Cursed Immortality

Chapter 565 Pass the Star Ocean Boundary
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Chapter 565 Pass the Star Ocean Boundary

After a warning from Immortika, Jacob didn't dare to be careless and fully focused on starring the ship ahead while he was vigilant of his surroundings.

Days passed, turning into months, as the ship was continuing to move forward in space, and on this day, Jacob suddenly felt the presence of an invisible membrane as the ship easily passed through it.

Thereafter, Jacob's vision changed, and he found himself in the vast ocean, and the sky was dark; they had finally crossed the star ocean boundary! π“π‘–π‘π‘Ÿπ˜¦π’Άπ˜₯.π’Έπ˜°π‘š

'Sigh…' Jacob had a massive sigh of relief as nothing went wrong this time, and looking back, all he could see was the ocean. There were no traces of the space like it never existed in the first place.

After confirming there was no more danger, he finally left his position for months, and he was mentally exhausted.

"You work hard." Zoe and Sofie approached him as they were also on edge, and they didn't dare to disturb Jacob. They knew he was fully focused on managing the ship.

Jacob nodded lightly, "We are safe for now. I'm going to rest for a bit. We still have a long way to go." He left afterward.

"We are finally on the other side of the star ocean, and from here on out, we are in the domain of the unique plains." Zoe emotionally stated it was like a homecoming for her.

Although they were still years away from the Unique Plains, they were already under the same sky as the Unique Plains. At least they would no longer encounter any barrier like the star ocean boundary.

"Will those guardians stop bothering us now?" Sofie frowned.

Zoe also grimaced, replying, "I hope so. This place is extremely vast, and it won't be easy to locate us even if they are looking for us. The only advantage they have is that they know our traveling route. But I don't think it would be a problem with Mr. Jack here."

"Indeed." Sofie nodded, but a hint of worry was apparent in her voice.

After crossing the star ocean boundary, it was smooth sailing from then on as the ship continued to move at full speed.

Jacob sat in the control room, and in front of him was Autarch in the face of the dwarf from the federation. Autarch has been busy devouring the two guardians' brains, but Jacob didn't have time to pay him any attention since he was busy steering the ship.

Now that the danger had passed, he finally summoned him.

"Tell me about these guys." He coldly asked.

Autarch quickly divulged the information about the Zodiac Night Federation but to his surprise, even those two didn't know much about the core secrets of the Zodiac Night Federation.

According to him, the Zodiac Night Guardians of Black Rank were akin to outer members who handled worldly matters. The true secrets about the Zodiac Night Federation were in the hands of the Purple Rank Guardians.

They were the ones who were pulling the strings behind the curtains. There were thousands of black-rank guardians but only five hundred purple-rank guardians in the unique plains Zodiac Night Federation. On the very top of the Zodiac Night Federation was the Federation Master, who was the only Red Rank Guardian present in the unique plains. π’π’Šπ™—π’“π’†π’‚π’….𝓬𝒐𝓢

Ten teams were dispatched to investigate and found the missing medallion, but they were not told who had it. Their orders were to reclaim it if they found it.

Jacob was sure that this so-called missing medallion was just a pretext to claim his medallion. As for its secret, even these guys didn't know about it. All they knew was that the Zodiac Night Federation had many medallions, and each one of them was guarded with the highest security.

As for where they came from, only the purple-rank guardians know. But when Jacob asked how if these two had a medallion since they were able to cross the boundary, Autarch revealed that they didn't have any.

The reason they could travel through the star ocean boundary without the medallion lies within the flying ship of the federation. According to Autarch, the flying ship was engraved with a special rune that allowed them to travel between the star ocean boundary freely, and it was one of the core secrets of the Zodiac Night Federation!

Jacob winced when he heard this, and he finally understood how the Zodiac Night Federation was able to control the routes between the epic and unique plains and why the other organizations had to listen to them.

Lastly, Autarch also transferred a map that marked the hidden base of the Zodiac Night Federation as well as the accurate route to the unique plains. There were also markings of the territories of the three factions.

Unlike the epic plains, the influence of the three factions here was tremendous, and they didn't develop in the unique plains; instead, they focused on developing their own territories.

The Unique Plains were filled with wars between the life and dead faction and only the strongest forces of the two sides could live there. That place wasn't for the weak.

Although Jacob had already heard this from Zoe, he was still surprised after seeing the territories of these factions. They were a combination of hundreds of islands, and some of them were even bigger than the unique plains.

But they were at a massive distance from the unique plains, and to go there, one had to be prepared for the passage towards those territories, which were riddled with dangers, even more so than the unique plains!

"You did well. Dispose of these bodies. We don't want any trouble." Jacob dismissed Autarch after getting all the information he wanted.

Now that he knew about the dealing of the Zodiac Night Federation, he had the feeling that they wouldn't be giving up so easily, especially since one of their ships went missing.

So, he begins to devise another plan to counter them, as they are the only ones standing in his way. But despite all the grave information, there was a single piece of valuable information that was quite useful for Jacob.

Jacob's eyes shimmered coldly, 'They were able to travel so quickly from so far because they had set up multiple teleportation points in the star ocean, which lessened the years-long voyage to months. The locations are within the map, and the key to using them is the flying ship. Should I go for it?'

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