Apocalypse - Evil Shelter System

Chapter 42: The Twin Sisters
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Chapter 42: The Twin Sisters

She was waiting for these elderly and women to bravely stand up!

She was willing to protect the weak, but if these weak individuals chose to submit themselves, what obligation did she have to protect them?

She was a police officer, indeed upholding the last vestiges of justice and morality in this apocalyptic world. ๐“ต๐’Š๐“ซ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ช๐’….๐“ฌ๐“ธ๐™ข

But she didn't want to be a foolish and laughable saint!

She was willing to save others, but she couldn't save those who had given up on themselves.

"These two girls can stay!"

Zhou Zhengyu pointed at two girls among the children, around fourteen or fifteen years old, saying, "These two young ladies are quite nice. We'll keep them to reward my brothers!"

Alex glanced at the two girls, both dressed in junior high school uniforms, with ponytails, looking very pure and adorable.

Moreover, Alex noticed that not only were they beautiful, but they also looked exactly alike!

They were a pair of twin sisters!

Not just Scarface and his men, but even Alex felt a stir of interest.

These were a rare find!

The twin sisters huddled together, trembling, their heads bowed, not daring to make a sound.

There was no resistance, no protest.

"As for the other women, including Officer Si, if you want to continue staying in our shelter, there are only two choices!"

Zhou Zhengyu sneered, raising a finger and speaking loudly.

"One is to leave here right now, immediately!"

Zhou Zhengyu again raised a finger, his face full of arrogance.

"The other is to take good care of my brothers!"

After speaking, Zhou Zhengyu looked provocatively at Si Ruqing, then swept his gaze menacingly over the crowd, saying, "Does anyone have any objections? If you do, you can stand up now! Today we have a democratic meeting! Everyone is free to speak their mind!"

Scarface, standing by, was sharpening his machete, his head tilted menacingly as he glared at the others. The eight men behind him also sneered, moving forward to flaunt their weapons threateningly.

This was a silent intimidation!

No one stood up, no one protested, everyone meekly bowed their heads.

Si Ruqing, disappointed by what she saw, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Unable to contain her anger, she roared, "This shelter was established by me! Most of the supplies here were found by me leading you all, so why are you trying to drive me away now?"

"Because we have knives in our hands! Because most of us agree! Whether it's power from the barrel of a gun or democratic voting, we can make you leave! Of course! The brothers all admire Officer Si's charisma, and if you agree to stay, we'll be more than happy to take good care of you! Hahaha!" Scarface laughed crazily.

Si Ruqing turned to look at the elderly and women who had been silently bowing their heads, asking in despair, "Do you all think I should leave too?"

"Officer Si, you better leave!" an elder stood up, pointing at Si Ruqing, "We all don't welcome you!"

"Yes, you should go!" a plump, somewhat sharp-tongued middle-aged woman also stood up,

"It's because of you, always saving people, that we used up our supplies so quickly! The stuff in the mall could have lasted us much longer! Leave, we don't welcome you!"

"Yes, you, get out! Leave this place!"

"Get out!"

The other elderly and women joined in the chorus.

Si Ruqing's face turned pale. She couldn't understand how the people she had risked her life to save could treat her this way.

Alex stood aside, coldly watching this farce unfold. He had been ready to intervene and obliterate these vile individuals, but when he saw the elderly and women desperately urging Si Ruqing to leave, he sensed something unusual and decided to see how things would unfold.

"Fine! I'll leave!" Si Ruqing was utterly disheartened.

"Wait! Officer Si! You like helping people, right? Take these children with you!" A woman suddenly stood up and grabbed Si Ruqing, saying, "These children are a burden to us here! If you don't take them, we'll have to feed them to the zombies!"

Si Ruqing looked at the three children huddled together.

A naive little girl around seven or eight years old and the twin teenage girls.

Seeing their clear and innocent eyes, Si Ruqing's heart softened.

"Alright! I'll take the children!" After saying this, Si Ruqing turned to Alex and the other few

teammates, "Are you coming or not?"

"Hmph! I'd rather die than stay here with these disgusting people!" Little Liu, a somewhat rebellious teenager, snorted coldly and quickly followed Si Ruqing.

The other female teammates also snorted and briskly followed Si Ruqing towards the exit.

"Good luck to you," Alex sneered, glancing at Scarface and Zhou Zhengyu, then strode away, following Si Ruqing.

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