Binding System

Chapter 345 Serious Problem
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Chapter 345 Serious Problem

Territory of Xiriel Kingdom, Forest.

"Boss, I'm sorry for failing to kill my opponent." After apologizing to Ace, Fyre lowered his head.

Like Fyre, Hyzi also lowered his head because he failed to kill Andrew.

"It's fine." Ace was not angry or disappointed at them because they succeeded in achieving their goals.

Fyre and Hyzi lifted their heads in surprise.

"Bossโ€ฆ" Fyre was touched by Ace's kind personality because he previously thought Ace would punish him.

"Just kill him when you fight him again." Ace uttered.

"Don't worry, boss. If I fight him again, I won't play arou-" Fyre stopped his words halfway and corrected it. "I will kill him immediately if I meet him again."

Hyzi did not say anything, but he nodded his head, giving a sign that he would do the same.

"I want to rest first. You can do whatever you want now." after saying that, Ace walked toward a huge tree and sat under it.

Fyre looked at Adra and the others. "What should we do now?"

"I want to rest too." after saying that, Calne walked away.

"I want to find a good-looking female leopard." Adra walked away, too.

Fyre shifted his gaze to Hyzi and inquired, "Hyzi, how about we take a walk around here? Maybe we will find humans later."

"I want to rest too." without caring about Fyre's feelings, Hyzi walked away.

"Tch! No wonder I'm the only warrior here. They are all lazy beasts!" Fyre transformed into a human before finally strolling around the forest, looking for a human.

'I hope I will find a human later.'

He walked with a big smile on his face.


Military Headquarters, Meeting Room.

The meeting room in the military headquarters was huge. A big round table with ten chairs was placed in the middle of the room.

A king's portrait was hanging on the wall, and a small tree was put in every corner of the room.

At this moment, seven people were sitting on the chairs with serious faces.

Four 4-star magical beasts led by a dragon attacked their city two hours ago, so they took the incident seriously.

After all, something like this happened a few years ago, and it ended in war, so they could not turn a blind eye to this incident because there was a possibility that it would end in war again.

"Captain Daniel, can you explain it to us?" a blue-haired man with a scar on his right cheek spoke abruptly.

The name of the mature man was none other than Jayden Marsh, an awakener at the Grandmaster rank and a lieutenant colonel in the military.

"The city guards said they suddenly appeared and attacked them." Captain Daniel told them about the appearance of Ace and his subordinates.

"They were led by a dragon, but the dragon did not attack the city guards. He only floated in the sky without doing anything." Captain Lola also said Ace ordered his underlings to retreat right after seeing them.

"Based on your information, it seems like they are that dragon's underlings." A black-haired man uttered.

Like Jayden, he was also an awakener at the Grandmaster rank.

His name was Luke Kaur, a colonel.

"Does that mean the dragon is already at 5-star?" Victoria inquired.

"Sadly, we don't know how strong the dragon is." Ace left immediately, so Daniel did not know how strong Ace was.

"It would be troublesome if the dragon was already at 5-star." a green-haired man stated.

The name of the old man was Rory Scott, mayor general.

"Do you think he is planning to attack us?" the purple-haired old man inquired.

Like Rory and the others, he was an awakener at the Grandmaster rank. His name was Ben Wright, and he was a lieutenant general.

"Maybe." Luke answered.

"But if that dragon was planning to attack us, why did he only bring four magical beasts with him?" Jayden inquired.

"Maybe he wants to test us first." Rory responded.

"If so, then this is more dangerous than we thought." Daniel uttered. "Should we tell our king immediately?"

"I think we should inform our king immediately." In Luke's eyes, this was a serious problem, so they should inform their king immediately.

Jayden and the others nodded their heads one by one.

"Then it's decided. I will inf-"Ben stopped his words halfway when two people suddenly entered the meeting room.

When they knew who they were, Rory and the others immediately rose to their feet.

"Greetings, Your Majesty." They greeted their king in unison.

"I heard magical beasts attacked the entrance gate earlier. Is that true?" Finley inquired.

Like usual, Finley was not alone.

He was accompanied by the royal knight captain, Asher Finch.

"Yes. Your Majesty." Ben explained what had happened at the entrance gate two hours ago.

"A dragon?" Finley did not know that the dragon was Ace because Kane did not tell anyone about it.

It was related to the reputation of the Holmes family, so he did not tell anyone about his defeat at Nightshire City.

As they were talking, one of Finley's subordinates entered the meeting room and told him that the city lord of Azlance city requested for help.

His subordinate immediately placed a communication crystal on the table. The crystal was a communication tool similar to Ace's communication token.

It could display the person making a call like a video call, but the price of the communication crystal was very expensive.

Right after the communication crystal was placed on the table, a blue screen appeared above it.

Like a projector showing an image, they could see the city lord of Azlance city on the blue screen as if they were watching a movie.

"Greeting, Your Highness." the city lord of Azlance city named Deon said politely.

"What problem are you facing?" Finley inquired.

"It's about magical beasts, Your Highness." Deon began explaining his problem.

He said many magical beasts attacked his city. He asked for help from the capital because more than twenty of them were at 3-star.

The strongest in his city was only at the Master rank, and there were only fifteen of them. He was afraid that his city would be destroyed if he did not get help from the capital.

"Your Highness, please help us." Deon begged Finley to help him and his citizens.

"Alright. I will send one awakener at the Grandmaster rank and five thousand troops tomorrow." Finley agreed to help Deon because Azlance City was the closest city to the capital.

"Thank you, Your Highness." Deon thanked Finely.

After ending the call, Finley looked at Ben and the others. "It seems like we are not the only ones being attacked by magical beasts."

"Your Highness, do you think they are also that dragon's underlings?" Victoria inquired.

"Maybe." Finley responded,

When Rory was about to say something to Finley, the city lord of Freyfall city called them and also requested help.

The problem was the same.

Magical beasts attacked his city!

Like before, Finley agreed to help him immediately.

Finley helped him because Freyfall City was one of many cities under the Xiriel Kingdom's jurisdiction, so he could not turn a blind eye.

"It seems like this problem is more serious than we thought." Finley stated.

"I did not expect the magical beasts to attack them too." Jayden uttered.

"Captain Daniel, Captain Lola, go to their cities tomorrow." Finley ordered Captain Daniel to help Azlance City and Captain Lola to help Freyfall City.

"Understood, Your Highness." Captain Daniel and Captain Lola responded in unison.

"Tighten the security at the entrance." Finley uttered, "Order more people to guard the entrance gate. Don't let the same thing happen again."

"Understood." General Victoria and the others responded.


Ace was currently talking with his underlings. They had already implemented the second plan, so they needed to discuss the next plan.

"Hyzi, Fyre, Calne, Adra, make sure to kill them all tomorrow." Ace said with a serious tone.

"Understood." Adra and the others responded in unison.

"Alright. You guys can go now." Ace uttered.

Without waiting for another second, Hyzi and the others left.

"Silvia, Viviya, Mia, Leena, Renea, we will go to the entrance gate of the capital city tomorrow." Ace spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "Let's cause trouble there."

"Understood, leader." Renea and the others said in unison.

Ace looked in the direction of the capital city of the Xiriel Kingdom. ๐’๐“ฒ๐’ƒ๐™ง๐“ฎ๐™–๐’….๐“ฌ๐™ค๐“ถ

'Xiriel Kingdom, let's play again tomorrow.'

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