergent? Have you lost your mind? Come here before you get hurt! Or have you fallen to the wicked path!?"

Still, she was soon met with terrified screams and chastising speeches, some even questioning her authority as a top disciple and a Young Mistress candidate.

Looking at them all scheme in plain sight, Davis felt like he couldn't be bothered with it.

This is one of the things he hated about sects and was glad that he didn't face much during his stay in the Aurora Cloud Gate.

He turned to look at the suppressed Voidslime Realm Eater, knowing this wasn't the end of it.

Just like it had no way to exit, he had no way to move it.

Spirit formations were area-based, which means ninety-nine percent of spirit formations wouldn't move unless they were attached to an entity. Once they're formed, they absorb the heaven and earth energy to remain stable, which stemmed from the most basic runes all spirit formations have unless their use was temporary.

Since this was the case, if he forcefully moved this spirit formation he cast, chances are that it would break. Once it formed and stabilized, there was not much he could do to change it other than make it disperse.

What he must do now is deliver this purple-black ball to Stella so she can consume its carcass. But he didn't know how other than to fight with it, which he felt he could easily win but also risk allowing it to restore its shape, which would endanger the mini-realm.

Furthermore, with it having shrunk to this level, it begged him the question— if it still had its body.

His soul body in the Cyan Den Mini Realm dispersed after ensuring the mini realm was intact from their battle. His soul body then split from him and went towards Stella.

He appeared before the spatial vortex, opening his mouth.

"Do you think you can use your spatial abilities to bring that slime away from here?"

"I can…" Stella solemnly nodded and then shook her head, "… but I need to do it fast and precise. Otherwise, the mini-realm will start to collapse from being unable to withstand my cultivation base."

"I see." Davis nodded as he thought the same, "Speaking of which, how is the Voidslime Realm Eater able to ignore a mini-realm's limits? Isn't that deadly in various ways?"

Stella thought for a moment as she gazed at the Voidslime Realm Eater still appearing anxiously to roam inside the barrier before she turned to look at Davis.

"Its unique ability is to devour everything it swallows. In our inherited memories, we don't have much information on it, but I guess that it temporarily devours its own cultivation in its core, making it so that it can still unleash undulations at its level, but in reality, the power it could use is very limited. Most likely, it evolved to sacrifice its cultivation temporarily in order to infiltrate and devour realms that are beyond its reach."

"Oh, so it's different from suppressing one's own cultivation base…"

Davis nodded as he understood, "It turns out that its sacrificial ability could be used to make it elusive and allow it to better escape from the strong opponents who are hunting it down."

"That would be the case. It may have shrunk as a result, but its giant gelatinous spatial body is still hidden within the core. That is why it was difficult to pierce it…"

Davis nodded again with his mouth open, looking like he finally understood.

"Alright, I'll clear the space for you, so make sure to bring it out without harming this mini-realm."


Stella finally smiled.

She had been vexed that she was unable to capture it, but now, it seemed like she could finally get her hands on it.

Davis's soul body went around to see if he could find anything that might disrupt their activities.

On the other hand, he was nearing his limit with the constant yapping of Jade Aurora's fellow disciples, who couldn't grasp the gravity of the situation. He was about to make a move when his eyes widened in shock as he saw Jade Aurora drawing her sword as she pointed at them.

"Anyone who dares to defy my orders shall be met with my blade. I, Jade Aurora, was a Valley Master in the Grand Beginnings Continent Lower World and now a top disciple who is in line to inherit the position of the Matriarch. Don't blame me for being ruthless and exercising my authority on those who don't listen to my words, especially when it's clear that if we don't clear the area, we will die from the shockwaves."


The Elders all pointed at Jade Aurora, unable to believe how audacious she was, considering she never raised her voice against them.

"Aha~ What a farce…"

Suddenly, a green-robed lady with heavy makeup showed up. Her assets were sumptuous and would make most men weak in their knees just from hearing her sultry voice.

"Faeri, shut your mouth." Jade Aurora was also losing her patience, her voice turning hostile, "This time, I won't be watching as you have your way."

"You-" Faeri stomped her feet as she pointed at Jade Aurora.

It was like the woman she was seeing was a completely different woman than whom she portrayed herself to be, always taking a back step when she, the other Young Mistress candidate, arrived. She didn't even know what was happening as she was rudely awakened from her cultivation session in her chamber, so she was quite pissed off. However, she spotted a man behind Jade Aurora, causing her gaze to flicker.

"Ha! You're acting unbridled as though your man showed up."


Jade Aurora's sword trembled as her hand seemed to shudder, which didn't escape Faeri's eyes as she appeared to be delighted.

"Oh my~ Was I correct? Everyone, look at this~"

"Our future Matriarch has fallen for a Divergent. How cu-ah!"


A huge wave of wind swept them all when Davis waved his hand, sending them all flying with his wind.

He didn't use annihilative energy, so it didn't badly affect them, but still, with a single wave, he sent them flying tens of kilometers like a storm picked them up.


Jade Aurora was stunned.

Turning to look around slowly, she sensed that he was still an Immortal King, yet how could his power be this ridiculous? She cast a glance at Natalya, and she had a face that said 'told you so', leaving her dumbfounded again.

Davis turned to look at Stella as he gave her a thumbs up, a sign that she could begin extracting the Voidslime Realm Eater from here.

"Ahahaha! What's this…!? Are the gates of the Jade Lotus Valley open?"

"Are they telling us to come inside and poison them to death?"

"How welcoming of them."

At this moment, three men stepped into the valley, and as they did, the disciples who hadn't gotten swept away by his wind had their eyes widened in horror.

"Poison Haven's Three Deathly Knights!"

"Deathly Knights…?"

Davis's gaze flickered. He was just about to send them flying with a wave of wind without a second thought as he didn't want any disturbances, but he… changed his mind.

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