Cultivation Online

Chapter 1334 Tempering in Golden Celestial Tree’s Liquid
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Chapter 1334 Tempering in Golden Celestial Tree's Liquid

"The most Golden Celestial Tree liquid I have seen is not even a tenth of the amount in your hands, and that was a 300,000 year old Golden Celestial Tree." Princess Meiya said.

"The Golden Celestial Tree I found was a few million years old," Yuan revealed.

"A few million years?! Are you sure?! That would be ridiculous!" Princess Meiya didn't want to believe it.

"What is this Golden Celestial Tree?" Huang Xiao Li inquired.

Huang Chen responded first, "It's a valuable treasure—priceless even—that serves multiple purposes. Its leaves can be used to concoct powerful pills, and its wood can be utilized in crafting spiritual treasures. However, the most valuable resource it offers is the liquid, known to enhance one's talent and physique. Even a few drops of that liquid go for tens of millions of spirit stones."

"The value of the Golden Celestial Tree also increases with age," added Princess Meiya. "Most tress don't start growing leaves until they are around 50,000 years old, and they only grow one or two leaves every thousand years. As for the liquid… it only produces a few drops every 10 thousand years… after they reach 100,000 years old."

"Wow…" Huang Xiao Li muttered in a dazed voice.

"Anyways, do you plan on using that liquid to temper your body? You only have two days, which might not be enough…" Princess Meiya asked Yuan a moment later.

"This is the only thing that might help me at this moment so I have to use it even if I waste some of it," he sighed.

"In that case, I won't try to convince you otherwise, as much as it breaks my heart to see such precious resources going to waste…"

Yuan then asked, "Do you know how I use this liquid to temper my body? Do I pour it into water and submerge my body in it, or do I drink it?"

"You want to drink the Golden Celestial Tree's liquid?! Are you insane? That will kill you!" Princess Meiya exclaimed in a startled manner.

"Just like any other medicine, you dilute it with water and soak your body in it," she continued.

"I see."

Yuan retrieved his cauldron and filled it with pure water that was produced from a treasure Feng Yuxiang had given him around the same time he started tempering his body. This treasure allowed him to create water that contained zero impurity as long as he charged it with enough spiritual energy, so he could temper his body no matter where he was located.

After filling the cauldron with water, Yuan used his alchemy flames to boil the water.

Eventually, Yuan removed the seal on the gourd and began pouring the Golden Celestial Tree's liquid into the cauldron, quickly turning the water gold.

However, when Princess Meiya saw this, her eyes popped out of its sockets, and she screamed in a horrified voice, "AHHHHH! S-STOP! STOP, STOP, STOP!"

Startled by her yelling, Yuan hastily halted his actions.

"Huh? What's wrong?" Yuan looked at her with a puzzled expression, as he was doing exactly what she instructed him to do.

"You crazy son of a bitch! A few drops of the Golden Celestial Tree's water is more than enough to temper a giant for an entire month!" Princess Meiya explained the reason for her hysterical reaction.


Yuan looked at the gourd and realized that he'd already poured a third of its content, which could've tempered a giant for several decades.

"Ahhh~! What a waste! What a damn waste of resources!" Princess Meiya sighed with a throbbing pain in her heart and tears flowing down her face.

"It's still a little too early to call it wasted, don't you think?" Yuan said with a calm smile on his face.

"A little too early? Please! There's no way you can absorb even a tenth of this resource in a year, much less two days!" Princess Meiya looked at him with a slight frown.

"Then I better get started right now."

Without waiting another moment, Yuan began to remove his clothes.

"Wha—!" Huang Xiao Li's face flushed with redness after seeing this.

Princess Meiya immediately turned around, her face also burning red.

"At least give us a warning!"


After entering the cauldron, Yuan immediately started to absorb the Golden Celestial Tree's liquid.

'Hmm? It isn't painful at all.'

Yuan was taken aback when he started tempering his body and felt no pain. Instead, he experienced a peculiar sensation of pleasure, as though every inch of his body was being gently massaged. He had braced himself for excruciating pain, anticipating an intense ordeal given the reputation of the Golden Celestial Tree as a potent treasure, but that expected discomfort never materialized.

Soon, a delicate golden light enveloped Yuan's body. If one could peer into the interior of his body, they would witness his veins and bones radiating a resplendent golden glow.

'W-What is happening?' Princess Meiya swallowed nervously when she could see Yuan's aura growing stronger with every passing second.

While it wasn't unprecedented for individuals to undergo significant growth in a short amount of time under the influence of heaven-defying treasures, Yuan's case was different. He wasn't consuming any ordinary treasure; rather, he was tempering his body in the liquid of the Golden Celestial Tree, which would take much longer to show any results compared to consuming treasures. 𝘭𝒾𝑏𝑟𝑒𝒶𝒹.𝘤𝘰𝓂

Moreover, the liquid from a Golden Celestial Tree is renowned for being exceedingly challenging to absorb, even when significantly diluted.

"This isn't possible... He's not just tempering his body with a few drops of Golden Celestial Tree liquid, but several cups of it, which should have severely slowed down his absorption rate! But why does it seem like it had sped up his absorption rate instead?!" Princess Meiya's initial shock transformed into sheer terror as she comprehended the magnitude of Yuan's extraordinary undertaking.

Meanwhile, Huang Xiao Li and her family had no idea what was occurring before them, and not wanting to spend all of their time staring at Yuan, they eventually flew towards the bed to rest.

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