Cultivation Online

Chapter 1392 Consequences
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Chapter 1392 Consequences

1392 Consequences

After Han Zexian's warning, the experts who were prepared to enter the mountain immediately jumped back, distancing themselves from the opened doors that were smeared with blood.

Sect Master Cheng, who was a Silver Immortal, was instantly killed without any warnings. Seeing such a shocking scene, nobody else dared to enter the mountain.

"Fuckโ€ฆ if I had been first to enterโ€ฆ" The experts that were following behind Sect Master Cheng began sweating profusely as they imagined themselves dying an explosive death.

"This must've been a trap! The door wouldn't open no matter what we did, yet it suddenly opened out of the blue. I don't believe in such coincidences."

"But we cannot ignore the qualification that Han Zexian spoke of."

"How does one even receive qualification?"

The experts racked their brains trying to find an answer. However, none of them could think of any logical explanation for their current situation.

Suddenly, one of them turned to look at Kulas with narrowed eyes, "Now that I think about it, the door unsealed itself when Kulas smacked into the mountain with his flying treasure. Do you think he activated a switch by accident?"

"We've been smacking the damn mountain nonstop for the past few months, leaving no spot untouched! Are you telling me that we somehow missed a spot? That's highly improbable!"

"Why did you even smash into the mountain in the first place, Kulas?" One of them asked.

"Honestly, I have no idea. I was passing through this area when an invisible force stopped my flying treasure, and before I knew it, I was flying into the mountain." Kulas shrugged.

Hearing this, the experts started mumbling to each other again.

Sometime later, someone in the crowd suddenly shouted, "P-

Patriarch Gu! That person beside Kulas! It's him! He's the one who killed Young Master Gu Lim!"

"What?! Are you sure?!" One of the experts snapped his head to glare at Tian Yang with immense killing intent spewing out of his eyes.

'Oh, shitโ€ฆ' Tian Yang swallowed nervously when he realized that he'd been identified as Gu Lim's killer. ๐˜ญ๐‘–๐’ท๐“‡๐˜ฆ๐˜ข๐’น.๐‘๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ

"T-This bastard! If I had known he was Gu Lim's killer, I would've killed him at that time!" Another expert suddenly exclaimed as he pointed at Tian Yang. This person was the Sect Master of the Seven Divine Sword Peaks, who wanted to acquire the technique Limitless Sword Domain from Tian Yang.

"Kulas! Why are you with the man who killed Gu Lim?!" A middle-aged man who resembled him stepped forward with a deep frown on his face.

"Young Master Kulas was also there when that man killed Young Master Gu Lim! In fact, they were fighting each other before it happened!" Another person suddenly revealed.

"What?! Kulas, is this true?! Are you involved with Gu Lim's death?!" His father was enraged when he heard this.

Kulas found himself bombarded with questions, compounded by the various pressures bearing down on him. Even if he desired to respond, he couldn't muster the ability to open his mouth in such a situation.

However, Tian Yang was different, and he managed to keep a calm expression on his face even in his situation.

"Indeed, I am responsible for killing Gu Lim." Tian Yang announced in a somewhat prideful tone. "While it's true that Kulas was fighting with Gu Lim before I killed him, he had no intention of actually harming Gu Lim. It was solely my decision to kill Gu Lim, who mocked me."

'Brother Tian! What are you doing?!' Kulas looked at him with wide eyes as he spoke through divine sense.

'What do you mean? I already said that I would claim all responsibilities. Don't even try to protect me or I will never call you brother again,' Tian Yang showed a calm smile on his face.

"How dare you speak of killing my son with a smile on your face?! I will fucking kill you!" Patriarch Gu roared in anger as he abruptly charged at Tian Yang.

Under normal circumstances, Tian Yang wouldn't stand a chance against the patriarch of an Immortal Clan, but with Patriarch Gu's cultivation limited to peak Spirit King, Tian Yang managed to not only dodge the strike but even counterattack.

'Limitless Sword Domain!'

Ten majestic swords materialized around Tian Yang and immediately went after Patriarch Gu. After training the technique tirelessly for an entire year, he managed to increase the number of swords he could create from four to ten.

Patriarch Gu didn't dare to underestimate the technique after sensing its formidable aura, but he still failed to block all ten swords. After blocking nine swords, one of them managed to slip through his defenses, severing half of his left arm.

"Fuck! You little shit!" Patriarch Gu's aura exploded and his eyes turned red.

However, even after the successful attack, Tian Yang was unable to rest for a second because the Sect Master of the Seven Divine Sword Peaks had launched a sneak attack from behind him.

Tian Yang did not try to block it and evaded it instead. After narrowly dodging the sneak attack, Tian Yang rushed toward the entrance to Han Zexian's legacy.

'Thank you for everything, Brother Kulas. If it weren't for you, I would've died on that day. If I manage to get out of this alive, I will definitely repay you.' Tian Yang mumbled as he flew past Kulas.

"That bastard is heading for the entrance!"

"He's trying to suicide! Stop him! I won't be satisfied until I personally skin him alive!" Patriarch Gu shouted.

However, none of the experts dared to approach the entrance, as Han Zexian's warning still resounded in their heads. Even Patriarch Gu, who was desperate, couldn't move his body out of fear.

Without hesitation, Tian Yang entered the entrance, disappearing inside the mountain.

"What?! Why didn't he die?!"

"That bastard! He must've acquired the qualifications!"

"Is that why the door suddenly opened?! He was the cause this whole time?!"

A moment later, Tian Yang's voice resounded from inside the mountain, "Come chase after me if you dare, you fucking losers! Fuck the Immortal Clans! Fuck the Seven Divine Sword Peaks! I will acquire Han Zexian's legacy and kill all of you bastards! Just you bastards wait!"

Tian Yang's words left the experts enraged, but before they could curse back, the door to the mountain sealed shut again, cutting his connection with the rest of the world.

"I swear upon my surname that I will not let you leave this place alive!" Patriarch Gu roared as he punched the sealed doors so hard that he broke his knuckles.

Sometime later, once the atmosphere calmed down a little, the experts turned to look at Kulas with deep frowns on their faces, looking as though they were staring at a scapegoat.

"Kulas, you will answer all of our questions if you value your life."

"You will tell us everything you know about that bastard and how he acquired the qualifications to enter the mountain!"

"I will torture you for answers if I have to! Don't think your status can save you now!"

Hearing such words, Kulas looked at his father for help, but alas, he only received a disappointed head shake in response. Even if he was the Immortal Might Clan's young master, there was nothing his father could do to help him without receiving backlash from the other clans.

'I'm sorry, son, but we cannot afford to offend everyone here. You may hate me for not protecting you, but this is a mess you created, so you will have to bear the consequences.' Kulas' father decided to abandon him so that the rest of the family wouldn't be targeted by the others. As the head of the family, he had a duty to prolong the family, even if he had to sacrifice his own son to do so.

Thus, Patriarch Gu and several other experts dragged Kulas to a secluded location, where they would interrogate him using all sorts of unspeakable methods for a long, long time.

Meanwhile, unaware of the situation outside, Tian Yang walked deeper into the mountain, embraced by the surrounding darkness. Soon, a dim light appeared in the distance, and as he got near the light, a childish voice resounded.

"Master, it's been six hours. The next trial will begin shortly." Tian'er said, snapping Yuan out of his memories and back to the present.

He stood up with a profound look on his face and said, "You can start the trial now."

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