Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 2036 - 2036 This Is The Correct Way To Hunt For Treasure! (4)
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2036 This Is The Correct Way To Hunt For Treasure! (4)

But it was close enough. Guang Yu’s recent outburst didn’t come without a cost, and it would be challenging for him to use it again soon.

As for the others, they were also in a tough spot, with injuries and significant depletion of their domain power.

This team had taken another hit after facing the shadow attacks.


Ran Qian and the others felt their bodies regain freedom and let out a sigh of relief. They exchanged glances, still shaken from the recent ordeal.

Guang Yu wore a grim expression. He was seething with anger but knew it wasn’t the others’ fault. Without the help of his team, he might have faced the same fate.

Faced with that binding force, he couldn’t think of any better options.


All of this was thanks to Wang Teng!

His eyes, filled with resentment, bore into Wang Teng. 𝒍𝓲𝒃𝙧𝓮𝙖𝒅.𝓬𝙤𝓶

“Wang! Teng!”

A voice of deep frustration and anger escaped from between his clenched teeth.


Wang Teng, on the other hand, clapped his hands together with an expression of amazement. “Impressive, Senior Guang Yu, truly impressive! To break through such a dangerous domain, you’re a role model for us all!”

This statement further infuriated Ren Qian and the others, making them want to rush up and confront Wang Teng head-on.

However, Guang Yu didn’t say much. He was too angry to form coherent words. He gestured for Ren Qian and the others to stand down and turned away.

As for the space ring, he had given up on it. He knew that Wang Teng never intended to share it with them. This guy was clearly out to deceive them.

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed as he began collecting the attribute bubbles around him.

Most of them were Shadow Domain attribute bubbles. There were also attribute bubbles of the five elements.

His five basic Forces increased slightly, but not by much, not enough to break through.

However, there was no improvement in his five-element domain. Guang Yu and the others’ domains couldn’t give Wang Teng any more enlightenment.

Even the final outburst of Guang Yu’s origin was of no use to Wang Teng. His origin power was too weak in comparison. wang Teng had already reached the second level, making it impossible to compare.

This was why Wang Teng was so relaxed about letting them go. Otherwise, he would have to “shear the sheep” a bit more.

Wang Teng glanced at his attribute panel and noted that the Shadow Domain had experienced the most significant growth.

Shadow Domain: 1000/3000 (third-rank)

After checking his attribute values, Wang Teng turned his attention back to the corpse behind him. He suddenly noticed that the black robs were still intact after the previous clash of domains.

This thing might be valuable material!

With a glint in his eyes, Wang Teng extended his spiritual power, causing the black tubes to vibrate

The vibrations grew more intense, and soon they were slowly pulled out from the Giant Horn Race’s body as if an invisible hand were plucking them.

In the distance, Wan Dong and his team were taken aback. What was Wang Teng doing? He even refused to leave the black tubes inside the corpse. It seemed like Wang Teng wasn’t leaving anything to chance, making sure not to leave anything valuable behind.

At the same time, they speculated in hushed tones that the black tubes might have some special significance to draw Wang Teng’s attention.

Sizzle… 𝘭𝑖𝒷𝓇𝘦𝘢𝒹.𝑐𝘰𝘮

A series of popping sounds echoed as the black tubes were almost simultaneously pulled out. Blood gushed out from the Giant Horn Race’s body.


At that moment, the Giant Horn Race martial warrior’s body collapsed as it lost support.

The wall behind him also disintegrated into dust.

The domain’s power had vanished, and the force of time had finally taken it away.

“This…” Wan Dong and the others were extremely surprised.

Even the previously departing Guang Yu stopped in his tracks, watching the situation with a flickering expression.

One by one, the black tubes floated over under the control of his spiritual power, hovering in front of Wang Teng. He examined them closely but refrained from touching them. These tubes were tainted with ancient blood and looked rather repulsive.

“It can channel Shadow Power, which is quite intriguing,” Wang Teng muttered to himself. He allowed a wisp of Shadow Powery to flow from his body, following the black tubes’ path, and it encountered no hindrance, confirming his suspicions.

“Round Ball, do you know what material this is?” He asked.

“I have no clue. It’s a very peculiar material,” Round Ball pondered for a moment and responded.

“We’ll study it when we get back.” Wang Teng tossed the black tubes into his space ring. They needed to be thoroughly cleaned. He didn’t dare to touch them as they were.

Well, he’d have others help with the cleaning.

The question was, who would get the task of cleaning them?

As they watched Wang Teng approaching, Wan Dong and the others couldn’t help but focus on the spatial ring he held, their eyes filled with anticipation.

A space device of a universe-stage martial warrior surely contained a lot of valuable items.

Wang Teng smiled slightly and put the ring away, leaving the remainder feeling disappointed.

They couldn’t even get a glimpse of what was inside. Such a tightwad.

“Don’t worry, we’ll distribute the items based on your contributions once we return,” Wang Teng said calmly.

“Based on contributions!” The group’s eyes lit up.

Wang Teng didn’t say a lot further and turned to walk forward. As he did, he glanced at Guang Yu and his group, who were becoming increasingly distant. It seemed like they had no intention of continuing to follow him.

“Is this it? They’re giving up just like that?” Wang Teng furrowed his brow, feeling somewhat disappointed.

But he didn’t let his guard down entirely, as he couldn’t be certain if they would pull a surprise attack.

The group continued moving forward, passing by single ancient structure after another. However, they were disappointed to find that there were no further corpses like the ones they had encountered earlier.

After a few further minutes, Wang Teng noticed something peculiar.

The surrounding structures were no longer disintegrating into dust. Although they were in ruins, they were yet standing.

Moreover, he could see a majestic palace in the distance, taller and further grandiose than the other buildings.

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