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Chapter 1859 Trusting Your Elders
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Chapter 1859 Trusting Your Elders

Date- 17 April 2321

Time- 13:49

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, TSR Guild Headquarters, Blood Rock Cave Dungeon

The Southern Royal family has too many questions about Corey, her demon core, her sudden talents, and the sinister snake. When asked she tried to attribute it to a mysterious master who only showed at her convenience. As if the people fooling an entire region would fall for such a lame excuse. They would have taken Corey into their custody and conducted a serious investigation into her recent suspicious changes if not for her being Wyatt's employee and friend.

Though Corey knew this on some level she was not fully willing to accept that she was under Wyatt's protection. However, it was different for Park, she had fully accepted that the only reason Corey could still roam freely was because of Wyatt. Anna was Corey's godmother and the Bright Couple had a good standing within the Southern Watch but she knew that was not enough to protect Corey after her identity as a demonic card apprentice was revealed.

Park was right, as even the Southern Royal family could only truly pardon Wyatt's crime of borrowing the devil's power by using the opportunity that one of the Masters had foolishly presented to them during the World Decree incident. Hence, to maintain Corey's current status quo with Southern Royal Family, Park was very motivated to collaborate with Wyatt to establish a good relationship.

Besides, Wyatt had everything she required to establish a foothold in the Card World and Dark Realm. He was like a one-stop-mart for all of her troubles. It was easier for her to ally with one person whom she could trust than ally with multiple strangers and be on a constant lookout worrying when they would backstab her given the opportunity.

Still just because Corey was under Wyatt's protection did not mean that she would get a pass from the scrutiny of the Southern Royal family. Since Corey was not willing to give them the truth and they were not able to use extreme measures against her to get the truth out of her, they could only turn to Wyatt for the answers. This was why after informing the Field Marshal to keep an eye on Corey, Wyatt rushed back into the dungeon seal not giving the Field Marshal the opportunity to question him regarding Corey.

Or so Wyatt thought, despite entering the dungeon seal he heard the Field Marshal's voice in his head, "Wyatt, I don't care if it's complicated. I have all the time in the world since I am babysitting you, so explain it to me slowly."

"Wait, if you enter the dungeon seal who will watch over Corey?" Wyatt said preparing to exit the dungeon seal.

"Relax, I did not enter the dungeon seal, with its gate open only a part of my spirituality has entered it. Though it would be easier for me to communicate with you and keep an eye on Corey if you're outside the dungeon seal," the Field Marshal explained but seeing Wyatt turn in his tracks from exiting the dungeon to heading deeper into it she added the last sentence to persuade him otherwise.

"Ugh!" Wyatt rolled his eyes and headed out of the dungeon seal knowing that he could no longer avoid answering the Southern Royal family about Corey. Regardless of the Field Marshal's strength, she has been very considerate about his whims so he could not ignore her like he did Colleen.

"So, what is the relationship of the Sinister snake with the Bright couple's daughter?" the Field Marshal was also aware of Corey's parents, how could she not be? When her grandniece was their daughter's godmother. However, the reason she knew of them was because of their diligence and loyalty to the Southern region. Which was displayed by their exemplary results in the case they were currently working on. Though the case was nowhere near being closed they had managed to achieve success where their predecessors failed to.

So when the Southern Royal family learned that the daughter of such a model couple had succumbed to the demonic arts they planned to do their best to help her as they owe it to the couple who left their family to guard the borders trusting their liege. However, the girl was not cooperating with them and when they prepared to use force, to their dismay, the hope of the Southern region sheltered the girl stopping them from approaching her.

"As you said earlier, it is her familiar," Wyatt replied while contemplating the best cover story that even a simpleton like Corey could manage to use without getting caught until she was strong enough that she did not need a cover story.

"Wyatt, I would appreciate it if you are fourth coming about whatever is happening with Corey. Her parents are risking their lives for the Southern Region and its citizens. The best we can do to repay their favor is to make sure their family, especially their daughter, is safe and away from any bad influence while they are out there protecting us and our interests. So, why don't you rethink your answer," the Field Marshal's voice turned stern, it was rare for her to use such a tone with Wyatt.

"Geez, if you put it that way I will look like the bad guy even though all I am doing is trying to help Corey just as you are trying to," Wyatt scratched the back of his head hoping the half-truth was enough to satisfy the field marshal's curiosity for now, "Let me start by assuring that Corey did nothing wrong, the reason she has a title demon core instead of an ego gem is because of her origin card. Since the origin card is created with the blessing of the World's will, she did not commit any sort of crime that you are worried about and she cannot be tried for being a demon card apprentice."

"I see, that's a relief. But how sure are you that Corey is not using any other demonic cards? Because considering her origin card, people who want to harm her parents can use it to get her grimoire to be judged. And if she was using or ever has used or even equipped a demonic card by mistake, then not only her but her entire family will be in trouble, and then even my hands will be tied from helping her," the Field Marshal did not have to remind Wyatt how serious the matter was.

"Now, isn't that area a bit grey? What do you consider a demonic card? If you are asking if Corey has any form of connection with a demon or devil then I don't know how to answer you after all the sinister snake is her familiar," Corey's grimoire was filled with skill cards that were derived from demonic arts, so in attempt to answer the Field Marshal without lying Wyatt babbled whatever came to his mind.

"Tell me again, how did a card master manage to contract a Devil rank sinister snake as her familiar?" Seeing that Wyatt was not being totally forthcoming with her, the Field Marshal had no choice but to turn a friendly talk into an investigation. She hoped Wyatt would tell her the truth without her forcing him to but she realized just like her niece this one too only knew to get what he wanted without giving back anything. The Field Marshal knew the best way to deal with such people, absolute force. All their trick ends in the face of absolute might.

Corey and the Sinister snake's relationship has been bugging the Field Marshal and every person with little authority in the Southern Royal Palace. If not for the Sinister snake having shown the prowess that were stronger than average devils and the Demigods constantly guarding the City since the incident, many with strong ambition and drive wanted to kidnap Corey and learn her secret. π’π’Šπ™—π’“π’†π’‚π’….𝓬𝒐𝓢

"Would you believe me if I said that she saved its life when it was little and now that it has grown older and stronger it found her to return her favor?" Wyatt made up a story on the spot.

"Wyatt, if I need to hear a fairy tail I would visit the library, not ask you to hear a knock off version. Just tell me the truth and stop giving me the run-around. Regardless of how bad the situation is, we will try to help her to the best of our strength. We owe her parents that much," the Field Marshal sighed, knowing absolute might was nothing if it did not have the will to harm behind it. First, her niece and now Wyatt were taking advantage of this fact.

"Fine," Wyatt gave up and said, "It is not my place to talk for Corey but how about this I will get her to cooperate with you guys. Tonight, she has a meeting with me. I will talk about this with her and persuade her to be forthcoming with you guys."

"Okay, Wyatt. I will trust you to do so and hope it is not another one of your trickery," Field Marshal agreed but was disappointed and thought, 'Why can't the kids these days just trust their elders?'

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