Apocalypse - Evil Shelter System

Chapter 43: It Was a Conspiracy!
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Chapter 43: It Was a Conspiracy!

"What should we do next? The mall is emptied of food and drink; staying here is just waiting for death."

Si Ruqing and the others, driven to the fourth floor of the mall, sat together in despair.

"Then we fight our way out and find a new shelter!" Si Ruqing said resolutely. "This time, we will never again help those ungrateful people!"

"But the first and second floors of the mall are swarming with zombies! We can't get out!" a female teammate said dejectedly.

Everyone sighed heavily.

"If only we had known, we wouldn't have saved those people!" the rebellious Little Liu cursed bitterly. "A bunch of ungrateful wretches!"

As everyone was despondent and at a loss, Alex, who had seemed indifferent, spoke up: "I happen to have a shelter, and I can take you there, but I have a condition. Once I help you establish a new shelter outside mine, you must follow my arrangements."

"You have a shelter?" Si Ruqing stood up incredulously, looking at Alex in surprise.

"Can you really save us?" another female teammate excitedly stood up and grabbed Alex's arm. π™‘π™žπ’ƒπ“»π’†π“ͺ𝒅.π“¬π’π’Ž

"What else do you think brought me here?" Alex said with a light smile.


Meanwhile, Zhou Zhengyu and Scarface, believing they had taken complete control of the shelter, eagerly pounced on the women huddled together after driving out Si Ruqing and her group.

For over two months...

Indeed, they had been driven to desperation!

They were eager to vent their desires!

But they had overlooked someone! π’π’Šπ’ƒπ’“π™šπ™–π™™.𝓬𝙀𝙒

The woman who had been the most vociferous in demanding Si Ruqing leave had disappeared at some point!

And the two elders were nowhere to be found!

Zhou Zhengyu was pulling a beautiful young woman, trying to drag her into the warehouse to vent...

He had thought that the young woman would either please him or at least put up a token resistance.

But suddenly, he realized that not only was she not resisting, but there was also a relieved smile on her lips.

"Crack!" A snapping sound came from within the warehouse.

Zhou Zhengyu, as if recalling some terrible thing, suddenly looked up at the warehouse!

He saw that the middle-aged woman and the two elders were holding hydraulic shears.

And the iron chain that had been securing the emergency exit was cut through!

The middle-aged woman and the two elders had the same relieved smiles as the young woman.

Their smiles were crazily unsettling.

At that moment!

He finally understood!

All of this was a conspiracy by those seemingly weak and vulnerable people!!!

These old, weak women and children had learned of his and Scarface's plot to harm Si Ruqing and wanted to stop them, but knew they lacked the power.

So, they had come up with this plan!

To sacrifice themselves!

To perish together with their enemies!

Only now did he realize why these people had suddenly become so submissive!

Why these people suddenly chose to betray their respected Si Ruqing and sided with him!

All of this!

It was all just a conspiracy!

But it was too late!

The emergency exit was flung open!

Swarms of zombies crazily surged in!!

The two elders and the middle-aged woman were the first to be overwhelmed by the horde of zombies!

"It's over! Everything is over!" Zhou Zhengyu howled in agony, furiously throwing the young woman to the ground.

But the young woman suddenly burst into a triumphant laugh: "This is the retribution for your ingratitude! Retribution!"

As the swarm of zombies poured in from the emergency exit, everyone knew they were doomed.

However, at that moment, a figure suddenly burst forth as if descending from the heavens.

A powerful and sharp blade swung fiercely.

Like a war god, invincible and mighty!

Scores of zombies were slain under the blade.

In just a moment, all the zombies that had rushed in were killed, and the man pressed on, continuing his slaughter down the emergency exit.

Si Ruqing and the other team members followed the man with the blade, seizing the moment when he cleared the zombies at the door to close the heavy iron door again, frantically blocking it with heavy objects.

They were safe!

The people in the rooftop shelter were finally safe again.

"Officer Si! Why did you come back?!" The woman thrown to the ground wailed in pain.

Zhou Zhengyu and others, having narrowly escaped death, were dumbfounded by everything that had just happened.

The change was so abrupt.

Everyone was stunned.

Zhou Zhengyu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, his mouth curling into a sarcastic smile,

"How touching. These wretches wanted to die with us just to save Officer Si."

"It's just a pity," Zhou Zhengyu sneered, "the great Officer Si and that new fool came back, not only saving us but also sacrificing themselves. How noble! I'm so damn moved!!"

"Hahaha!" Scarface also burst into maniacal laughter, his expression suddenly turning cold as he ominously drew his axe, "You wretches! Wanted to kill me, huh? I'll chop off your hands first!"

With that, Scarface raised his axe and viciously chopped down at the arm of a woman next to him!

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